Free Crochet Patterns for Amigurumi

Free Crochet Patterns for Amigurumi

Amigurumi crochet patterns have become quite popular over the last few years. The term ‘amigurumi’ originated in Japan and simply means stuffed crocheted or knitted toys. The toys are usually dolls and animals, but any stuffed shape can be referred to as amigurumi. They make great gifts for young children to play with or to have in their rooms as décor.

Although they look difficult to do, they really are fairly easy to crochet up, depending on the pattern. The only thing with amigurumi crochet patterns is that they generally take a while to crochet because they are crocheted up tighter than normal in order to maintain their shape and to prevent the stuffing from falling out. A smaller hook than what is normally recommended for the yarn is used in order to achieve that tighter fabric. In addition, the patterns generally use single crochet stitches, which also contribute to a tight fabric.

To crochet amigurumi, you will need polyfil or another type of stuffing and a large yarn needle to sew the pieces together. For some patterns you will also need wiggly eyes and embroidery floss in order to add in facial and other small details. A stitch marker can come in handy as well because most amigurumi patterns are worked in continuous rounds. If you don’t have stitch marker, you can always use a safety pin to keep track of where you are at.

You can find amigurumi crochet patterns in many pattern books as well as online. Many of them are for sale, but there are also many free amigurumi patterns. You can find patterns for amigurumi dogs, cats, bunnies, monkeys, owls, fairies and just about anything that you can imagine.

Amigurumi Elephant - Robotrish

This elephant is so well designed that it almost looks real. It has big bulging eyes, tusks, perfectly rounded and shaped ears, and many other great features. The pattern even has instructions to make a detailed throw for the elephant. - Amigurumi Elephant

Ami Monkey - Sillya1804

Monkeys are always a hit with young children and adults alike. They are always cute no matter whether they are real or in the form of an amigurumi toy. This one has a somewhat surprised look on its face, which only adds to the cuteness that it brings. - Ami Monkey

Amigurumi - Hello Kitty - Robotrish

This is by far the cutest kitty pattern I have seen. It is dressed in a t-shirt and cute overalls. It even has whiskers and a pretty little bow. It’s arms are outstretched and the face is slightly looking up as if it is saying “take me home.” Amigurumi - Hello Kitty

Amigurumi - Little Pony - AmiCrochet

This is the cutest pony I have ever seen. It has big beautiful eyes and a long spiral mane and tail. Although I favor the side view, both the front and side views are gorgeous. It is perfect as a toy to play with, or for decoration. - Amigurumi Little Pony

Bessie Bunnie - Diane B. on Gather

Any child would be lucky to have this one. The bunny has a nice fuzzy tail and long ears that stand up straight. The ears are done with a different color on the inside and have a small flower attached to them at the front. Bessie would make a great friend for any baby or toddler. - Bessie Bunnie

Dachshund Amigurumi - Leeses Pieces Crochet

This one is for an adorable dachshund pattern. Standing straight and tall, with the tail up and ears flopping down, it looks like the friendliest pup to have around. You can work this pattern in a continuous round or join the stitches after each round. - Dachshund Amigurumi

Little Fairy - Fun and Fang

This is a must-have for those who believe in fairies and fairy-tales. It is a beautiful fairy with a head full of hair, which is tied back in a bun. And best of all, her angelic wings and smiling face show that she’s ready to grant you your every wish. - Little Fairy

Little Star - Arpelia

This is a free pattern for the Super Mario Invincibility Star. It is for all the Super Mario fans or for anyone who wants a star-shaped amigurumi. It has two small eyes, otherwise it is a plain star. - Little Star

Pete and Repeat Tortoises - Rockin4God

These are the cutest tortoises ever. Their large heads stand up tall over their shell and you can see their tiny legs sticking out underneath. They are ready to hit the road and win the race at a slow and steady pace. - Pete and Repeat Tortoises

Pug Amigurumi - Leeses Pieces Crochet

Another cutie named “Pug”. It has a curly tail, small ears, big bulging eyes and a snout. It also stands tall and straight, and has its eyes fixed on something as though it is ready to play. - Pug Amigurumi

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