Good Luck ASCII Text Art: Lucky Clover and Horseshoes

Luck seems pretty random. But, others claim we make our own luck. I never think of that as luck, just hard work paying off. But, I have noticed that when we look for good things - we tend to find what we are looking for. Also, good things are drawn to other good things, like karma some would say.

I didn't find a lot of ASCII art for good luck. I thought I would find a lucky rabbit's foot but maybe that has become taboo now. After all, it wasn't so lucky for the rabbit was it?

What's Luck Got to do with It?

How Lucky are You?

What's Your Lucky Charm?

Find and make your own good luck.

Be open to the possibilities already around you. What have you been missing because you have been walking around with your head down, looking at your feet, instead of watching where you are going?

Be positive. Give yourself a chance to succeed. Don't decide you can't do it before you have even given it a try.

Be proactive, don't wait for luck to fall into your lap. Do some research, join some groups where you can learn more and make more contacts who can help you.

Be prepared. When you do find an opportunity be ready for it. If you get a chance to do something you wanted to do, what might stop you from taking action?

A list of good luck symbols.

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