How to Make a Tied Fleece Blanket

Homemade Fleece Baby Blanket Without Sewing

I can barely sew on a button, but I do like crafty stuff. This fleece blanket was easy to create and has a homemade touch without sewing. I made two of them as baby gifts for good friends. Fleece fabric is soft—perfect for baby gifts—and you can adjust the size to fit a crib or bed. Another plus about this project: It's very forgiving of minor mistakes!

Below is a complete "how to" guide. Read on and find comments from others who have made this blanket. Feel free to leave your own comment with any questions or tips!

A complete tied fleece blanket.
A complete tied fleece blanket.

What You Will Need

  1. Two pieces of fleece fabric
  2. Sharp scissors (they get really dull after this project)
  3. Tape
  4. Paper clips

Bed or Crib: How Long to Make Your Tied-Fleece Blanket

One of the most common questions I am asked about this project is how long to cut the fabric. My recommendation is to go to the fabric store and ask the attendant to cut the fleece to the dimensions you want.

• A normal twin blanket is 66 x 90 inches.

• A typical crib blanket is 45 by 60 inches.

Note: There are 36 inches in a yard.

Making the Tie-Fleece Blanket: Eight Easy Steps

1. Buy your fabric. You can buy it on Amazon (they have some great fabrics) or go to a fabric store like JoAnn's Fabric. Choose two for each blanket, one for each side. I prefer a pattern and a solid. The two fleeces should have the texture and thickness. Make sure neither is too thick, or it will be really difficult to cut.

2. If you go to a fabric store, ask the attendant to cut both pieces the same size. I chose to have each piece of fleece cut to one yard in the blankets pictured above. If you want a larger or smaller blanket, cut accordingly. I found the one-yard size was perfect.

3. At home, lay the fleece pieces down evenly on top of each other, and clip them together so they don't move.

After choosing two types of fleece and cutting them into equal pieces, clip two layers together with a paper clip.
After choosing two types of fleece and cutting them into equal pieces, clip two layers together with a paper clip.

4. Choose an edge to start with and fold the two layers up about an inch and a half. Use four or five pieces of tape to secure the fold. Make sure that your fold is even.

Fold the fabrics up about an inch and a half and tape along one side. Cut until you reach the top (solid green).
Fold the fabrics up about an inch and a half and tape along one side. Cut until you reach the top (solid green).

5. Begin cutting along the folded edge. Make your cuts about an inch apart and just past the end of the fold. Continue until you finish the entire side. Be sure to cut evenly.

Make one-inch cuts along the folded edge. Remove the tape.
Make one-inch cuts along the folded edge. Remove the tape.

6. Remove the tape and begin tying the two layers of fabric together. It's easy to miss a tie, so pay attention so you don't have to go back and re-tie.

7. Repeat these steps for the remaining three sides. The corners can be a bit tricky. Cut as you did the first side and cut off any corner ties that look awkward so that you have a right angle.

One complete, tied-off side.
One complete, tied-off side.

8. Tie a bow around the blanket and you have a great homemade baby gift!

The final product!
The final product!

Do you feel confident that you can make a tie blanket now? If not, leave a question in the comments.

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Questions or Comments? 330 comments

Kristen Howe profile image

Kristen Howe 15 months ago from Northeast Ohio

Robin, no wonder this hub is popular with comments. I love this crafty idea from you. It's so easy to do without having to sew for beginners. It can be used for any kind of blanket to fit your needs, indoors and outside.

Robin profile image

Robin 21 months ago from San Francisco Author

Thanks, Mary! I've heard of people cutting the corners and I'll definitely try it next time. I just bought fleece with SF Giants logo, so I'll be making another soon. :)

mary615 profile image

mary615 21 months ago from Florida

I just finished making two of these blankets for my new great grandchildren who are due just any time! One of my children made a throw for my couch using this method. I just love the warmth of the blanket on a chilly evening. I make mine just like your instructions except I cut out a three inch square on each corner. Fleece now comes in so many beautiful designs now.

Voted UP, etc. Will also Pin to my Crafts board.

