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Step one - thinking cap on.

When a designer undertakes a design commission for a new brochure, the first thing they should reach for is not their iMac, digital camera or indeed phone. The first thing should be their thinking cap.

As a graphic designer myself, I am conscious that our subject is not simply the art of expression but the art of fore-thought. Good graphic design should flow naturally from thorough understanding of your objectives, the communication you wish to achieve and the market in which you operate. Only then should you put pen to paper so to speak, adding imagination and creative flair that will make your clients business stand out from the over crowded market-place. The art of good graphic design is not mere decoration, but of communication and a means of achieving a pre-determined purpose. Professional graphic design can influence the way people behave, encourage understanding, change the way that potential clients perceive a business, educate and encourage potential customers to take action.

The artistic impulse to the perfect brochure design or flyer must be moulded to serve the appropriate business purpose. Your talent should be channeled towards achieving the optimum marketing effect for your clients business. That is why you should go right back to the drawing board to make sure that your designs make a difference.

Whether it’s a tri-fold 6 page 3rd A4 Tri-fold leaflet / pamphlet, a logo design, branding or a full colour brochure design, your objective should be clear - creating more sales for your clients.

So remember on your next graphic design commission to use your noggin and get that thinking cap on.

A selection of leaflet designs

Small selection of visitor centre leaflets.
Small selection of visitor centre leaflets. | Source


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