Dmitri Danish Learned His Craft From Artist Mother

As a young child growing up in the Ukraine, artist Dmitri Danish exhibited a love and penchant for painting, something that was easily recognized by his mother also an artist. When she saw he had an inborn talent she worked hard to cultivate his talent and when he was just five years old began taking lessons from a professional. It was during this time it was evident that as an Artist Dmitri Danish could paint in a variety of styles enabling him to be accepted into the gifted children’s art school when he was just 13.

By the age of 15 he was accepted into the Kharkiv State Art College, graduating in 1986, becoming an art teacher, an occupation that did not fit into his love of art. After a stint in the army he became part of the Fine Art department at Kharkiv States Polytechnic and was finally able to paint for a living. While still in school, he worked as a set designer in an opera theater and as creative director for an advertising agency.

Rome Courtyard
Rome Courtyard
Morning Mist
Morning Mist

His early love of painting cityscapes involved painting scenes mostly from his imagination. He had not traveled much and had to rely on descriptions from others or cities he had only read about to create the art of cities of which he had only dreamed. His view of windows and doors were mere openings to his imagination and it was that imagination that helped him establish exhibits throughout Eastern Europe.

He became a member of the famed Union of Ukrainian Artists and his exhibit “Cities and Mountains” was displayed at the Kharkiv State Museum of Fine Art. Several of his works were to become part of its permanent collection. It wasn’t until 2005 that he made his first trip to the United States and was well received by the art world and he enjoyed several one-man shows on both coasts as more people were introduced to his style. Even before the visit, the New Jersey Museum of Modern Art had purchased three of his paintings for its permanent display.

His roots had always been his love for painting the cities that he had visited in person and those that he had visited only in his mind. His choice of colors and sunlight on the streets and shadows of the people within the scenes made them appear to come to life. It is this ability to bring realism to his paintings that have made artist Dmitri Danish as he remains today.

His ability to capture the people and their emotions in paintings has been one of the keys to international success at such as young age. Born in 1966 and with a love for art that began at the age of three, Dmitri has determined to create his art from his passion and while many students could use his talents as a teacher, his preference to work as an artist could possibly teach them far more. Since opening Soviet borders, he has been able to travel to many other countries sharing his art and visiting places he had only heard of in the past.

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