Graffiti good or bad?

What is art?

Back when people said the word art most of us thought of an image of this high class,rich,person who is standing back enjoying this marvellous piece of artwork but thankfully in today's society this image is fast disappearing. Art can be created into anything, it can be created into different forms that both intrigue and stimulate our senses but who actually decides what art is? Who has the right to tell us what we can and cannot do with art?

Graffiti Art

Before I go into discussion about graffiti, I would just like to point out that I will only be discussing the Graffiti art of 'bombing', not the other forms of graffiti that is associated with it.

Graffiti art the urban street art, most people associate it with gang territories, gang writing and punks and hoodlums. When most people see it they think that the area their in is dangerous and unsafe but they only think that because they don't know what the graffiti represents. People detest graffiti and don't see it as art because they believe it only expresses violence and ill intentions.

One of the style's of graffiti is called 'bombing.' Bombing is where the person puts up a piece of writing on a wall or canvas in the style that is their own whether it be in fancy lettering, colours, or even both. The reason why people put up graffiti art such as bombings is because it is a way for them to express themselves. The graffiti is their way of expressing what they think is art and what art may mean and represent to them. This art helps people express who they are and what they feel art should look like and isn't that what art is all about.

Some people have misguided attitudes towards this form of art, "Oh it's just another hoodlum or Gangster disgracing a barren wall with his ugly Gang related art," and of course in some cases this is true. People have also different opinions towards graffiti as well (which they are entitled to), "Oh this is public property you aren't supposed to do this here," and of course in some cases this is also true. This are the reasons why many graffiti is shunned by communities and is made illegal by the law. This is also the reason why they are so many illegally drawn graffiti arts as younger generations feel like they cannot do what they think helps them to express themselves. It is like we are dictating to them what art is and should be. Instead of dictating to them what art should look like we should allow them to express themselves in legal events and maybe develop this new art form into something pleasing for all viewers.

Of course different people have opinions and thoughts about this art, please feel free to comment on anything you think about graffiti and any issues that need addressing.

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dnttrip 3 years ago

the 4th paragraph is true

candace 3 years ago

its cool but the good is fine but when people graffiti just to be graffiting means they just like to show out

gta 3 years ago

gta vice city

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wille-bum-bum 4 years ago

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bob 4 years ago

This is boring guys

fairy floss 4 years ago

u guys are awesome

pukeh 4 years ago


Mrs.Loukx 4 years ago

I think we should be able to do it where we like its putting art out where every one can see it I see it everyday when a train goes by it's a breath of fresh air something some one has done with there own mind not what someone told them to do in art class or something I love looking at graffiti ... the way I look at it graffiti is art express how u want keep on living your way of art.

mel 4 years ago

look graffiti IS ART its not fair that we r not alllowed to use it only some ppl have thins talent and i intend to use it but i think that there should be like an undergroung thing or some park type place whr we can use the TALENT but it is true tht some graffiti artist shldnt use graffiti on other ppls property which is probs why we r not allowed to use it see my graffiti art is not on walls it is on paper and canvas's not ppls property so im fine but ppl who put it on ppls property stop plzzz find somewhere els to do it im sure u can do it on the floor lol

jokes 4 years ago

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Bite Me 4 years ago

Amen! I love this article. I would like to use your article for a school prodject and I need your permission first. Please contact me at (my personal email) with your answer. Thanks. Great article btw :)

Tsdart 4 years ago

Whoa.i totally just sharted.

lediiiiiiii 4 years ago

i love graffiti!! it should be allowed

HAZE 4 years ago

as a graff writer i ask all you non writers what is ART?

ag 4 years ago

I think that as a graffwriter myself that graffiti could be used as good nd bad. It is just if u want to be good or bad.

