Give Mom the Monster of Coupon Booklets

A Coupon Clutch is a Nice Thing to Have

Make a coupon in a bunch of different ways. Use your imagination and be creative.
Make a coupon in a bunch of different ways. Use your imagination and be creative. | Source

An Old Idea With New Gusto; a Monster Coupon Book

Make Mother’s Day gifts at home this year. What to make? What does Mom want for Mother’s Day this year? There are lots of good, gift-quality crafts that can help you out, here, especially if Mom‘s a coupon keeper.

We’ve all used coupons for chores, or the ‘coupon booklet’ gift before, but this time make a real one with hard-for-her-to-do chores on them, or things she likes. Things that will bring you back to her house on more than one occasion are best, so put a lot of different coupons in to make it a stand-out gift. Have the kids make it or make it yourself, then get them laminated and get a brother to help with the work, but it has to be made by someone in your family.

Here are ten good and inexpensive super certificate ideas, but nobody knows your mother like you do. Does she appreciate handmade, sentimental things? Does she like to be waited on? Does she like movies?

To start, put things in with retail coupons-style language: “Coupon Good for one tree pruning day this spring.” Be creative and give it real thought for clever coupons:

  • Chores, scrub the bbq, pressure-wash the RV, etc.
  • Chop, split and stack firewood
  • Bring the kids over with dinner cooked already for her
  • Take her to a movie
  • Tune-up her car and mowers
  • Visit Grandma; Regular Sunday Visits
  • Lawn mowing, yard work and/or landscaping
  • Keep moss/debris off roof and chimney
  • Sweep the chimney insides without making a mess for her
  • Afternoon walks and gifts of time
  • Take her fishing
  • Go to her church

Make your own coupons for a manicure-pedicure and then perform them for her yourself. You can pleasantly soak her feet in hot peppermint water, scrub off sloughed skin with a loofa sponge and soft brush, then damp/dry them before lotioning, rubbing the tootsies until dry. Give a good foot massage in the lotion process. Give her a manicure, doing the same as to the feet, only remove the cuticles and buff ‘n shape the nails, as well.

Give Mom Blank Coupons She Can Fill in Herself

Everything you can think of; put them all in the love coupon book and let her ’cash them in’ on her own schedule, if you can. This was a great gift for 68 year-old widow Mary in Corbett, Oregon, the year Mother’s Day found her with a post-surgical left arm in a sling.

When she saw all that her adult children and grandchildren were willing to do for her, it brought tears to her eyes, and each page was made by a child or family member to add sentiment. CHEAP and very effective (she loved it) - but then you really have to do the things on the coupons or it weakens the whole deal for future years and other people.

  • The old Coupon idea taken further
  • Scented and colored mineral salts in beautiful glass vessels
  • Original spice mixes and condiments
  • Homemade Artisan Pasta
  • Craft supplies (is *enough craft supplies* even a real thing?)
  • Natural cosmetics, cleansers and moisturizers
  • Bedazzled candles and tea lights
  • Handmade blanket
  • Photograph album that’s a paper album, not digital
  • Cedar birdhouse

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