Top Blogger Artist uses Old Newspaper Clippings From WWII OR Rubber Stamp Makes You Cash!

Top blogger artist creates retro paintings and collages like her latest "Ladies In My Mind" that shows original art that has a special flair, each woman's face is painted like in a dream where everyone is really you, meaning me! Enjoy my music video of "LADIES IN MY MIND ART MONTAGE SONG" Viral Video artistic retro ladies in an artist's mind must see it, how to make an artistic music video just watch this top blogger artist blogger queen!

CLICK IN TO THE VIDEOS ON THIS PAGE AND CHECK OUT THE WORK OF TOP BLOGGER ARTIST LESLIE SIEGEL! Also check out how I made a wonderful group of World War II collages with newspaper clippings from the 1940's I had found in an attic in an old home being torn down. Best places to find things like that without having to pay a huge EBAY fee for old clippings!

A friend of mine deals with folks that need their garages and backyards cleaned out so he shows up with a crew and they "go at it", but lately he's been finding another man's junk that became my treasure! He started to casually bring me old magazines and scrapbooks done during the heart of World War II. The magazines were mostly the standard LIFE Magazines, but the dates were all close to 1943, which was a hot topic of photos and clipping, ration stamps and prices. Among other throw aways he brought to me were several interesting scrapbooks someone out there has pasted painstakingly together to make a wonderful diary of newspaper clippings. But, in between the pages of one I found a huge Manila envelope filled with hundreds of un-glued in newspaper clippings as if they just cut them out now, not 65 years ago.

The only way you could tell they were old was by the smell. It was an odd, but knowing smell of old, musty days of the Forties. Also in the scrapbooks were actual unused ration stamps that they had pasted on the inside covers and backs of the treasures in history that were now mine!

I am an artist, not just a blogger, so I began sorting through the newspaper clippings in the envelope, first looking at what they'd cut out, usually an article on a battle, recent death stats, or even an article about POW's, all WWII info. I turned the articles around and noticed normal life going on as the war did. Ads for many things, how many ration stamps you'd need, the pricing, the ladies modeling it, and many other fun facts of the 1940's that were lost to us as the years flew by.

If you examine my first collage on WWII, you'll see an article about a famous baseball player committing suicide, a lost German lady with no home, the latest movies and reviews, the shows on Broadway, the grocery lists, the Boy Scouts, old stamps, ads for stomach aches, smoking and ladies under-things! I took it all and made a gorgeous collage, then put special art glue on it to seal it up and gloss it out. After that I painted it in like a coloring book, which it reminded me of. Watch my video of the piece I did. It's really fantastic and easy to do.

The first thing you do is get old magazines from EBAY, or even at an antique store or swap meet, wherever old things are bought and sold. Once you get the magazines, start going through them and anything that catches your eye, cut it out and put it aside. After you get about 50 medium sized images, you will place them on the canvas and glue them on. Take the glue and paint about 3 layers over it, let dry.

Once dry you can start to paint. Since the glue is smooth, you can rub off any over paints, or mistakes. Be patient, and take your time. Don't make look too busy with small clippings. Use lots of big ads, then work your way around. After you start to paint, keep consistent and smooth. Look at your colors and be focused. Do not do this project if you are upset or stressed.

Keep adding to the picture, and painting it until one day you have a thing of beauty and the images start to really show and come out and you'll have a much better understanding of that era and generation. Make two sets. One for each part of the wall. Also, make the second collage a different theme. I once did a them called 1940's women/1940's men, and it came out so great. So wonderful that many wanted to buy them.

I did sell two of my collages, but I felt too much pain, like those things were my kids. But at the time, I needed the cash. One was of the voice over artist Gloria Wood. I sold it to her husband. Then another one called "1992" I sold to a famous songwriter named Irving Gordon who kept it in his closet until his death, when my boyfriend at that time brought the dust covered framed collage back to me! It's hanging in my hallway. In fact, most of my work is hanging around my condo.

You don't have to stick to the same theme either. I'm not Annie Rice who seems to only write about Vampires ONLY VAMPIRES! I have a series called "LOST PETS OF VALLEY VILLAGE" and went around for months collecting lost pet signs, including a lost bird and donkey. Weird, but true. I made another series dedicated to 1990 with Howard Stern as a medium in a fur coat. I also did another collage using the same medium as I have explained above to make another 1940's music series. I made a collage of Gloria Wood's sister Donna Wood, seeing as I sold her sister. Who knows where that collage is now that Gloria's hubby is long dead.

When Marijuana became a bit more legal here in California I began asking the Pot places if they wanted me to make them a "shingle" the old term for a doctor's sign hanging in the old West. Many co-ops agreed and they still hang in their collective to this day. I made a wonderful collage hanging in my living room of Pot legalized in general and saved all the bags and little signs, cards and other ads they'd throw in the bag. After 6 years I had collected so much. I have that with many categories.

My husband is a theater director so we avidly attend every play we can. I save the flyers and playbills and use them to make wonderfully put together collages. Many have commented on them. But you have to make them big and not add to much busy things. Try and keep it large looking because the way people are straining their eyes on their PC's in cyberland, the less they see the collages, so keep large in mind.

Once I even took Metro Rail Blueprints from the Los Angeles CA subway plans and made dinner place mats which sold like hot cakes for me years ago. I still have 15 prototypes gathering dust on a ledge. One day I will dust it off and resume. So good luck. Any questions or comments, just ask. I love this art medium. You can do anything with it.

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paula 4 years ago

Thanks for the ideas. Just getting started in the medium and all your thoughts were very useful.

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