Easy Canvas Prints and Other Art Displayed in My House.

When I used to live in....

Often times I start my hub with the words “When I used to live in…..” and this hub is no exception.

When I compare my life in three deferent countries I have an opportunity to compare not only three absolutely different social systems, but also traditions and ways of people’s lives. I can say for sure that people everywhere are the same regarding their values and characters, but the ways they live are different.

Starting with a simple glimpse into their houses…..

Ok, so…..

These reproductions were common in Russian homes in 1960-80s

“Portrait of an Unknown Woman” or “A Stranger” by Ivan Kramskoi (Neznakomka, 1833)
“Portrait of an Unknown Woman” or “A Stranger” by Ivan Kramskoi (Neznakomka, 1833)
“Three Heroes” by Victor Vasnetsov (Tri Bogatyria, 1898).
“Three Heroes” by Victor Vasnetsov (Tri Bogatyria, 1898).

When I used to live in Kazakhstan

When I used to live in Kazakhstan (then part of Soviet Union) I do not remember that people used to display family members’ photographs on the rooms’ walls. You could see a child’s portrait, if it was an art work from some photo studio. In villages people used to display sets of small pictures in a big frame, all kinds of picture, including pictures from funerals.

My school friend’s Grandma moved to live with them from her village when she became dependable. She brought with her this big frame with dozens of pictures in it. I remember being scared just to pass by this frame; it had several pictures of deceased people in their coffins.

Besides this old time village custom, you could see (as I’ve mentioned) a nice studio picture of a kid, or an old picture of Great-Grandfather…. Otherwise, people in my old country had their rooms decorated in two ways- either they had wallpaper with some pattern that was like a picture in itself, or they would display copies of art works of famous artists.

When I was a child many of my friends’ families and relatives had the same picture on their walls, maybe it was a fashion pattern of those years, or might be their art tastes were similar. Most common was a “Portrait of an Unknown Woman” or “A Stranger” by Ivan Kramskoi (Neznakomka, 1833) or “Three Heroes” by Victor Vasnetsov (Tri Bogatyria, 1898).

My mother for some reason did not like any displays on the walls, so we didn’t have pictures or photos on the walls in a living room. However, in my room I was allowed to do as I please. I had one designated wall where I and my cousin used to draw and paint pictures. Yes, just like this, the whole wall (well, it was kind of a back wall pretty much sheltered by a big wardrobe) was covered with our wall art done with acrylic colors or just colored oil pencils.

I also had pictures that I drew on paper or wood burned on ply wood displayed on the walls of my room.

Jewish wall in my house.

A view of Jewish Quarter in Old City Jerusalem, painting on silk made by my friend and Chamsas
A view of Jewish Quarter in Old City Jerusalem, painting on silk made by my friend and Chamsas

When we lived in Israel...

When we lived in Israel I did not see any portraits of people displayed on the walls in Jewish homes.

Jews follow the second commandment literally (“Thou shalt not make unto thee any graven image”); they, of course, have pictures of themselves and their kids, but they don’t display them on the walls as it might look like idolatry worshiping.

What can you see on the walls of Jewish homes? It depends.

Very common are symbols of good luck with blessings (Chamsas), just blessings, images of Jerusalem or beautiful landscapes of Israel.

When we moved to America....

That’s why when we moved to America I was surprised and fascinated how many photos Americans used to put on the walls in their homes. Now I have a lot of pictures on my walls too. Mostly, naturally, these are pictures of my son. I even made a display of picture hanging from a curtain rod.

Recently I had an idea to display something else rather than just pictures.

My first choice was canvas prints. Canvas prints look really nice, not your regular print from your home printer or from a Wal-Mart machine. Canvas prints have a visible texture of an oil painting, which adds to the pleasure of displaying them.

There are lots and lots of sites where you can order a canvas print made for you. It was my first experience with canvas prints, so I was also looking for a good price, not too high (to be easy on my budget), but not too low (as usually you get what you paid for).

After checking several sites offering canvas prints, I stopped at Easy Canvas prints. I ordered prints with a great discount of 60% off and also they gave me a free print for a review that I posted on Bubblews.

My Free Easy Canvas Print

Easy Canvas Prints

Ivan Aivazovsky , “Black Sea Fleet At Feodosia Shores”.
Ivan Aivazovsky , “Black Sea Fleet At Feodosia Shores”.

Why I have chosen Easy Canvas Prints

I have chosen Easy Canvas Prints because their site looks extremely easy to navigate. You are prompted every step. You can choose to make a single print or a wall display. The sizes are available from 8"x 8" up to 30" x 40" or even better you can chose to set up your own custom size.

When you chose a size, at the same time you also choose a canvas wrap thickness. I have chosen a standard .75" wrap because it was included into the price, but there are more options with thicker wrap or with a frame.

