Heritage Pioneer Photo Albums

What better way to preserve and share your family's special memories, recipes, stories, and culture to future generations than with an authentic heritage pioneer photo album.

Traditional pioneer photo albums from a Californian distribution company, are manufactured in China, warehoused in Virginia and unfortunately fail to take into account that the majority of our photography today is in digital format and needs to be encoporated into the production process more easily.

Heritage photo albums from Picaboo deliver!

Using elemental chlorine free and acid free album materials, Picaboo ensures that your family history will not fade or discolor with time. Capture your family traditions, photos, memories and anecdotes like never before with a Picaboo Heritage Album.

How to Get Started

  1. Gather photos of your family and relatives and create a digital copy of each one. If you have access to a scanner, you can scan each photo individually and save them as a high resolution jpeg image.
  2. Also gather other family keepsakes such as birth certificates, letters, diplomas, maps, and marriage licenses to include in your album
  3. Ask other relatives for genealogy information on your family as well.
  4. Organize your favorite digital photos into folders to make it easy to add them to your Picaboo heritage book.
  5. Document notes that you would like to include with each picture.

Picaboo offers free digital photo creation software to help you create your perfect heritage prioneer photo album easily. With customizeable backgrounds, styles, and photo album layout ideas, you can quickly assemble a professional photo album that can be shared online or printed for lasting family enjoyment.

Get started with your very own heritage pioneer photo album from Picaboo today.


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