How To Restore A Park Bench

 A lot of times when lawn furniture starts to age, and lose that new look. People decide its time to dispose of them.Maybe the paint is pealing, or maybe the wood has become dull and less appealing to the eye? What ever the reason may be it is not always necessary to throw these items away. In fact most can be restored to like new condition  with very little work involved. The park bench I will be restoring is a good example of this. I got it from a job site i was working on, the builder was sending it to the dump.As you can see from the photos weather had taken its toll on it. The paint was pealing and mildew had taken over.

The First Step

The first step is to find out if the wood can be saved. To do this you will need to strip the wood completely. There different ways to do this. You can sand the wood down, or you might use chemicals. For me the easiest way that I have found is to use a pressure washer. A pressure washer can easily strip off all the paint and mildew from the wood.And is the fastest way that I know of. Try to make sure that you get all the paint and mildew off of the wood. Once you have finished the pressure washing allow to dry. If it is a sunny day then place bench in direct sunlight. This will dry the wood out quickly. After the wood has dried inspect the wood for rot. The wood on this bench seems to be in good shape.

Disassemble The Bench

Each board is attached with bolts. If the bolts are badly rusted you may to break them off. Take a large straight head screwdriver, place it against the bolt and strike it with a hammer. Repeat this until the bolts break off. New bolts will only cost you about 15 cents apiece.

Add Your Stain

Before adding your stain decide if you want a smooth look to your wood, or a rough look. I'm going with the rough. But if you want it smooth , you can sand it down using 150 grit sandpaper.Use a dry brush to sweep away the dust. I'm applying one coat of Australlian Timber Oil Jarrah Brown. You may add a second coat if you like , but remember that with each coat applied the wood will become darker in color.

Now For The Metal

Check the metal parts of the bench. If the paint is pealing you will need to sand those spots smooth. Also sand out any rust that you find on the metal. After the metal is ready apply a primer coat. This will help the paint stick to the metal. Once the primer has dried apply two coats of outdoor spray paint. When stain and paint has fully dried, reassemble the bench.

Well I think things turned out pretty good. With the paint and stain materials for this job was about 20.00. And very little of it was used up. So the leftovers will be used for another project. Lawn furniture can be expensive ,so if your someone who enjoys doing things like this. Then you can save yourself a little money, by restoring instead of throwing it away. Well I hope this was useful to you. Have a nice Day!

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Peggy Ann 6 years ago

Exactly what I was looking for, thanks. I also appreciate the step-by-step instructions. Way to go!

Alexander Briggs 5 years ago

I will have to try that.

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