Ideas to Make Your Own Feather Earrings


Feathers are all the rage right now in fashion and design. From feather earrings, to feather necklaces, to feather headbands and feather hair clips, to clothing designs using birds, feathers, and angelic wings with feathers intertwined within simple or complex designs, FEATHERS ARE EVERYWHERE!!

So, I decided to buy several packages of feathers at my local craft stores--Michaels and Hobby Lobby--and dove head-first into making not only feather jewelry, but also feather hair accessories. You may view my feather headbands here: Fashion Feather Headbands.

Tips Before You Get Started

If you're planning on making earrings and have never done so before (like me), I would suggest buying a basic jewelry making kit, so that you have a good foundation of supplies and tools to get you started. I didn't buy a kit, but at my local craft store I looked carefully at all the different items for sale in their jewelry making section and bought several different items--even the ones I had no idea what they were for. I also bought a jewelry making book. With the internet and You Tube, though, this isn't necessary, as there are plenty of free sites with free information out there to teach you everything you need to know.

Make them for you and your friends for the sheer enjoyment of creating! Or make them also as a craft to sell! I am making them because I love to create AND as a fund raiser to give to children in Costa Rica.

(Last year, several of my friends and family were able to give to buy a large family's children school supplies, school uniforms, and school shoes. I look forward to what we will be able to give next January, when we return to Costa Rica.)

Good Luck!

I hope these photos inspire you to make your own unique feather creations!

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SELL MY ART profile image

SELL MY ART 6 years ago from Ireland

love this hub, I saw some peacock earring the other day , just like the ones you show, and they where expensive, would love to have a go at making my own.

nicole.reilly profile image

nicole.reilly 6 years ago from Austin, TX

Love those earrings! I'll try to make one instead of buying it from stores. Nice hub!

Ty 6 years ago

Nice hub, good job on the wire wrapping. The earrings look amazing.

MyInfo411 profile image

MyInfo411 6 years ago Author

Thank you so much! And I appreciate you all stopping by this hub!

sidclark profile image

sidclark 6 years ago

That was awesome,my daughter saw this hub and she told me that she's going to follow your ideas to make her own earrings.

MyInfo411 profile image

MyInfo411 6 years ago Author

That's great, Sid. I'd love to see what she comes up with...

Jan 6 years ago

These are great. Where did you get the feathers?

caitlinfinley profile image

caitlinfinley 6 years ago from Ontario, Canada

I was also wondering that - Where would you find these feathers?

MyInfo411 profile image

MyInfo411 6 years ago Author

Caitlin, they can be purchased at any craft store... Michaels, Hobby Lobby, etc. And there will be a section for feathers but also look in the fake flower stems. Sometimes there are better feathers there.

phubbers profile image

phubbers 6 years ago from Philippines

I like all the earrings. Thanks for posting this. :)

tajul islam 6 years ago

nice sharge and great idea.

healthymiss profile image

healthymiss 6 years ago from Las Vegas

These are all really pretty. I think I'll have to try making some!

Bakki_Boo profile image

Bakki_Boo 5 years ago from Melbourne, Victoria

NICEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!! TY for putting this up! Im gunna have to try make some too I think! very inspirational! :)

Mw  5 years ago

Where did you purchase your feathers?

Tiffany robinson 5 years ago

I need ideas how to make feather errings & headbands.

diplorging profile image

diplorging 4 years ago from Serbia

Great pictures. I'm jealous on your craft abilities!

Amethystraven profile image

Amethystraven 4 years ago from California

Extremely creative ideas! I love making jewelry and other things. I find raven feathers everywhere I go, so I collect them and I've made two dream catchers and a mobile from some of them. I will use the smaller feathers to make earrings and hair clips. I love working with my hands. Great hub thank you for sharing.

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