(joe)(tha)(graffiti)(lover) 4 years ago


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RyanTheEpicBoss 4 years ago

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thefatblackslave 4 years ago

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Hichanel 4 years ago

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The Situation 4 years ago

Isn't this supposed to be about Graffiti?. Cmon! Keep it real and dont be silly boys.

hizzle jizzle pizzle hahizzle 4 years ago

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diarrhea 4 years ago

wow this spices up my appitite

poopee 4 years ago

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peepee 4 years ago

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poopoo 4 years ago

This is complete bullpoo. I want to puke all over peoples bums when i her this sort of nonsense. Lets talk about girls. They are very ugly, or they're very hot. This is how i compare art and graffiti. They are sorta the same, but one is ugly, and one is beautiful. No STOP DOING GRAFFITTI and go lick some hot dogs. Bye

Big c 4 years ago


SAD AND INSULTED 4 years ago

Graffiti is an imposition by people who only think of themselves. I for one do not want to see your meaningless expressions daubed all over walls that were designed to be just that walls. You should have grown out of scribbling on things when you were in nursery class. Just grow up. I bet most of you have tattoos as well. Think on this you are stuck with them for the rest of your sad lives.

Julius Zsako 4 years ago

Unauthorized marking on the property of others is vandalism, and it is a crime. Small business owners often work seven days a week to make ends meet. The last thing they need is to spend very limited time and money to remove graffiti. Learn more at

Landon 4 years ago

There's the real graffiti artists, then there's the idiots that ruin it for everyone else. If you look up actual graffiti artists like Banksey, or Shepard Fairey, they're real street art. Now the idiots, just do crappy tags on really stupid areas like neighborhood houses. Anyone that says graffiti isn't and art, they're right to some extent.

jamie 4 years ago

it is good

mollie 4 years ago

i agree graffiti should be allowed because it is great ?

lolz 4 years ago

graffiti is art as much as painting is or is not art

Zadilla 4 years ago

"what is not art?"

lulu 4 years ago

i love looking at graffiti because some of it is eyecatching

lulu 4 years ago

yes but i was commenting on goolagoo's comment

he who must not be named 4 years ago


lulu 4 years ago

yes but if you dont have permission to do it on a building then ur called a criminal

goolagoo 4 years ago

Graffiti takes a lot of time and effort, so therefore, it's art. :)

he who must not be named 4 years ago

graffiti is very detailed art i think its in a lot of cases but its vewy vewy bad if you dont havE permission so GET PERMISSION.

lulu 4 years ago

ya i like looking at graffiti only if its ok

lulu 4 years ago

yup i think grafiti can look cool but it can cause a lot of stress for the law

IzAlaBoutThaPPL 4 years ago

Graffiti...Egyptians.. Hieroglyphs...are you people stupid. 'Cause that's how to started. It is Art and it will be around forever. If you don't like it then why don't you travel back in time and tell the Egyptians or Myans not to create it... Oh wait... That'd how language started and that's how art started... Yeahh think about it people.

Nicola 4 years ago

The other program: Graffity created on trains does not allow to have a capacitive or resistive screen, so you can use on a tablet or i-phone.

budy graffiti art 5 years ago

i am a graffiti artist and the most i hear from ppl is if its such an art why is it scribbled onto walls and looks so bad its because we dont have the ime to make it look like real amazing peaces and if there was time the streets wouldn't look like they do if you go to a leggized area for graffiti there is more time and effort put into it and looks like true art but when ppl say graffiti isn't art that's not true you have to look from outhers perspecove and for all i care abstract isn't art or paintings of lake but i see the time and the effort put in so i respect is for what it is. graffiti is a art and has been looked at the wrong way.

kirsty frempong 5 years ago

graffiti is very dangerous because you can get prisoned for 10years. graffiti can damage the city and streets. you people think that graffiti is a piece of art but you are wrong.

earldon 5 years ago

Well., others are right!, if the person owns that certain building/wall i think he/she has the right to vandal and graff at it. I know others are thinking that its part of life cause its an wall art, but its not legalize isn't it??. It's bad.., Show your emotion but not this way..