Slavon Smartmil profile image

Slavon Smartmil 23 months ago from USA

I Have been trying to Print instructions for making a " NO SEW FLEECE BLANKET " I want to start my Xmas Presents soon. But I can not find a site that lets me print the instructions. Please Help !!!! _ - I live in Canada and I want to find instructions for free to print.

Robin profile image

Robin 2 years ago from San Francisco Author

Great idea, Betsy! I will have to try that! Thanks for sharing.

Betsy Segovia 2 years ago

I use an index card cut the size for corners and strips as a guide and it seems to be quicker and esier.

londonaccountants profile image

londonaccountants 2 years ago from London, UK

Brilliant hub! Love what you've created here!

ilikegames profile image

ilikegames 3 years ago from Australia

Wow this is amazing, can't believe you made that! I wish I had a more artistic side to me.

torrilynn profile image

torrilynn 3 years ago

making a fleece blanket is a fun and simple activity. I once made one for my mom. thanks for the hub. very informative. voted up and pinned.

Addison 4 years ago

Kailey- You knot two strips together twice

L a d y f a c e profile image

L a d y f a c e 4 years ago from Canada

I own a small sewing shop and can confirm, fleece indeed does dull scissors. I have one pair for cutting fleece, and my expensive pair I use for cutting other fabrics. Also, just in case anyone isn't aware - the quickest way to ruin your scissors is to use them to cut paper!


bethany 4 years ago

the things you need to make is scissors,ruler and just the fleece

Christina 5 years ago

Actually... the scissors don't become dull if you use fabric scissors. If you use regular scissors then yeah, and if you use fabric scissors on anything besides fabric, they'll become dull and won't be able to cut fabric anymore. I have some and they are zebra:3

Dona 5 years ago

Here is an interesting idea I can up with for using the salvage edges that are cut off on both pieces- I tie 3 strips together on top-braid the strips together, when you get down to the bottom,make a knot. When the blankets aren't used-fold and roll the blanket up like a sleeping bag, wrap the braid around it and tie it in a bow-easy for storing the blanket-it looks like a sleeping bag!

Kailey 5 years ago

How long doe it take? i want to make one today

Kathy 5 years ago

Hi Stacie, I made my first no sew blanket tonight for my great niece she 6 weeks old. my mom said I did a great job. I will tried to make one for her brother he is 10 years old. Thanks for all of the tips .

Pro 5 years ago

I like this idea but what if u don't have the same type of fabric

Melissa 5 years ago

How do I tie the ends together? Is it just a regular knot?

DaisyDuke 5 years ago

I'm planning on making a few of these for the blankets & bears project at my local police station. Thanks for the great instructions!

iJill143 5 years ago

kaitie, that's a really good idea. im going to try that today. thanks!

Kaitie 5 years ago

My friends and I tried this and found out that it's best to use about 6 feet of fabric, and cut 7 inch squares off the corners. I'm about 6 feet tall, and it's a good sized blanket for me.

Ashleyshumaker 5 years ago

On the corners. If u cut out a square off each corner when u are making your strips, it make cleaner corners

love 5 years ago

I am making two for my nephews so exited to start them tonight!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)

Ariel 5 years ago

These are really easy to make and very useful Iam making 4 of them for gifts this Christmas..

Also a useful tip: cut 5-10 strips and tie them, then contiue cutting strips stopping every 5-10 to tie again.

This helped me tie the strips that belonged to each other. Hope this helped :]

shelby 5 years ago

I just bought the fabric and i was wondering if i should wash the fabric before i make the blanket or after and will it shrink?

Robin profile image

Robin 5 years ago from San Francisco Author

Thanks for clarifying for Ashley, Nancy!

Nancy Caton 5 years ago


When I make these for a twin bed I use at least 2.5 yards of fleece

Alex Moore 5 years ago

Why do you need tape and paper clips??

I never use that stuff for mine...

lost 5 years ago

can i iron [pictures onto the fleece and they stay

profile image

welch1233 5 years ago

I have no little ones around so I use straight pins (5" above each length to hold the material together). I place the pins sideways along all sides 5" from edge, then I cut all sides in 4". I take pins out as I tie. This works great for me. I use approx. 36 pins and count them when the blanket is finished. If one is missing I search the blanket until it is found. I can not tie a blanket in 2 hours and I consider myself fast. I am also very picky about my knots!!! Ok, back to tying!!

