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Art as a career

From the first time a child picks up a crayon, the artist inside begins to come alive. Crayons lead to finger paints and pastels. Soon other mediums are discovered. Children freely explore the arts without judgement or critique. Playing is their main concern. It is this first exposure to creativity that plants a seed in some that one day grows into a desire to pursue art as a career.

After spending years surrounded by many artists, some who approached art as a hobby and others who became full-time artists, I realized there are a few key things that help someone choose a career in art.

Fine Art Jobs

One of the first things to consider is what type of job do you want? Many artists make the mistake of thinking the only jobs available in the fine arts are creating original works and selling them at a gallery. While this may be the ultimate dream for some, there are other possible entries into an art career. Many of these may be the first step to creating your own work for sale.

Examples of careers in the arts

While many of these career are indirectly associated with fine arts, entering an art career from any art venue may just be the opening you need to make your name known in the art world.

  • Fine art consultants
  • Fine art sales
  • Content developer fine art books
  • Art teacher
  • Art auctioneer
  • Gallery director
  • Art instructor
  • Production artists
  • Art director
  • Art director of animation
  • Movie set design
  • Computer graphics

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MsDora profile image

MsDora 3 years ago from The Caribbean

First, CONGRATULATIONS on creating 100 hubs! You're right about "thinking the only jobs available in the fine arts are creating original works and selling them at a gallery." Thanks for presenting the alternatives. One on your list really gets my interest, but it also scares me. Art seems so much beyond me!

bayareagreatthing profile image

bayareagreatthing 3 years ago from Bay Area California Author

Thanks MsDora! Never be afraid to step out of your comfort zone. You may miss the most fantastic experience of your life! :))

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