How To Make Your Own Cute Personalized Soap


Soap for All

Soap is something everyone hygienic uses, and while it is very common to use hand sanitizer and liquid soaps nowadays, they can't come in your own personalized shapes, scents, colors, or designs! You can make your own cute, scented, and personalized soaps for use at home, decoration, gift baskets, gift bags, party favors, or even to sell. Boutique soaps can be overpriced, but so cute! So, now you can make your own and share them with family and friends.

What is Soap?

Soap is defined as a salt of a fatty acid. It's used for general cleaning purposes (washing, scrubbing, showering, etc.) These types of cleaning soaps are made by treating vegetable / animal oils and fats with a very alkaline solution. The byproduct of this is glycerol (glycerine), which is usually the main ingredient of your common bar of soap. Soaps works by allowing oils disperse in water and be washed away. You will most likely be working with glycerin when making your own soap. Glycerin is a moisturizer, used in many products (lotions, washes, etc.) other than soap.

What Do I Need?

You simply need:

  • A Cheap Glycerin Base - You can get this easily at any craft store (e.g.Michaels).
  • Heat Safe Mold - It can be any shape you desire, you can get fun complicated shapes at the craft store, or you can even just use a square pan.
  • Stove or Microwave - You are going to have to melt the glycerin in either the microwave or on the stove.


  • Soap Dye - Choose fun colors that you can mix or intertwine in your soap. You can get this at any craft store as well (e.g. Michaels)
  • Sparkles - Why not make sparkle soap? You can get this at any craft store.
  • Small Objects - You can drop small toys, flower petals, anything you desire into your soap.
  • Soap Scents - You can get apple, peach, pearberry, or any scent you wish and add it to your soap! You can get this at any craft store (e.g. Michaels)


  1. Cut off the amount of glycerin you will be needing for the amount of soap you will be making from the block of glycerin.
  2. Prepare your soap mold beforehand, then proceed to heat the soap in either a microwave safe dish (in the the microwave), or an old pan on the stove.
  3. Once the soap has liquified, quickly and carefully (it's hot!) pour it into your mold.
  4. The soap cools fast so beware, you should add the colors, sparkles, small objects, and scents you desire before it hardens.
  5. Once it has cooled remove from the mold and enjoy your new soap!


  • You can make polka-dots in the soap be dropping dye in small dots into the soap, or create colorful soap by dropping a few dots of color into the soap and swirling them around with a toothpick.
  • Soap can be messy if you spill it so leave a microwave safe placemat under the dish if microwaving.
  • Use this as a fun family project to do with your kids, or with friends !

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SEXYLADYDEE profile image

SEXYLADYDEE 4 years ago from Upstate NY

I have found it important to have a spray bottle filled with alcohol when making melt and pour soaps. It eliminates the bubbles. Just spray the soap after your pour it in the mold and before it sets. This is a great project to do with children over 8. There are so many great molds out there. Dee

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