Robin profile image

Robin 5 years ago from San Francisco Author

Thanks, Lynn! That is great advice for my readers. I really appreciate it!

Lynn 5 years ago

I make these for my sons and make them 3 yards long! They are both well over 6 ft and this helps keep them toasty.

Robin profile image

Robin 5 years ago from San Francisco Author

I just used regular fleece and haven't had any problems with pilling. Good luck!

needs help 5 years ago

I was wondering if you needed to use an anti-pill fleece? I found a blizzard fleece that I was wanting to use. Will it affect my final product? Thank you for your time and help!

Robin profile image

Robin 5 years ago from San Francisco Author

Melissa, I numbered the photos so you can visually see what I mean. Hope that helps!

melissa 5 years ago

I'm making one for my boyfriend, who's 6'1", so I decided to go with 2.5 yards. I never made one before and I just have one question. I don't understand step 4. please help?

Robin profile image

Robin 5 years ago from San Francisco Author

Lindsey, I have never done one side with silky fabric. I'm not sure it would line up correctly and tie well. You could try it on a very small blanket or piece and see if it works. Let us know; it would be really valuable to the community here! Thanks!

lindsay 5 years ago

hi i was wondering if i could do one side fleece and one a silky fabric? or would it not tie right?

Robin profile image

Robin 5 years ago from San Francisco Author

Hunter, since it's for your mom, you might want to make it slightly larger. Maybe a yard and a half would be the best. Good luck and let us know how it goes!

Robin profile image

Robin 5 years ago from San Francisco Author

Hunter and vballisfun, I used one yard and it is a good size blanket. When you get to the fabric store, pull out a yard of fabric and see if that size looks right. Remember you are cutting the edges and tying them off, so the actual blanket without the fringe will be slightly smaller. Good luck!

Hunter 5 years ago

Ok so if anyone has done one for an adult about how much material would you need. I am making one for my mom and this is very important gift. Please write a comment ;)

Gracias amigos

Vballisfun 5 years ago

Hi Robin,

I was thinking about making one of these for my self and I cant find the material i want. I want to find a cute pattern (i am 12) that has volleyballs on it....ive looked a lot of places. Plz help me find some. :) THANK U

bob 5 years ago

I had trouble at first but then I got used to it

Hunter 5 years ago

Me again,

since mine is for an adult about what size would you think it needs to be. I am a teen and really do not know the size it should be.

Hunter 5 years ago

Hi, I am making this as a Christmas gift for my mom. She will love it.

elsie 5 years ago

what kind of knot is best to use for a tied blanket? Won't a regular square knot sort of "stick out" on either side?

Ashley 5 years ago

How many yards should I get if I want it to be long enough for a twin size bed? 2 yards?

Katie 5 years ago

Im really looking for a great simple Christmas gift for my great grandmother! She loves homemade gifts because she thinks since its homemade she can hold thhe love with her! And I think this a great idea! Im not really sure how many yards to get for this she isn't real big but i want it to be a good size to cuddle with! Im just going to ask the atendent at Joanns or Michaels im sure they might know. GReat instructions on how to make them too! I saw a video on youtube of a lady making them but wasn't to specific. I haven't made mine yet but am pretty Christmas is right around the corner! I have made a sewn blanket already with my grandmom and my friend loved it! Im only 12 years old and really like this! Makes great birthday or holiday giftS! Thanks for the instruction!

erin 5 years ago

Would 1 yard be enough for a toddler and 2 yards enough for kids and teens?

cindy 5 years ago

I am going to make some of the blankets for my sisters and brother for christmas, would 2 yards be enough for each blanket

Crafts601 5 years ago

Hi! I was wondering what length you would have the blanket be so that it would cover all of/a little bit more than a 5'3" person?

Thanks so much for your help! God bless!

Robin profile image

Robin 5 years ago from San Francisco Author

Hi Kylie,

I think that is a great idea! You can always look at the fabric at the fabric store and see if it works, or you could make two blankets: one for you and one for him! Have fun!

