How to Draw a Real Car

If you are an avid drawer like me and you know that drawing takes patience and perseverance. I love drawing cars especially real cars they have a unique way of showing up on paper. You want to make sure that the shadows you draw look real, that the window tint is just right and the tires look like they just came out of American racing rims factory fresh and spotless. To create a real car on paper that looks like it is going to jump off the page and run down the highway take a like patience. But I will show you some tips on how you can create your own car to look like this.

4 tips on how to draw a Real Car

1. Contrast: one secret many professional artist will tell you is if you want something to look more three dimensional then use contrast. To achieve this in your car drawing make sure you use different thickness of pencils. Trying to adjust the contrast of the car picture is not going to work with only one hardness/thickness of the pencil you are using to draw. Use dark tones, mid tones and highlights when learning how to draw your car.

2. Shadows: Trying to create real life drawings require that you learn to draw more realistic drawings. Creating a bunch of lines on the ground or fuzziness is not going to help your car look real. You want to imitate a point of light that is somewhere off the page and accurately reflect this from the source. This will enable you to look at the lines you are forming and get realistic points across your line of sight. If you do the offsetting of your lines correctly it should reflect of every point of your car. You will have a growing realistic car developing before your eyes.

3. Grids: to help improve the accuracy of your drawings one thing that you can use is Grids. By using the cross sections of the grids that are available it will allow you to focus on just that portion of the car that you are currently working on. It will minimize the distractions that other portions that you might see out of the corner of your eye while drawing. It will also greatly assist you in looking at line ratios and proportions of the drawings so your car does not have a fat front end and a narrow back end it will stay better proportioned.

4. Patience: The greatest steps in drawing anything on paper do require patience. Utilizing patience can really pay off when drawing because you can fix your mistakes as they happen instead of when you are down several layers. If you do give up on drawing quickly because it looks bad you will never learn correctly. Then drawing that car you want to just fly out the window.

Taking the time to adjust and follow these steps without actually showing you is hard which is why I have included 2 different videos to kind of give you the idea of a fast draw. Then one that can help you learn by taking your time and you have a better drawn car take a look. But, most of all experiment and have fun with your drawings.

 Then of course for you folks that are to lazy or impatient you can also lear to draw a car instantly.. Watch the video :)

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Tracy711 7 years ago

This was a really cool huh. I loved the video that guy was like amazing. I couldn't do that with a computer. I can sketch but only with a pencil he's really amazing. Thank you for sharing it was entertaining and educational

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