RUNk USk 187k ! 5 years ago

i write to express mah self to have fun something to do ! SO QUIT TRIPIN GRAFF WILL ALAYS BEH AROUND !!

Arnold&Lala 5 years ago

Amazing Piece.... we are working on a graffiti assignment and this makes an excellent pics. Graffiti has some good and bad things about it and reading all about graffiti gives us a great achievement.

gangsta skuxx! 5 years ago

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lola 5 years ago

this article sooooooooooo did not help me that's bullshit

5 years ago


Ayo 5 years ago

that graff is way cool but i can do better

justin halls 5 years ago


lisa 5 years ago

dat does not f****** help!

saoirse 5 years ago

i love graffiti when it is in the right place it look AWSOM!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

L0oN3y 6 years ago

mann that is some sickk s***:)

Boiza 6 years ago

Yeah that is some dope ish GrApH¡tt¡

taysohot 6 years ago

tyo i so believe is bad and good graffiti most of them now in days are very sloppy and rushed

mitchell 6 years ago

i am a graffiti artist, and other people have opinions but i graffiti because it is what i love to do, it is definitely an art and to have good art work you have to practice for years, i find it like a talent and most people should respect that, i understand if its on someones house but that doesn't mean every graffiti artist is bad,

TJG-Designs profile image

TJG-Designs 6 years ago from Boston Area

Dude that hotel is funny! "YEah baby i'am gonna take you to this new hotel tonight" It's called the "graffiti Inn" LOL

TJG-Designs profile image

TJG-Designs 6 years ago from Boston Area

I can understand why some people would not like tagging but graffiti can also be some really amazing art! I have seen some really badass BOMBS around town! Absolutly YES graffiti is an art form.

groovyshoes 6 years ago

In Lansing, Michigan a seedy old motel is about to be torn down so before the demolition people were allowed to do graffiti all over it. Next firefighters will use it for training and then it will be torn down. Allowing people to create art on a building that will be just be torn down anyway seems only positive to me.

Animal Lover :D 6 years ago

I don't think anybody should do graffiti, unless the person that owns the wall etc... gives you promission to do so.

awesome dude 6 years ago

I think some graffit is good, some are bad. It depends on wat people like. i love that piece of u graffiti there... AWESOME!

Marc 6 years ago

Someone wrote something illegible on the (white) wall of my small house yesterday in permanent marker pen. It would not come off, so I've had to spend an hour today getting the masonry paint out and painting over it. I am not well off.

If that's graffiti, you can keep it. And had I caught the person responsible, there would have been a bigger problem than graffiti.

High-quality graffiti art, on a building that doesn't belong to people or companies, has a place.

Scrawling on people's properties that they are buying with hard-earned cash, isn't.

266347262 6 years ago

bus wankers

Ron 6 years ago

If it's so good, why is it on ratty buildings and alleys---not on canvas in museums?

It's like tatoos: stuff you wouldn't scrawl on an outhouse wall, put permanently to desecrate the human body!

spiderlily profile image

spiderlily 6 years ago

I love high quality tagging.

KathyYoo 6 years ago

I'm actually doing a paper on graffiti && i find that it is good to do graffiti on certain levels. But we should also respect people's property && one thing that i really think there should be more of are free walls, in which we can all graffiti all we want. I mean it would be much better that doing it the illegal way. Either way i find graffiti more like art && not vandalism. [:

jjjgraffiti 6 years ago

I think graffiti can be art like in that picture up there. But if it is just strange words handwritten ona wall is not a good thing. If they put more legal graffiti walls up there shouldn't be a problem. People who do graffiti like it because it expresses them. Sometimes they do it for fame and fortone

Morayma Rodriguez profile image

Morayma Rodriguez 6 years ago from Lehigh Acers, Florida

There is a fine thin line between Graffiti and Graffiti Art. Its good to see that other can see the difference between them. Personally I think they can really liven up a place, especially if you're driving by. I've seen some really beautiful Graffiti Art murals in Bayamon, Puerto Rico when I was visiting my relatives.