Kylie 5 years ago

I am thinking of making a tie blanket for my boyfriend for Christmas. I was thinking of putting a design of his favorite football team on one side and then mine on the other side. Do you think that this will be too "busy" and not look good?

Miranda 5 years ago

what fabric do you recommend for a lighter blanket...I was thinking of making some for my nieces and nephews in Oklahoma but I don't want a heavy fabric...

Janice 5 years ago

I use a rotary cutter to make mine all the time. It works splendidly! Seems to make things move a lot faster than cutting! :)

Lynn 5 years ago

I think a rotary cutter would work fine based on my experience using scissors when I have made them.

ann 5 years ago

Can you use a rotory cutter for this project?

mmbb15 5 years ago

hey robbin, do you have a suggestion where to get the best fabric or the cheapest fabric?

Lala 5 years ago

Hi I'm eating to make many of these for Christmas I have to make them for a 10,13,12,20,18 how many yards should I do each oh and a baby Ive never did this but I heard there super easy and I have 2 so I don't know how many yards how many would you recommend?

ktrapp profile image

ktrapp 5 years ago from Illinois

These blankets are really fun to make and even better to use. They are so warm and wonderful for our Chicago winter nights when no matter what, there seems to be a chill in the air. My daughter and I have made quite a few of these tie blankets. And there are a lot of fun fabrics to choose from. For example my mother likes crossword puzzles so we made one with crossword puzzle fleece on one side and black on the other. I see people at high school football games with these no-sew fleece blankets made out of school colors all the time. If they are lucky they might even find a print on a fleece like their mascot (i.e. tiger stripes for the Tigers, or paw prints for the Bulldogs, etc.) Anyway, these are so fun and easy to make.

Rachel xx 5 years ago

I'm 12 and I'm going to make one of these for my one - year - old cousin for christmas :Dx

mckenzie 5 years ago

thanks for the help my grandme is going to love the blanket :)

Emcade 5 years ago

The idea to make a fleece blanket out of material of the Colts was a great one. I love sports and am always trying to find new ideas to show my team spirit. I do not always have the time to do crafts like this though. I did come across a great website that provides fleece blankets for those of us that do not have the time or energy to make one. has a vast selection so you can find a fleece blanket for your favorite team.

Andi 5 years ago

I was in the store getting material to make my first blanket and when I asked the difference between anti-pill and blizzard fleece a couple of customers recommended the blizzard as it wasn't as "stretchy". However, I noticed that on 2 sides as I was tying the knots the fabric stretched out more than on the other 2 sides. I assumed this was a "with/against the weave" issue. Is that common? Also, is there another type of fleece like fabric I can use? A friend has a blanket that someone made and gave to her mother and it seems different than the fleece we looked at? BTW - it was a very fast and easy project AND very forgiving if your measurements aren't exact.

Jenni 5 years ago

How much does the fabric normally cost to make one 2x2 blanket? I plan to make 5 blankets, but want to make sure it's not too expensive.

Jessica 5 years ago

I just recently made one out of Colts fabric as I'm a huge Colts fan. Several years ago, I made my first one with my Aunt; it was a Care Bears blanket and my cat loved it. He's now deceased and it was hard to see the blanket all the time so I decided to make another one and chose Colts. I'm getting ready to make two for my niece Audrey, who's due to be born in January.

HWirth28 5 years ago

These blankets are a great idea but there is one thing i am unsure of, or maybe i just missed it. How long should the slits be, I only know the width?

Jacob and his Dad 5 years ago

My 9yr old son and I are making one for my GF. The steps shown above made it simple enough for this bumbling BF to follow. ;) Great project!

My 11yr old niece made one for my 2yr old nephew as a B-day present, and used the same material to make a matching "lovie" (about the size of a hankerchief, with a stuffed animal head sewn on) Cute idea as he does NOTHING without his lovie. :)

Robin profile image

Robin 5 years ago from San Francisco Author

Great advice, Kathy! Thanks!

kathy collins 5 years ago

Don't forget to buy anti-pill material. I also found that when you make your first tie, do not make it tight. Make the second knot tight and there will be no puckering in the blanket. Don't forget on the 2x2 yard blankets to cut out 4x4 on each corner and do the knots on the corners first or you can run into big trouble-I did. LOL! Isn't this fun. I finished # 10 because that's how many grandchildren and I have together. We have so much fun! So does Grandma!

