Props to buy for Newborn and Baby Photography


One of the most important factors in setting the mood for a photograph is the choice of backdrop and props. If you are serious about photography, just starting out or just want to take some nice photos of your own baby this article will help you to find and create a great scene for your photographs. They key is using a non distracting background so that all the attention is on your subject "the baby". This is hard to achieve at times when you want good window light but have distracting house hold items in the background such as furniture. But it is possible to set up a backdrop in a small space to eliminate all distractions and to create a beautiful environment for your baby portraits.


One of the most essentially used items for newborn photography is the beanbag, this is what the baby will be placed onto and can then be moved around easily. The baby can be moved by swiveling the beanbag on the floor to get the desired direction of light or angle.

You will also need a backdrop stand or light stand so you can hang your blanket or backdrop. To make a backdrop for baby portraits you can simply use a large textured or fur blanket one large enough to cover your bean bag and also be able clip onto your backdrop stand or light stand.

After you have your background figured out then you can buy fun accessories for the baby. Nude baby portraits are beautiful but you might want a few accessories to add some variety to your photos. Accessories can include headbands, bows, flowers, knit hats, angle wings and diaper covers.

Other items you may need to help keep the baby comfortable while photographing include a heating pad and space heater so the baby will stay warm enough to stay in a deep sleep during the shoot. Also a noise maker with soothing sounds. I would keep baby wipes near for accidents if the baby will not be in a diaper.

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