Free Poncho Crochet Patterns

Lacy Poncho
Lacy Poncho

Ponchos are like a blanket with a hole in the center for your head to go through. You can basically wrap it around your body to help keep you warm in the cold winter days.

They can be worn as light jackets, or you can wear them indoors to snuggle up underneath. Wear them while watching your favorite shows, reading your favorite book, studying, crocheting or, when working away at your computer.

You can buy ponchos at clothing stores, or if you are crafty you can simply make your own by crocheting, knitting or sewing. Whatever your hobby is, you can find lots of free patterns online to make your own ponchos to keep you warm.

Free Poncho Crochet Patterns

The yarn used is Bernat Satin, but you can use any kind of yarn to make this pattern larger or smaller, as instructions are only given for one size. The pattern is easy, but may not be suitable for beginners until they have mastered the basic stitches. Bernat Satin, Petite Lacy Poncho.

This easy cozy poncho is an extra small poncho which will stretch to fit petite adults and will also fit young children. The yarn used is Red Heart Foxy, but you can use any similar yarn. Cozy Poncho.

This pattern is designed by Dorothy "Dot" Matthews, and it is absolutely Gorgeous! It is perfect for any outfit and occasion! The yarn used is Baby Coordinates, and the pattern is easy. Bows And Arrows Poncho.

The yarn used to make this super warm asymmetric poncho is Crystal Palace Poof. The yarn used is not ideal for the beginning crocheter, so you may want to practice with other patterns first. This poncho differs from most as it only has one point which can be worn on the front, side or back. Asymmetric Poof Crochet Poncho.

This mesh poncho can be made at any length which you desire. The yarn used is Bernat Denimstyle, but you can use any worsted weight you have on hand. The stitches used are the chains and double crochet stitches, making it perfect for beginners. Arizona Poncho.

This pattern is an absolute must have for those who love ponchos! It is lacy with a beautiful scalloped edge that will go with just about any outfit in your closet! The yarn used in the pattern is Alpaca Boucle. Alpaca Boucle Poncho.

This beautiful poncho pattern is taken from the "Gypsy Vest Accessory Book III, by Jack Frost, Vol. 77, 1970. It is a On-Size-Fits-All, but you could easily adjust it to any length you like. This pattern is suitable for the beginning crocheter, as it only requires the basic stitches such as the double crochet, chains and slip stitches. 3 Color Poncho.

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indicrochet profile image

indicrochet 6 years ago

This is the poncho of versatility. I can see this poncho done in casual yarn or satin and sparkles for a dressy look.

Rhelena profile image

Rhelena 6 years ago Author

I never though of it, but sparkles would add a nice touch, Thank you!

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RTalloni 6 years ago from the short journey

Thank you for sharing this!

Rhelena profile image

Rhelena 6 years ago Author

RTalloni, you are welcome!

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