Garmash Artist Couple Displays Love with Art

It is quite an experience when someone truly loves what they do but it can be a whole new experience when they love the person they do it with. Such is the case of Michael and Inessa Garmash, the artist couple that provides some of the world’s most romantic expressionist art work. Working together since their two year old daughter tried her hand at painting on one of her father’s works for school, they have been able to embrace each other’s passion for the arts.

With what could be considered a fairy tale romance, with Michael painting images of Inessa all over their hometown of Lugansk in Ukraine. From the moment he first got a glimpse of his future wife he was smitten and promised himself he would win her over and it didn’t take long for her to recognize his passion and love of the arts.

He had begun painting at the tender age of three and by the time he was six he entered the Lugansk Youth Creative Center. His creations were sent to the exhibitions throughout what was then the Soviet Union and before long he was winning prizes for his art at juried exhibits, including the Lugansk Regional Juried Exhibition. The duo Garmash artist works also won awards in Czechoslovakia and Hungary.

His wife, formerly Inessa Kitaichik, displayed excellence in the arts also at a young age and studied ballet, music and dancing. At 15 she enrolled in the Lugansk Fine Arts School and was the best undergraduate to the Lugansk State Fine Art School at the age of 17. It was perhaps during this time that Michael got a glimpse of her and, strictly from memory, painted her likeness around town to get her attention.

His efforts paid off and from those efforts she saw the passion and art inside and after a brief courtship they married. The talent of the Garmash artist duo, expressed in their mutual passion, was part of the fairytale career choices and wedding that connected them for life. However, it was their two-year-old daughter that ended up being the impetus of their working together on canvas.

Michael had been working on a painting for a school project, but it was unattended while he was away. His daughter Polina discovered the work and determined to show her own artistic talents and added to the work. Inessa was fearful of Michael’s reaction to the work and by her own hand repaired it as best she could and wrapping it up for him to take to his presentation.

When he unwrapped the painting, uncovering the altered work, he recognized his wife’s work. The review the painting received noted it was perhaps one of his best works and since then the couple has worked together creating some of the most stunning and beautiful art works depicting love and passion on canvas just as they feel it. Their works include painting, mosaics and stained glass, with numerous pieces on permanent display in many countries including the United States and many eastern countries as well as throughout Europe.

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