Raf Domingos profile image

Raf Domingos 6 years ago from São Paulo, Brazil

I really respect graffiti artists and the ones who likes it, some pieces I really like but I preffer to see it on canvas, screen or even a Museum, instead of walls on the street.

Edd 6 years ago

To SonicSimmons, you sound pretty educated I suppose, your grasp of the english language and witty insults aimed at graffiti artists is staggering.

you'd think someone condoning graffiti as uneducated could have expressed themselves a little more eloquently than that!

j-wizz 6 years ago

should le t mind go free in artistic ways

the blob 6 years ago

It depends really. It cool with an allowance and bad when it is not with an allowance. So in my personal opinion, it is quite cool man...

!!!zag!!! profile image

!!!zag!!! 7 years ago

Graffiti is a talent not a crime it is something that taks a lot of practice so dont get all pist of at as be kos u havint givin as a plse 2 do it besides da streets

me 7 years ago

bla balllvfpoh

me 7 years ago

bla balllvfpoh

isabel! 7 years ago

I think some graffiti is actually quite eye-catching and cool sometimes so.....

SonicSimmons 7 years ago

Fucking brain dead vandals should all be locked up! Smacked up to the eyeballs with all sorts of substances, no jobs or education! All out of their heads with spray paint for dicks. Nothing more than junkie criminals? destroying other peoples property. Fucking sickening.

urban expressions 7 years ago

Well I really like the article & feel that Graffiti needs a much more careful examination before its declared good or bad. My biggest problem with Graffiti can best be described by the comment left by 'graffitiwoMtdie' - negative. Its not how it was in the 80's, now that's all you get when you meet writers these days (CAPS rip-offs). The trash talk, the whole 'secret society' aspect of joining an exclusive crew. I've taken 7 years of my life and devoted it to the art of graffiti, not the war, I've been there & I know what I'm talking about. I have a website devoted to teaching the art of graffiti to the experienced artist & to the beginners - outcasts labeled as toys. I can relate to the graff-heads who feel the need to be vindictive, vengeful & destroy. For I was like that too once. I recently realized that our societies interest in Graffiti is beginning to peak. its time to document Graffiti for the history books with our art! & while Graffiti is both good and bad, its not being seen that way by the people that write these history books. We are the artists, the community is our audience not just other writers or gang bangers. We can make our graffiti timeless & worthy of being called good-art, or we can live in the moment and write 2 second tags every two feet in hopes that another graffiti artist will take notice. How do you want graffiti to exist? Whether art is good or bad, that is an opinion that is relative to the decider, if its negative without suggestions for improvement it should be kept private. I hope any Graffer that reads this and feels similarly about Graffiti can help push for a new age of graffiti, Graffiti that has more than personal meaning

44442342 7 years ago

Graffiti is bad. It can cause a lot of trouble. Why pay fines when u can just have fun. please don't graffiti. Its a waste of time. It's not kool!!

graffitiwontdie 7 years ago

graffiti is good no matter what you guys dont do it you guys dont do it.i like intentionaly causing vandolism its fun and my house doesn't get tagged on so i dont care

smellypunks profile image

smellypunks 7 years ago

I don't mind it that much or though I can see if you had some on the side of your house you might not be happy. What I think is pointless is tagging, its seems like a mindless activity.

MexG profile image

MexG 7 years ago from New Zealand, Auckland Author

Thats true I agree with you but ultimately it is a person's choice to do graffiti whether it be legal or illegal the consequences they face after depends on the circumstances.

AJHargrove profile image

AJHargrove 7 years ago from USA

If a person owns a building, I think he or she should decide what goes on it. If that person decides to let people paint on the walls, that can be cool. Some graffiti can be done really well (while other graffiti can be amature and tasteless, depending on the artist).

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