Garmash: Husband and Wife Artistic Team

The Garmash family ultimately began their world renowned, artistic careers together through a family moment that many may find sounds familiar. Mikhail Garmash started painting when he was only three years old and was formally in training by the age of six. His lifelong love of art followed him well into his adulthood. A defining moment of his career was when he painted his daughter for one of the projects at the school he was attending.

Leaving this painting at home, his young daughter, Polina, who was no more than two, decided to contribute by adding her own interpretation to the painting. Fearing that her husband would be greatly upset, Inessa Garmash came to the rescue and put her own creative skills to work in order to fix the painting as best she could. She then packaged it and sent to her husband to submit. Mikhail was later told that it was one of the best submissions the school had ever received and upon taking a closer look he instantly noticed his wife's handy work. They have painted together ever since.

The Garmashes are originally from Ukraine but today have exhibited in Finland, Sweden, France, Russia, and Belgium, as well as in the home country. This husband and wife dream team specializes in paintings, mosaics, stained-glass windows, and drawings many of which depict their daughter as the main subject.

The passion the Garmash couple share for art has helped them to become some of the best Romantic Impressionists of the art world. Their stories are highly unique and their passion in art is only rivaled by their passion for each other. Mr. Garmash even started courting his soon-to-be wife Inessa after he only caught a glimpse of her and fell in love. That night he painted her image on the walls of her home town. When she saw them the next day she too fell in love and admired his passion for what it was and what it could be. They were married shortly thereafter.

Mrs. Garmash also holds incredible artistic talent but began in the physical fine arts: ballet and gymnastics, as well as music. Once she felt she'd mastered these disciplines she was admitted to the Lugansk Fine Art School at fifteen. Both husband and wife attended undergraduate courses at the Lugansk State Fine Art School in Russia.

While their work is known for depicting their daughter it is also known for showing their own personal preferences and dreams. Often times one will see a ballet dancer, a mother and daughter, musical instruments, and several other small items here and there that have to do with their personal lives and memories. Such attention to real life objects that hold special meanings and memories is what makes them such tremendous romantics. The two are also most famous for their depictions of the female figure in a variety of scenes and settings all of which are designed to pull at the imagination and make the viewer wonder what she's thinking about.

The Garmash couple has certainly made a name for themselves in the past few decades and their art speaks wonders about their passion and skill. Not for nothing does this husband and wife team have the impeccable reputation that they do.

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Peggy W profile image

Peggy W 5 years ago from Houston, Texas

What beautiful photos of the Garmash artwork! No wonder they are famous for their romantic impressionistic style of painting. Thanks! Voted up and interesting.

Lynn S. Murphy 5 years ago

Absolutely beautiful and that they create together is amazing.

Better Yourself profile image

Better Yourself 5 years ago from North Carolina Author

They are incredible paintings! And it is amazing that they create the artwork together! Thank you Peggy and Lynn for reading!

Better Yourself profile image

Better Yourself 4 years ago from North Carolina Author

Thank you Catalina, I'm glad you liked it.

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