Free Handmade Greeting Card Layouts

Handmade greeting cards are not only fun to receive, they’re fun to create and give to friends and family. Paper crafters love making greeting cards because of the endless amounts of creativity that can be poured into them. Sometimes, though, this abundance of creativity can become a distraction and the thought of where to place all of your pieces can become overwhelming.

Card layouts alleviate a lot of time and frustration by giving you a foundation to start with. All layouts never need to be copied completely, but rather can be used as springboards to help get your creative juices flowing. All that is needed to create handmade greeting cards based off of these sketches is designer scrapbook paper, cardstock, adhesive, embellishments and your imagination!

Below are handmade greeting card layouts to get you started!

Layout #1

Layout #2

Layout #3

Layout #4

Layout #5

Layout #6

Layout #7

Layout #8

Layout #9

Layout #10

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Laura 6 years ago

This is great alissa.Thanks for sharing.

Jamie Brock profile image

Jamie Brock 6 years ago from Texas

Awesome layouts! Thank you for sharing!

Charlene 6 years ago

Thanks for the wonderful layouts!

senelle 5 years ago

These were really nice and give good ideas - for when we get creative! Thanks.

shirley. 2 years ago

Thank you so much for sharing your great ideas with us!!!!

Astrid 18 months ago

Wat een prachtige kaarten zeg

Anne mccracken 12 months ago

These lay outs are a great help I struggle who lay outs

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