In the next step you download an image from your computer, from FaceBook or you can even use your Instagram photo. Be careful to download a good quality image. There is a scale that shows if your image is of good quality or not, but I would not really trust it and I will tell you later about my experience concerning this.

I like, that using your computer mouse you can re-position the image, or you can enlarge it with a special tool, but again, be careful as it might have an effect on the quality of your canvas print.

In the next step (you just have to use the button “click to continue”) you can select display and border option. Some option is included into the price, or you can upgrade. For a display option you can chose a standard wall hanger, which is a most chosen option I would presume. In this case you will get your canvas print wrapped around the frame, but the back of the picture will not be covered (in my opinion it makes it look somewhat unfinished). However, if you chose for an additional price “Canvas stand” to display your picture on a table or on a shelve, then the back of the picture will be covered.

Border options are all included in the price and are mirror image, image wrap or border color.

There are additional options for color finishing or retouching, but I decided not to spend extra money for this.

And next you just have to check out.

In short, you are mentored and prompted throughout the whole process, which makes it as easy as 1-2-3. Probably that's why they are called Easy Canvas Prints.

My canvas prints from Easy Canvas Prints look great on the wall. One of the prints is a reproduction of an oil painting of Russian artist Ivan Aivazovsky (29 July 1817 – 2 May 1900), one the greatest marine artist in history of art. It is “Black Sea Fleet At Feodosia Shores”.

Another canvas print is a view of Lake Front Chicago.

These are the prints from my story

King David Tower
King David Tower
Sunrise over Western Wall
Sunrise over Western Wall
Easy Canvas Prints logo
Easy Canvas Prints logo

How Easy Canvas Prints turned bad experience around. A success story.

I also made a canvas print of Old City Jerusalem view, King David Tower. This print did not come out well, and this is a story, promised above.

Easy Canvas Print site has a really valuable advantage of their customer service. If you send them an e-mail with a question or concern, or any problem, you get personal attention from a representative who is ready to work with you. This is nice and rare nowadays. This can turn a bitter experience around and work the situation to a complete customer satisfaction.

So, when I got My Jerusalem print, it did not look satisfactory to me. The image was somewhat blurry and the text over the image was blurry too. I checked the resolution of an original image that I downloaded and I had to admit that the resolution was too low for a size I had chosen. I wrote an e-mail to Easy Canvas Prints… no, not with a complaint. I just advised them to check out their tool that leads a customer regarding an image resolution. Remember, they have a tool that prompts you whether the image you are using is of good or low quality. So, that tool showed that my Jerusalem image was of good quality, which was misleading. Basically, I was just expressing by best wishes to help them improve their site.

The same day I was contacted back by their representative with apologies, she asked me to e-mail her an original image and proved my suspicion that the image was not satisfactory. The representative offered me a free compensatory image to sweeten my experience with their site. She worked with me for several days, helping me to choose an image that would have enough resolution for a size I wanted. As a result I received another free print of amazing quality, “Sunrise over Western Wall in Jerusalem”.

This type of customer service is really rare nowadays. In most cases you might be offered some impersonal compensation or no compensation at all since it was a custom size. Easy Canvas Prints made a really nice impression on me.

You can check Easy Canvas Prints site for yourselves here: www.easycanvasprints.com/

Old Kyiv on playing cards.

Vintage looking display.

Now, there is one more sample of a custom art work in my house and it was made by a local artist.

She made a window frame display for me featuring a deck of cards with views of Old Kyiv.

My family from Kyiv, Ukraine sent me a deck of playing cards with pictures of old Kyiv.

We do not play cards, but the pictures were so interesting and looked so vintage that I decided to make a display from them, because Kyiv has a special significance for me- my mother was born there, my father is buried there.

This old window frame looks great in my hallway.

I am not yet done decorating walls in my house and I hope I will come with more ideas. I haven't mentioned about my own pictures that I woodburn on wood, but I wrote enough about it in other hubs.

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ChitrangadaSharan profile image

ChitrangadaSharan 2 years ago from New Delhi, India

Your house and decorations look beautiful and interesting! The paintings are wonderful and give an idea of variety of art on canvas.

Thanks for sharing!

ReuVera profile image

ReuVera 2 years ago from USA Author

Thank you, ChitrangadaSharan! I appreciate your visit and comment.

btrbell profile image

btrbell 2 years ago from Mesa, AZ

His fun! Thank you for sharing! I live what you dud with the playing cards! Great idea! I just finished hanging pictures in the upstairs of my house, yesterday and an looking fur artwork fit v the living room. I think I will check out canvas prints! Thank you! Up++

Ann1Az2 profile image

Ann1Az2 2 years ago from Orange, Texas

You home looks very well decorated and inviting. And you're right Americans put anything and everything on their walls! lol Interesting and voted up.

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