Hessam Abrishami

Hessam Abrishami was born in 1951 in Shiraz, Iran, as one of eight children in a middle-class family. His artistic talent manifested itself in high school, where at age 15, an encouraging teacher helped inspire him to enjoy art and to start painting as well. He became practically obsessed with painting, and did as much as he possibly could. By the time he was seventeen, he had won an award for his work and went on to win the top honors in a countrywide competition for all of Iran. At 19, he had first place in Iran’s Young Artist Competition.

These were just the beginnings of many and varied awards he has received since then. Next, he went to Italy to study art, because he considered that country the European center of art. He received his Master’s degree in Fine Art from Accademi De Belle Arti "Pietro Vanucci."After this, he moved to Los Angeles, California where he started to work as a professional artist.

His paintings are known for their bold, yet fluid depiction of the human form, often reminiscent of Cezanne or Picasso, two of Hessam’s favorite artists. His paintings often show scenes of love and romance, expressed in bold strokes and vibrant colors. There are both fluidity and tension drawing in the viewer and raising deeper questions about the nature of the relationship between the figures. Hessam himself says that his paintings are strongly influenced by his life experiences as well as the positive reception they have received around the world.

His early life in Iran was also influential in his work and he was especially struck by the ancient history that could be found all over that country. He has also kept in mind the struggles that artists can deal with in oppressive situations and has been very generous with his time and energy in supporting new talent. His work reflects his values strongly based in freedom and love, appearing very free and natural in their form, while remaining based in technical fundamentals.

These intriguing and lovely works of art quickly helped Hessam build a name for himself, and his paintings have been showcased in numerous one-man shows in North America, Asia and Europe. There are over 20,000 original paintings and prints in the hands of collectors, and he continues to headline shows all over the world. His work has also been reproduced and featured in several different university text books. He has stated that he is happy to see his art going out into the world, and hopes that it can spread joy wherever it goes. Art belongs to the people, not just the artist.

Hessam has been recognized worldwide for nearly three decades now, and he shows no sign of slowing down. He continues to produce new work and it continues to be released to public and critical acclaim. He still lives in California and has been invited to receive an honorary doctorate from California Polytechnic University in Pomona California. Both original paintings and prints continue to be available to enthusiastic fans all over the world.

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