Garmash paintings: When a husband and wife paint in duet

Micheal and Inessa Garmash are both artists who together have produced a remarkable collection of paintings, mosaics and stained glass windows that can be found all over Europe. They literally work as a team with each painting representing artistic talents of two perfectly compatible partners. Their produced artworks though seem uniquely individual and you would never guess that they were the result of the couple’s combined efforts.

Though they were both schooled artists from a young age, this artistic duet started several years after they were married. They tell an interesting story about how Micheal was busy doing a portrait of his daughter Polina for a school project and the little one got hold of his unfinished work while he was out. Inessa found the messed up masterpiece to be and in a bid to save the project completed it. Micheal subsequently got rave reviews at the art school while only he knew the secret behind the masterpiece. This is when they started working as a team.

All grown up, their daughter Polina continues to be one of their first in line models for figurative portraits which constitute the bulk of their portfolio. They are now among some of the most famous modern day Romantic Impressionists in the world. Garmash paintings are sought after collector’s items with originals often fetching very high prices. They also market tons of Giclees (pronounced gi-clay) which are valuable digital printouts done on canvas which are produced from their original oil paintings.

Born to be artists together

Micheal was very gifted and could paint from age three. At six years old he was enrolled at the Lugansk Youth Creative Centre in the Ukraine. His works were also considered way ahead of his time as a child and his teachers even sent some of them over to be exhibited in the then Soviet Union. By the late seventies Micheal went on to receive several awards for his fine art. In 1988 he started teaching at the State Fine Art College immediately after graduating the previous year.

His wife Inessa too was a natural born artist who was superb at ballet and had a passion for music and other arts. She also studied at the same fine art school as her husband when she was only 15. By the time she was 17 she was honoured as the best undergraduate among her peers of that year.

A marriage of life and work

Garmash paintings are distinct in their romantic appeal with their fine display of bright colours and noticeable brushstrokes. Subjects for their paintings include children, beautiful models including their daughter, mother and child portraits and also family self portraits. Most of their works are done using a natural yet modern setting with many paintings depicting the subject against the background of a beach with waves crashing on the shore. Some are done in a beautiful garden setting while not taking away any frontal focus off the subject. Many others are done indoors with the subjects seated on soft chairs and couches creating a rather warm and homely atmosphere.

The most powerful symbol of each Garmash painting is that it comprises the literal handiwork of both husband and wife artists; this in itself is a spectacular feat of singularity in purpose. Such a combined creative instinct only goes to prove that the two are very specially bonded together. Their life and work forms quite the romantic novel. Micheal actually painted portraits of the love of his life all over town in their younger days.

"Our love has been the inspiration for our work. It is with the paint brush that we express our true emotions.” - Michael & Inessa Garmash

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ripplemaker 4 years ago from Cebu, Philippines

This is the first time I have heard of a husband and wife paint in duet! So cool! Their artwork is beautiful!!! Thank you for sharing this. :)

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