Robin profile image

Robin 5 years ago from San Francisco Author

Two knots is the best, Dawn! Hope it works out for you!

Dawn 5 years ago

Do you just use one knot to tie or a double knot. I found if i only tie once, it will come loose. Am i doing it incorrectly?

Abby 5 years ago

I received a blanket like this as a gift and I love it! I use it all the time to wrap up when I'm studying! I just purchased the materials to make the blanket as a gift too!

kaite 5 years ago

when making the blanket if you cut out about 3x3 inch squares of each corner it makes the corners perfectly rounded and a lot easier :)

karis holley 5 years ago

hi i was just wondering if i make my blanket in white can i tie-dye it??

Layla 5 years ago

This will be awesome gift for my friend

Matt 5 years ago

lovely hub, my wife would love the idea..

minime 5 years ago

can you wash it when you are done to get the marker off?

Hampers 5 years ago

What a great idea! You have some lovely items on your blog, I have really enjoyed going through them. Thank you :)

Kayla 5 years ago

I am 11 and I know how to do this! Thank you it show my parents how awesome I can be! :)

HRoger profile image

HRoger 5 years ago from Online where I can be!

Hi Robin, I just watched the video on Youtube that you guys uploaded and used this Hub as an examples. I just wanted to reuse Simone's expression and say : OMG! OMGWTFBBQ!!!!! Well Great Video! good information! Awesome Hub!

Robin profile image

Robin 6 years ago from San Francisco Author

Hi Nea, How about using the extra fabric for a pillow. You could buy stuffing at your fabric store and give a matching pillow and blanket as a gift. Cheers!

Nea 6 years ago

I LOVE making these blankets! I think I might even be addicted to making them. Haha. Whenever I make one I always have extra fabric (the clippings/trimmings) that I feel guilty throwing away. Do you know any good ideas for what I could do with these extra little pieces?

solange 6 years ago

hey im solange this is a great idea! where did you learn this craft?

Lori 6 years ago

Great directions,I made a decent sized one in 1 hour.A friend told me that fleece was expense in a fabric store so I saw some fleece blankets on sale for $5.00 each they made up beautifully,my nephews birthday is right around the corner and he will love his Winnie the Pooh tie blanket I'm sure. My 15 year old daughter can hardly wait to try one too.

alyssa 6 years ago

Sarah if you want to put a photo on the blanket you could try printing one from your computer to iron-on paper and then ironing the paper to the blanket. I've made a quilt with iron on pictures and it came out great, I've never used fleece before but it should work the same.

rachel 6 years ago

i made four blankets in one week. i made them for my mother daughter husband and myself. I use fleese. they are wonderful and very easy and relaxing to make

sarah 6 years ago

Do you know of a company that could transfer a photo to the material and you can make the blanket?

Linda 6 years ago

Our Optimist Club makes these three times a year and we give them to a local hospital with a pediatric cancer center. When a child is admitted they are given one of our blankets. We have received many wonderful comments and it is such a "feel good" project. Could not be easier.

Robin profile image

Robin 6 years ago from San Francisco Author

Hi Kathy,

I just tied regular knot, but a square knot would probably look nicer. Good luck!


Kathy Diethorn 6 years ago

I may be picky but how do you tie he knots? Regular or square or what.It seems tome that that would make a big dif. I am working on one right now.

Michele 6 years ago

I like how u explained this project I can't sew so.... I'm going to try this.

Marissa 6 years ago

Are these fleece blankets machine washable?

Kirstie  6 years ago

Thanks so much for these simple how to directions! :) I wanted to get something special for my boyfriend (for our one year), but thought about doing something crafty since I'm a crafty person but haven't used a sewing machine in like 4 years and this is perfect!

