Doctor Bloodlukov

This is Doctor Bloodlukov!

Doctor Pavel Voynich Bloodlukov, to be precise! Master of death, genetic tampering and other assorted forms of evil-ness! Was there ever a mad scientist more mad than this? I think not!

With his army of evil, savagely combat-trained death squad attack chickens, he aims to take over the world! Will he succeed? Just look into those eyes (no, not the chicken's!) and behold the sheer madness there!

These photos are part of a series that you can find more of on my site,, and were a lot of fun to make and put together. The outfit is pretty simple-- a white labcoat flicked with red acrylic, a pair of rubberized gloves, a pair of welding goggles (also flicked) and a nerf gun customized into an injection pistol.

Oh, and a chicken! (His name is pyrgopolinices!)

I Hope you enjoy looking at these as much as I enjoyed making them!

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