Design for the hospitality sector

Designing for the hospitality & tourism sectors

'We don't need print because I have a website' - How many times have print designers been told that. It is always a good idea to have both print and web presence, both mediums have advantages and disadvantages. With the tourism and hospitality sectors many tourists want something to take back as a memento such as a leaflet about the London Eye, or Scotland's National Wallace Monument. Good design for print means good business, design needs communication and not decoration. At the moment many large businesses pay for a good web presence using keywords, link strategies, sponsored links etc. but it is not inconceivable to think that senior execs in search engine land are looking at more ways of increasing revenues and perhaps, just perhaps down the line charging for ALL online participation that's found by that particular search engine. So don't put all your eggs in the one basket.

In the tourism and hospitality sectors good graphic design is one of the most important aspects of any marketing effort. Without good quality creative graphic design, your messaging may be missed. Creative graphic design should have the the power to reach new and existing visitors / clients, which will drive that all important reservation and fill that empty room. When choosing a graphic design team choose a professional who has already produced graphic design work for the hospitality industry and who truly understand the main aim is to get those “heads into beds” / “bums on seats”. It is worth stressing that your new marketing material should have a call to action and be positioned to portray your brand image and to help bring new business to your hotel or visitor centre.

First impressions really do matter.

You do not need a big budget to make a good impression - a simple double sided A4, 6 page 1/3rd A4 leaflet / flyer or go the full distance with a full colour brochure. All are powerful offline marketing tools when they have the right message and are designed correctly.

Explore the Outer Hebrides - double sided A4 tourism leaflet.
Explore the Outer Hebrides - double sided A4 tourism leaflet. | Source

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jemmamcg profile image

jemmamcg 4 years ago from Scotland

Something mystical about those standing stones in the Outer Hebrides.

I like the use of the slate grey colour behind the headline.

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