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Learn To Draw From Your Imagination

Learning to draw from your imagination can be very useful for you as an artist, because you are not only learning to draw the stuff that you are imagining, you are building up your art stye at the same time and tis is they key ingredients of any artist.

There are lots of ways to get on with the imaginative side of drawing from your imagination and the best ones are the ones that follow here:-

A good brainstorm of favourite words, settings and character types

Brainstorming is a good process for you to go through the methods of building up the first general ideas and you could do this in the form of a list, with optional categories that organize your words into easily findable notes that will make sense at a later date.

I often find that a list of favourite words that could bring out some good inspired art is the way to go, for me it is fantasy art, but for anyone else it could be more specialized and be makes of cars, historical buildings or landmarks of interest, whatever the list will entail, you need to be sure that the list will motivate you to draw the type of stuff that you want to draw, or else there is no fun and no imagination and no point!

Lots of sketchbooks to draw

If you like to draw everyday, then its a good idea to have a sketchbook handy, I always have sketchbooks throughout the house as I would be lost without one, this is especially good if an idea its you and there is just a sketchbook laying around and you can just drop everything to do that quick sketch - A little warning though, make sure your partner isn't expecting supper as I did this once and she wasn't happy and so I was in the dog house!!

I often keep little memo notepads too around the house because if I have some notes or reminders to sketch something then I always follow through and bring these notes to my drawing board and this is an extra special way of writing new ideas as a writer and creating them from your descriptions.

Look at the art of other artists

Other artists approach their work differently to yours, so this is a great way of seeing how these artists work and how they arrange their paintings, drawings and draft sketches, more often than not you will begin to pick out certain things about an artists work that you can apply to your own art, because being inspired is what it is all about as an artist, we all had one of them moments in our life when we were inspired by a fantastic piece of art and almost wanted to emulate it in some way or recreate that work.

Studying an artist is perhaps the best known technique for finding your own art style if you practice regularly and have the patience to copy and reproduce others work to learn and you will remember certain ways of drawing things based on the viewing of your favourite artists.

Box set dvds: watch the full run with a sketchpad

I did this once with the first series of Heroes, I had already watched the series on the television, so I could watch it on dvd with inspired creation on my mind, I found the stories to be high quality and they got me thinking about characters and situations and maybe me becoming the director for awhile, changing small things I didn't like and drawing stuff that would be inspired directly from a comic book type source material.

The results were pretty good, although I was knackered from watching uninterupted Heroes, it was a great experiment that I hope to repeat with either the first series of Supernatural or the seventh series of Smallville, I'll have to create a hubpage with the drawings and ideas I created from watching Heroes though, as it would make for a good round of inspiration and imagination and probably would help some who read it, so that's in my content creation schedule.

Pick up a pencil and sketchpad and just draw random stuff

Drawing randomly I do frequently as it keeps me on my toes with sketching and trying to draw something, anything so long as I can use it for a project, then this is what keeps me drawing from nothing but my imagination.

When an artist finds a blank piece of paper there is a slight bit of frustration at times as to what to draw as you see other artists work that looks fantastic and there is a foolish notion to think that they came up with that piece almost instantly but in reality they probably had to do a few sketches to arrive at that piece of artwork, so I always look at drawing randomly as a way to get ideas out and worry about later on finishing it.

Random sketches are the things that artists strive to do daily, as ideas must be realised for them to succeed with their art and creative mindset!

Take a look at Wayne Tully's drawing website which helps you draw from your imagination in the very popular area of - fantasy art drawing

An Example Of A Drawing From My Imagination

This is an example of when I drew a fantasy tree from digital photos I took of trees - inspiration took hold!
This is an example of when I drew a fantasy tree from digital photos I took of trees - inspiration took hold!

Draw Halloween Mask Ideas From Your Imagination Today!

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How To Draw From Your Imagination: What Do You Think? 15 comments

Chandra.M 3 years ago

How to draw eye view of historical monumnets

Neil McIntyre 4 years ago

Great work here = I`m an artist with ability to draw from imagination = I perform for Childrens parties & draw perhaps 20 or 30 sketches off the top of my head in no time.I`m Neil= Australia.

waynet profile image

waynet 6 years ago from Hull City United Kingdom Author

Hey there Akmed! so you're doing an art GCSE, I remember doing one of those all those years ago when I finished my last year of school and I got a C grade which looking back I could have done better....oh well I went on to get an A level in art and a GNVQ in art too.....

Nothing beats a good drawing practice though!!

akmed 6 years ago

same i suck at drewing but hay im doing a art gcse lol

tori 6 years ago

i am horrible at drawing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

waynet profile image

waynet 6 years ago from Hull City United Kingdom Author

Because they work at it and develop it!

pwner 6 years ago

how do people just draw so well when they are born with it

waynet profile image

waynet 7 years ago from Hull City United Kingdom Author

Er..cheers Barbara...can't work out what you're saying, but thanks for the comment anyway!

Barbara 7 years ago

its only decoration , joke

its not imagination of art / drawing/

Lex McDermott 7 years ago

Hi! I liked your article. I think with our powers combined we could do nationwide seminars lol.

waynet profile image

waynet 7 years ago from Hull City United Kingdom Author

Cheers RKHenry!

Art and drawing can be anything in the world it doesn't have to be perfect, I only try and relay ideas and inspirations as that to me seems far useful than telling people to draw this way and that.

Thanks for the comment!

RKHenry profile image

RKHenry 7 years ago from Your neighborhood museum

Don't you think that you have to have talent first? I think your hub has some great ideas. Lots of stetch pads for one is a great tip. I have an eye for art, but, that is where my artistic ability stops.

Very informative hub. Congrats on your front page view.

waynet profile image

waynet 7 years ago from Hull City United Kingdom Author

I've always been one for drawing stuff from my head, having a good imagination is the best thing about drawing for me! and the possibilities of focusing on your imagination is limitless.

Thanks for the comments Guys!

Research Analyst profile image

Research Analyst 7 years ago

Drawing is definitely from the creative side of the brain. Its amazing how some people are so good and are natural at art and they are talented while others need to learn from a class just to draw a straight line.

Isabella Snow profile image

Isabella Snow 7 years ago

Really wish I could draw from my imagination, or even from someone else's. ;-)

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