How to Draw a Humpback Whale

What is a humpback whale?

A humpback whale is a species of baleen whale, meaning that it does not have teeth, This species of whale uses baleen plates to filter food from water. The humpback whale is distinguisable by its long pectoral fins. The adult humpback whale may grow from between 40-50 feet and it is found in all oceans of the world.

In this hub, I´m going to show you how to draw a humpback whale through the use of Macromedia Flash. The same technique for drawing a humpback whale on Macromedia can be used on a single piece of paper to draw the whale, as well.

Items Needed to Draw a Humpback Whale

  • Macromedia Flash
  • Pencil
  • Sheet of paper

How to Draw a Humpback Whale on Macromedia Flash?

Open Macromedia Flash and select new from the file menu. Enable the grid function by clicking on view > grid > show grid. Select the line tool and draw a straight slanted line across the stage.

Select the arrow tool and click and drag the edges of the line to transform it into a curve, which will be the back of the whale.

Drawing a Line
Drawing a Line | Source

With the line tool, draw two lines below the curve. One of them as big as the first line and the other slightly smaller. The bigger line along with the curved line will become the back of the whale and the smaller line will become the underside of the whale.

With the line tool, draw three small lines on the right side of the figure, which will later become the mouth of the whale.

Drawing Lines
Drawing Lines | Source

Using the arrow tool, click and drag on the edges of the lines to begin giving shape to the features of the whale.

You can draw lines across the curved lines and then click and drag on the curves to create stand still points along the curved lines. This will help you draw the necessary curves along the whale´s underside body.

Curves | Source

With the line tool, draw two small lines on the top side of the whale. these lines will give shape to the humpback whale´s dorsal fin. Draw two small triangles at the left end of the whale´s figure. These triangles will become the tail fin.

With the line tool, draw three small lines evenly spaced in the middle part of the whale´s figure. These lines will separate the whale´s upper body from the ventral grooves in its underside.

Fins | Source

At approximately 1/3 of the whale´s body, starting from its right side, draw a line of about 1/3 the whale´s body and between that line and the whale´s underside, draw a small triangle. These will become the pectoral fins.

Pectoral Fins
Pectoral Fins | Source

Select the oval tool and the white color from the fill color box to draw the whale´s eye. Select the paint bucket and a black color form the fill color box to paint the back of the whale.

All that is left is to give the final touches to the drawing. I used the pencil tool to draw the grooves on the lower body of the whale. To draw the tubercules on the whale´s mouth and pectoral fin, you can zoom in, then use the pencil tool. You can use the arrow tool to click and drag on the edges of the whale´s body that need to be reshaped. Your final drawing should look like the picture below.

Humpback Whale
Humpback Whale | Source


The same technique for drawing a Humpback Whale on Macromedia Flash can be used to draw a whale on a piece of paper. If you can, try to sketch your drawing first on a piece of paper, then open Macromedia Flash and draw the whale as I have showed you.

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