Free CSS Tab Designer

CSS Tab Designer

Style Sheets Can Save a Lot of Work

Style sheets can save you a lot of work when designing your site by defining how the HTML elements are displayed - like the font tag and the color attribute in HTML 3.2. You can use style sheets that are saved in external .css files or save them in external style sheets which enable you to change the appearance and layout of all the pages in your Web just by editing one single CSS document.

CSS allows designers to control the style and layout of multiple Web pages all at once. You can define a style for each HTML element and apply it to as many Web pages as you want. To make a global change across all your pages, simply change the style of the element, and it will change in the Web pages automatically.

Free CSS Tab Designer

I came across this CSS Menu tool. This is a great asset if you have ever wanted to to make valid css menu tabs and css-based lists/tabs without any programming knowledge! A brief description below:

CSS Tab Designer is a unique and easy to use software to help you design css-based lists and tabs visually and without any programming knowledge required!

With the CSS Tab Designer, you can :

  • Quickly design your list visually
  • Choose from a variety of styles/colors (60+ different designs/colors supported).
  • Generate strict xhtml compliant code

This is a great liitle tool for a new web designer or some one who want to spice up their web pages that does not know CSS.

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Paul 9 years ago

Ive been using it and it do good if your'e designing a css-tab without viewing the code.

Check out this great link:

ajaxflakes 9 years ago

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