Melissa 6 years ago

Thanks so much. I have fabric and I'm ready to go. I'm going to be an aunt shortly and can't wait to give my neice a blanket when she is born.

hhelen profile image

hhelen 6 years ago

Great stuff, I was looking for tips on how to buy one and came across your hub.

cool 6 years ago

:D they r so soft

kk 6 years ago

I love making these. I am making one right now!! YAY

Georgann 6 years ago

Do I tie a single or double knot?

Lizah 6 years ago

I LOVE these!!!!!!!! I already have one and im in the process of making one now, these are the best blankets ever!!!!!!!!!:D

marisa 6 years ago

I really like how this explains it step by step, im making one fore my mom for christmas because she has always liked them, I knew sort of how to make them but was confused until i found this so thank you :)

SammB 6 years ago

i made 2 of these, your tips r great, wish i had the convenience of the tap and clips to hold it in place, instead i just cutt each side free hand, a bit messy and uneven but in the end aslong as u have the same number of cutts for both sides it doesn't matter. I love this! its so easy and so comfy! i made one for my baby and one for a friends baby who is due next week!

Sarahh 6 years ago

I don't understand why you fold it. Can someone explain it too me and send me why to my email at

Thanks so much

robin 6 years ago

i have a quistion, how do i make the ti blanket look like a cat???

robin 6 years ago


lucy 6 years ago

hay i am a little person and i made 1 of those blankets and i only used 1 yard

Gdawg 6 years ago

Are you making a blanket for a gnome? One yard is way too small.

horsegirl129 6 years ago

my 12 year old cousin made one for me and i love it.i made one and it is supper easy.(im only 9)

Ginny 6 years ago

Hi, I love the idea of these blankets. Last Christmas I got one of these from one of my friends, and this year I wanted to make one for her. I don't really understand what you meant in #4, so could you explain that a little more? Thanks!

Stephanie 6 years ago

I'm thinking od doing this for my bf for christmas. Do you know if there is a way I can put our names or initials on the blanket??

Gail 6 years ago

Hi Magic. I make these for adults all the time. I got 2 1/2 yards for my 6 foot tall husband. (It makes the blanket 4 feet wide and 7 feet long) He loves it. I have put iron on patches on them and I have used the computer to make iron on transfers that say "Made for you with love by Gail" I put it on the back in the corner. I also use spring loaded Fiskars Scissors. My hands don't get tired that way... in fact I just made one today because JoAnn's is having a fleece sale! woo hoo! Have fun.

Magic  6 years ago

I want to make one of these for my boyfriends birthday and I don't know what length to get the two pieces of fabric in! He's almost 6ft tall if that helps!?

HannahBeth 6 years ago

Jennifer - you wash them like you normally would. It doesn't take any special treatment. Just like normal.

Britt - Before you tie the edges, get a sewing machine that embroiders and stitch his number far enough up that when you cut the fabric to tie the edges, you won't cut the embroidery. I was going to do that for my cousin but the sewing machine I used didn't like the stitch - the thread kept getting tangled. But it should work if you know what you are doing.

HannahBeth 6 years ago

I like making tie blankets, but I cut out different colored fleeces, sew them together and tie the edges. It works great to match kids' rooms. I made one for my cousin, she's now 5 months old, and it's pink, blue, green and yellow on both sides and the edges tied. It's so cute. I use 1 foot tiles and sew them with minimal clearence on the edges and tie the very outside. My aunt loved it! And it matches her room perfectly!

Britt conley 6 years ago

alright, so i am making a fleece blanket for my boyfriend but i want to stitch in his number in the corner. how would i do that?

jennifer walling 6 years ago

How do you(can you) wash these?

Shirley 6 years ago

Are there any other types of knotts that can be used to tie the fabric together? Or in a different angle ?

DIYAVION 6 years ago


Robin profile image

Robin 6 years ago from San Francisco Author

Hi Kait,

If you could find the material, I think it could be done. You might want to try with a small blanket to see if it works. Let us know!

Kait 6 years ago

I wanted to make this for my little cousin. I was wondering if I could use fleece on one side a stretchy more smooth material. I thought it would be nice to have one side fuzzy and warm and one side more silky and smooth. I really like that idea and wanted to know if it could be done. Please reply. It needs to be done by November 20. Thanks

JR 6 years ago

i am thinking about making and selling these at a local craft fair. Has anyone done that? If so, how much did you sell a yard blanket for? how about a 2 yard blanket?

