How To Make Hobbled Roman Shades

Making A Hobbled Roman Shade

Hobbled roman shades are roman shades that when completely down they have permanent folds... and when raised, the roman shades neatly pleat and stack.

Hobbled roman shades also provide a double layer of privacy and insulation. The folded fabric creates 2 layers... providing more light control... and making the roman shade less transparent.

When making hobbled roman shades, keep in mind that you will need twice as much fabric, plus a few extra supplies... which I'll go over in this lens.

The most important thing to keep in mind... learning How To Make Hobbled Roman Shades is easy!

Hobbled Roman Shades

How Much Fabric Will You Need to Make A Hobbled Roman Shade?

Rule of thumb: You will need twice the desired length of the roman shade for your fabric and lining... PLUS top and bottom seam allowances.

First: Measure the length of your window. Or better yet, install your dust board onto your wall or window. Now, measure from the top of the board to the windowsill.

To make this formula as easy as possible, we're going to assume that you are going to space your shade rings 7" apart. Why 7"? Because roman shade ring tape is made with the rings spaced 3", 5" and 7" apart. So, lets work with 7" in this example.

You need to know the number of pleats for your hobbled roman shade. Divide the finished length by 7. Round up to the next whole number. This is the number of permanent pleats you will have for your hobbled roman shade.

Cut Fabric Length = Finished Length + # of pleats + 6" for the bottom hem + the depth of the dust board

For example:
I want my hobbled roman shade to be 46" long
# of pleats = 46 / 7 = 6.5 = 7 pleats

Cut Fabric Length = 46 + 7 + 6" + 2 3/4" = 61 3/4"

I'll need to cut my fabric to 61 3/4" long to make my hobbled roman shade.

So How Many Yards of Fabric Do You Need?"

First, you need to know how wide you want your roman shade to be and then figure out how many widths of fabric it will take to get to that finished width.

Measure your window to help decide how wide you want your hobbled roman shade to be.

Divide the finished width by the width of your fabric. This is the number of fabric widths you'll need.

For example:
My hobbled roman shade will be 40" wide. My fabric is 54" wide. It will take less than 1 width of fabric to make my roman shade. So, I will use 1 for my fabric width.

Another example:
My hobbled roman shade will be 62" wide. My fabric is 54" wide.
# of fabric widths = 62 / 54 = 1.15 widths of fabric. So... I'll need to piece 1 fabric width with about 1/4 of another fabric width to get my fabric wide enough to make a 62" wide roman shade.

Now, we can calculate how many yards of fabric you'll need for your project.

Multiply the Cut Fabric Length by the # of fabric widths.
Then divide this number by 36"

For example:
Cut Fabric Length = 61 3/4"
# of fabric widths = 1.15

61.75 X 1.15 = 71"

# of yards = 71 / 36 = 1.97 ~ 2 yards of fabric

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Sally 5 years ago

If the fabric you are using to make your hobbled roman shade has a verticle repeat and your window is wider than your fabric (you need more than one width of fabric)

you have to allow additional fabric to match your pattern. You probably will have some waste.

andrea 5 years ago

this kind of leaves you "hanging" as we don't know what to do next with the correct L and the correct w. do we fold up from the bottom and then every # of inches fold the fabric into x on the fold, sew.....what?

Sue 5 years ago

We need hobbled roman shade for light darkening in bedroom.

Can we use regular lining since the fabric is doubled, or do

we need blackout lining? Is it best to sew lining to face fabric or can the lining be flat on the back?

donna 4 years ago

where do you find 7 in roman shade tape

Susan 4 years ago

I am confused about the length calculation for the 46 inch length. Shouldn't it read 46 + ( 7 x 7 ) + 6 + 2 3/4? If each fold is 7 inches, and there are 7 of them, wouldn't you need 49 inches of fabric for the folds alone? That would give you a total cut length of 106.75. As it reads now, there are only 13 inches for 7 hobbles.

linda 3 years ago

Am interested in your hobbled blinds, would like explanation on exactly how to make them , not quite sure why you would need twice as much fabric in length,how are the folds held in place,

look forward to your reply


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