How to Curl Curling Ribbon

Curling Ribbon ~ Great for Making any Present Special

A cascade of curling ribbon, whether tumbling down around the sides of a gift or forming a mass of tightly cropped curls on top, can turn a ordinary present into something Special.

It's inexpensive and available in a rainbow of colours and an array of finishes, enabling it to be matched to any colour scheme or theme, which means you can wrap using plain paper and dress the gift to any colour scheme using the curling ribbon, and of course you're not restricted to one colour.

Use a mix of ribbon colours to provide a dazzling display, the mix of colours can be equal or for a more dramatic effect use mainly with colour with just a couple of curls in another colour as highlights. Use a matt finish ribbon for one colour and a metallic finish for another and mix them together ~ the possibilities are endless.

How to Curl Curling Ribbon

 To curl the ribbon you need to pull one side over a sharpish edge i.e. a pair of scissors, a knife or even your nails (I use this method)

Cut a length of ribbon about 3 times longer than you want the end, curled ribbon to be.

Most ribbon is either identical on both sides or has a definite metallic or shiny side and a duller side. If the ribbon is identical on both sides it doesn't matter which side you use, but if it is metallic or shiny you need to use the dull side to curl the ribbon.

If using scissors or a knife hold the implement by the handle (never the blade) in your left hand with the sharp edge of the blade facing right, (this is if you're right handed ~ if you're left handed reverse the instructions).

In your right hand take one end of the curling ribbon and lay it against the sharp edge of the blade and use the thumb of your left hand to anchor it against the blade.

With your right hand firmly pull the curling ribbon under the thumb of your left hand and over the edge of the blade. Once the whole length of ribbon has run over the edge of the blade it should be nicely curled. If not, repeat the procedure until you have the level of curling you require.

If you're using your fingernails for this treat the thumb nail of your left hand as the edge of the blade and pull the curling ribbon between your thumb and forefinger.


Other Uses of Curling Ribbon

Use 2 colours of curling ribbon
Use 2 colours of curling ribbon
Use curling ribbon to decorate vases
Use curling ribbon to decorate vases

Other Uses for Curling Ribbon

 Of course curling ribbon has uses far beyond present wrapping. It can be used as decoration in it's own right. A mass of curling ribbon around the base of a vase of wedding flowers can be striking ~ or if you have an artificial flower display fill the vase with curls of ribbon, metallic ribbons work well for this at evening events as they catch the light.

Use it in arts and crafts projects for kids, yellow or gold ribbon can make great 'hair' or use green curling ribbon for grass, or blue for water.

You can also tie curling ribbon to the bottom of party balloons or to the handles of party bags for a bit of extra glitz, or add a couple of curls to a hairslide for a birthday girl ~ though this generally only works until they're about 6.

The main thing is, that whatever you use it for, you have fun and make the most of this versitile yet inexpensive decoration.

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