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Greetings again folks and so glad to be here. Well, I've been 'doodling' for a long time and thought I'd show you a few of my latest designs and see what you think.

For your information, most or all of these were dong whilst I was employed in a telecommunications call center, where I took calls from those who wanted support for their smartphones...AND while I was in training! hehe -- Don't get me wrong; I just needed to keep one side of my brain going while the other side was absorbing all the information and education.

A typical day for me would be to make sure I had a variety of colored pens in my pocket and when on a call, I would jot down pertinent information as well as bide my time with designs while 'fervently' listening. I have to be honest here: I was under an appreciable amount of stress with this position as I was subject to eight hours a day of basically irate folks who blamed all their technical problems on me. Now, I was just front and first line -- any more than that went to customer service or second-level support. However, I had to bear the brunt of those who had been waiting for a long time to talk to "somebody" and try and get their problem(s) resolved.

And most of the time, they were NOT very pleasant when finally getting to me. So and to alleviate some of this stress, I had pen(s) and paper very close-by to document job-related activities as well as to provide an outlet for relief. That's how it was for me at this position.

Thus and to get right to the point, here are some samples of what I would do during a 'typical' day at the call-center office (bear in mind that these were mostly produced while talking with someone or between calls to unwind).

I like to doodle and have been doing this a long time. I really don't do 'caricatures' or landscapes or portraits and the like; I just doodle and try to add some perspective. Hopefully you will enjoy these and if there's a psychologist reading this hub, let me know about...ME! hehe... Maybe you see something in these that needs 'addressing', or 'fixing'. *s

As well, self-trained in 2D design with CorelDRAW but it's funny...I can't seem to do these things in Corel as I would do with a bunch of pens in front of me. Sure hope you like the samples and would be great to read all your comments.

Sigh...getting cold here in Maritime Canada and NOT looking forward to winter. Oh well...*s

Stay tuned...

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