How to Change Colors of Yarn When Crocheting - Changing yarn colors - Crochet Pattern

Choosing Yarn for Your Project

When choosing a yarn for your project it's easy to be swayed by all the pretty colors and textures available. If you are an avid crocheter you know what works and what doesn't

Typically the instructions of the item you are making will inform you on what type of yarn to used based on the project. You may need a lighter weight yarn for some items while others may require something more heavy or thick.

Certain yarns like Angora or wool would be better for winter projects such as sweaters or hats while lighter softer yarns are great for baby projects like afghans and clothing.

One of the most important things to remember when purchasing yarn is to buy enough from the same dye lot to finish your project.

Changing the Yarn in a Project

Changing Yarn Colors

When creating a project that requires more than one yarn color there are different methods available in changing the yarn color. It all depends on how often you will be changing the yarn colors.

When crocheting a projects that require a large selection of one color you will want to cut away the old color after you have joined the new color. You can also do this for crochet projects that have large blocks or require you to change at the end of a row.

If you are changing colors every few stitches, you will want to run the color that you are not using behind the stitches. Use the same method if you're using multiple colors. Avoid ending colors too frequently when they're not in use but picked up soon after or you'll have a lumpy mess from all of the ends woven into the piece.

It can become messy if you are changing colors frequently in a piece and difficult to weave in the ends. Most beginners will want to tie the ends together in a not but this is not the best way to connect the yarns together. Weaving in the ends of the old and new colors together works best.

*Lay the new yarn along the top of the next few stitches in the previous row and crochet over it with the old yarn.
* Start the last stitch with the old yarn and pull the new yarn through for the final loop.
* Cut the old yarn, leaving about 4 inches of "tail. "
* Lay the "tail" along the top of the next few stitches and crochet over it with the new yarn.

If you are changing colors at the beginning of a row, be sure to make the new color the final loop in the last stitch of the old color. The color change will then be unobtrusive.

Leave the yarn ends loose until you have finished the project and then take a look at how well they are holding. Sometimes you can take a tapestry needle and weave the ends in for a few more inches, if the yarn or thread seems to call for it. Other times, you can clip them off if they seem well anchored.

Changing Colors in Crochet


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