Free Sewing Patterns for Pets

Dress Up Your Pet on a Budget

Dressing a pet in the latest fashions doesn’t have to be expensive and it doesn't have to be reserved for Halloween either. Thanks to some very imaginative pet lovers online, we can now create a full line of attire for our furry loved ones.

I recently found Bark Magazine, a quarterly pet magazine found in many bookstores. Inside the craft section was a unique idea for recycling old dress shirts. They have instructions for Cool Collarettes. Just cut the collar off of the shirt, decorate it a bit if you like and dress up your pet.

A variety of absolutely adorable pet costume projects for pets big and small can be found at  Their selection includes a cute witch costume, a beautiful princess costume, and a jester costume for your feline companion. The best part about this site is that the costume pattern projects are free and the cost to make each costume is minimal. It is definitely worth the time to fill in the required form to access the site.

You can make your pet his/her very own quilt from the collection of free sewing patterns for pampered pets. Many pets love to have their own soft quilt to cuddle up with.

A pattern for stud pants had to be designed with the most modest of felines in mind. There are complete instructions with illustrations so that your pampered kitty can have his/her own pair in just a few minutes.

All pets have a unique personality and so do the exquisite hat patterns found at The hats were specifically designed for greyhounds but with just a little imagination, they can be adapted to be worn by other breeds too.

Every lady cat or dog has places to go and needs to be dressed for the occasion. Your pet will be the star of the party dressed in the fancy dress pattern from HGTv.

No pet's wardrobe is complete without some booties to keep furry feet warm and dry. UberPest's Journal offers a free printable bootie pattern for some charming but also very practical booties that are sure to protect precious paws from road chemicals, rocky trails, and icy conditions.

Sewing for pets can be fun and exciting and with a little creativity your four-legged companion can be the talk of the kennel.

Hoss Models New Collarette
Hoss Models New Collarette

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sabbatha1 profile image

sabbatha1 7 years ago from

NIce HUb. I love dressing up my little Shitzu puppy. She is adorable when all dressed up and nowhere to go. Thanks for all the awesome ideas.

Tracy Monroy 6 years ago

Cute idea. I'd love to do this for my german shepherd.

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