Highlighting the Distinguishing Features of Arvid Art

Thomas Arvid is the famous Realist painter whose still life oil paintings constitute a cultural celebration of the casual indulgence in art and wine. Of late there seems to be a revival taking place in many parts of the world and a renewed interest in the fine arts specifically. Arvid Art is playing a dynamic role in feeding the appetite for classy art of the current generations.

Arvid has been successful in stirring quite a revolution by drawing even those who previously had no desire for nor any affinity towards the art world. It is the basic topics of life and its fulfillment that makes his work so interesting. His work exudes a unique character that feels so easy to approach and capitalizes on those familiarities that most people can share and appreciate.

Let us delve a bit deeper into the strong art that is entirely ‘Arvid’ by exploring the artistic elements that allows a self taught artist to be unequaled in this genre.

Red, Red Wine...

Arvid art has evolved out of the artist’s fascination with the color red; and specifically the rich warmth and deepness presented in red wine. Successful artists have a way of mixing pigments with precision and are able to produce the exact hues that they require again and again.

This is a skill that takes years to master and when realized allows an artist like Thomas Arvid the freedom to call a produced color his own. Hence we find that the ‘red wine’ color as shown in his paintings can be said to be distinctly ‘Arvid’ and result in a signature to his work.

Brilliant reflections and real glass

Thomas Arvid is a master when it comes to painting reflections off the glasses and glass bottles in his paintings. Still life artists who specialize in Realism find this to be the single most challenging aspect when trying to compose light and glass reflections. The challenge comes from having to combine natural elements that are peculiar to glass and its representation:

· The way colors flow and merge through transparent and semi-transparent objects.

· Glass objects when placed together in a composition can cause hundreds of tiny reflections.

· How glasses and glass bottles dynamically refract light passing through them.

All this is taken into account when Arvid strikes his brush to the canvass and reveals his uncanny ability to bring out all these details. It is really special and you have to see it for yourself to be able to appreciate his achievement.

It’s All About Wine and it’s in your face

There’s denying Arvid’s exquisite attention to detail in his paintings but nothing is as obvious as his intentions when he places every component in his still life’s right in front of the viewer. You cannot escape the subject matter as he is able to emphasize its importance right away.

As with most still life compositions, artists seem to follow certain rules of depth and the placement of objects in a virtual three dimensional frame so that you can see where everything fits into your plane of vision. The same can be said about a photograph that always delivers a set of complete information.

Arvid art on the other hand takes your sight away from what’s behind his subject and leaves it to you the viewer to complete the composition. This is yet another trademark of his work, and by employing the viewer’s immediate imagination on a painting that is wholly photo-realistic yet able to evoke feelings that are especially surreal, is simply amazing.

His subject matter of wine goes hand in hand with its representation in his works perfectly bringing together a subject that is both appealing and easy for people to relate to. Arvid says, “I’m trying to connect with people.”

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Dbro profile image

Dbro 4 years ago from Texas, USA

Beautiful Hub! What striking paintings. Thanks for sharing this talented artist with us. How large are these paintings? They seem quite large, but that could just be due to the strength of the compositions and the excellent technical skill of the artist.

Better Yourself profile image

Better Yourself 4 years ago from North Carolina Author

They are beautiful paintings, and his paintings range in size from a approx 2 ft to 5 ft. So he does paint his subject larger than actual size in some of his paintings. Thanks Dbro!

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