How to DIY to Redo an Old Vase

I am in love with this old vase now. What do you think? Beautiful Black Red Vase
I am in love with this old vase now. What do you think? Beautiful Black Red Vase

Help with Old Ugly Vases

I have a ton of old vases that I have some how let over populate just about every room in my house. I was really surprised at the amount of clear boring vases I have in just about every room in my humble abode. I am determined to redo, reuse & revamp these treasures in stead of just getting rid of them all together.

I don't know about you but I always end up getting flowers for different occasions. Now don't get me wrong I love flowers of all kinds. I am a real flower freak. I love any & all kinds but it is a dilemma as to what to do with the tons of empty vases I have sitting around after the beautiful fresh flowers have long since expired. I always end up just sticking them on a book shelf or in a window ledge never to be used or seen again.

Well today I was determined to find something to do with these extra vases. First of all how many clear vases can I use without it being overly boring right. I had them on every shelf I looked at so there is definitely no shortage of the needed main item. I went and searched for one I thought would work well with more than one color.

Old clear vase to a cute black & red vase
Old clear vase to a cute black & red vase

One very important thing you must know about me is I have very little patience when I say very little I mean basically none. Hah I know a lot of you are like, "what?" "I love to take my time with a project so it comes out perfectly!" Just to let you know full disclosure, I am totally not that kind of person.

I am the kind of fly by the seat of my pants and see what happens type of girl. I know what you are thinking and yes at time this philosophy goes terribly awry and doesn't work out. Yes at times it has been those types of failed creative attempts. For the most part the times I will write about will be the more successful ones out of fear of ridicule, embarrassment and total rejection. I shall for now keep my failures to myself. Until the day comes that I feel the need to enter one of those failed Pinterst thingys that it. For the most part though when this type of creativity does work out it can be beautiful magic!

Love the look from clear drab vase to red black fab. Drab to fab in just a few minutes
Love the look from clear drab vase to red black fab. Drab to fab in just a few minutes

How to DIY Revamp Old Vases

I found an old clear vase that had some texture to it. I did want to have a very rustic look so my objective was not for it to look new. I didn't want it to be a solid color I am more of a dark color person. I love red and black together usually in any form. I thought red and black would go well in my kitchen because I have a red and black coffee pot sitting there all alone and one red jar. My main objective was to match my decor because as I said I had like two items that had red and I wanted to make something else red. I like to have things rustic so I thought how can I make this look two toned and old at the same time. Here is what I came up with and how to make the vase.

What you will need:

1. clear vase or any color you want on the inside.

2. spray paint of your choice if you want to use two color pick two that you want to see and will make you happy to look at everyday.

3. Clear coat finish spray

4. Cloth to wipe off the vase during paint process

5. A well ventilated area to spray paint in

6. Drop cloth, newspaper or cardboard. Just something to keep the paint from your surface area under your vase that you don't want to get paint on.

7. Water to rinse your vase off

Step By Step

1. Rinse your vase well or wash it out depending on how dirty it may be. Mine had something sticky on the side of it so I had to give it a good scrub and then rinse it well.

2. Do not dry your vase. Leave the water drops on the vase.

3. Place your vase on your surface to paint it. Spray paint the inside of the vase first. I had a spot as you see that ran a bit. In the end you can't see this at all. I had to dump out some of the excess water so that is where the run look came in. I kinda like the look actually if I were going for a bright red I may have gave it another coat and stopped there. I wanted the darker look so I didn't stop with red.

4. Let the inside dry for a few minutes then lightly wipe out the remaining water drops. You will see it leaves behind a very cool pattern.

5. Make sure to either use a water spray bottle or rinse the outside of the vase so it has water droplets on it.

6. Spray paint the outside of your vase with your second color.

7. Let dry for a few minutes. Wipe away the water droplets on the outside.

8. Spray the out side with your clear finish coat spray. As you see mine is not shinny because I only sprayed one coat because I want mine to have a rustic flat look to it. If you want your shinny just spray a few more coats of clear finish spray on your vase.

That's it I hope you like this project as much as I did. I love my new vase and will be happy looking at it in my kitchen everyday now. Let me know what you think. I hope you try this project it was fun, quick and easy. Happy DIY-ing everyone.

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