Need to raise quick cash.

laxer15 6 years ago

Wow!! these are so amazing. i decided to make a birthday blanket for my best friend and these directions were so easy and helpful! thank you sooo much!!

Emz 6 years ago

i am doing a pillow for my friendes b-day hahah she is 13

LT 6 years ago

How much fabric do you need for a 6 foot person?

Carol 6 years ago

I first saw one of these blankets 2 weeks ago while visiting friends in Mesa AZ. I am 'all thumbs' but do believe I can handle this project! Thanks

elizabeth 6 years ago

I am in an honors comp class and was told to do a demo speech...i chose these blankets and reading the comments and instructions were helpful!! thanks... i got a pillow version of these when i broke my collar bone and have made them at bday parties and a while ago we made them at scool to donate to a homeless shelter.. they're super soft ans really nice to give

Jamie 6 years ago

A lady I work with made me one of these as a Christmas gift and gave it to me at our work Christmas party. I am a big baseball fan and I love the milwaykee brewers, so she made me the cutest brewer blanket I just loved it so I am going to make some for my friends.

stacey 6 years ago

thank you for the how to...I made mine two yards one side greenbay packers the other minnesota vikings for my friend and her boyfriend...

theresa 6 years ago

Awesome instructions and feedback! I plan on making a bunch for new babies, and other gifts :) I was thinking a rotary cutter would be much easier, not for kids with out help but they are super sharp!

Choosing Bedspreads  6 years ago

For an adult blanket do you think you need 1 yard of fabric or 2 ?because I told you I am making one for my mom for Christmas withChristmas colors as a gift you can you use my idea if you want is it cool or what I hope you use it.

Robin profile image

Robin 6 years ago from San Francisco Author

I love the idea of a pillow; it's especially great for children! Thanks for all the comments!

Amy 6 years ago

i have also made a tie pillow. probably easier and more fun for younger kids-they would still need a little help-because it is smaller and takes less time

follow the same instructions for the blanket except before you tie the last side, put some stuffing in it :)

Taylor 6 years ago

This is a great idea....even I can do this...that's amazing because im so NOT creative!! LOL

SIna 6 years ago

i want to make one for my older siter who is about 5' 6".

i was just wondering how much fabric i would need to make one. i was thinking about 2 yards...?

Lys 6 years ago

I was just sleeping and i thought of a blanket like this because its cold in here and i was using two of these blankets great thermal blankies i suppose lol but anyway iwas like i love these blankets and i didn't know how to make one and i came on here and i was like wow i thought it was pretty easy im makin one and im gonaa give it to

my grandma,And one for my mom so i hope they all work out

Nanette Smith 6 years ago

I am having my first baby in sept and we are making a minnesota vikings fleece blanket but I don't want it to be this normal edge tie I want to be tied in bows.. My mother in law has seen it but not sure how to do it.. Is there anyone who can direct me to a web site on how to tie the edges into bows instead of just the knot?? If you could e-mail me at I would really appreciate it thank you =)

acc 6 years ago

I was clueless on how to make a blanket until I read this page. Thanks a lot.:)

Juliann Scarborough 6 years ago

Hi, I have been begging my parents to help me redo my whole room from pink to a light green. But we cant find any bedspread that goes with my paint so i went out and made my self a bed spread out of tie knot stuff!!!! And it is so warm and great all my friends are green with envy!!

Amber 6 years ago

My 6 year old daughter is going to make one of these for the new baby. This will get her involved and excited about the project. She will be the first one to make the baby anything.... especially since I am only 6 weeks along.

Beze1234 6 years ago

I think you can, Paige. Just cut the trips long enough! :)

paige 6 years ago

do you tie them in doudle knots?

kimberly 6 years ago

they also make great Christmas, and any other holiday gift as well and its such a fun gift because you can use any type of fleece you want :)

Bailey 6 years ago

Thanks for these tips!!! I am making a blanket for my brothers graduation and it is so fun. This really helped. