Getting Discovered As an Artist

Becoming a famous artist can be a difficult challenge, but here are a few ideas to help get your art visible to the public:

1. Display your works of art at a convention, online, or at a gallery. Getting your art noticed will increase your chances of getting some potential buyers.

2. Offer public displays of your artistic talents at an arts show or in an open area.

3. Donate some of your art pieces to charity fundraisers. Although you won't get money, you may attract fans that will want to buy more of your work directly from you.

4. Paint large murals on walls or buildings (provided you gain permission from a property owner and/or the city). This could be a defining piece that makes your name known in the art world.

These ideas may not make you famous, but they can help to get you on your way to becoming a famous artist.


clair  8 years ago

thanks. this answered my question

SAGE 7 years ago


elliot condon 6 years ago

Hey Guys.

Having a professional looking online portfolio can help you get attention. I'm curently helping the artist and photography comunity by creating simple, powerful and affordable WordPress themes. Check out the eThemes range here:

cheers and good luck

Edom T. 6 years ago

Hey! Im from OR,Beaverton! This , what u all do is awesome! Im also a 13 yearold girl who's tryin to get discovered. I design many clothes and outfits and i draw many things as well! I'm hoping for luck! thanks!

jose garcia 5 years ago

im just 16 and im a great artist my talents lay in drawing magical creatures and nature i have being drawing for about 8years now and my dream is to be a famouse artist if any one would like to cantact me my number is 5134072911

ArtChild 5 years ago

Hi,I'm 12 years old, and I've already had people see me working and offer to buy my work. I'm opening an Etsy store, to show and sell my work. I decorated my guitar case, and I've had people commission me. I was just wondering how to be more active in the art community, and this helped alot. Thanks!

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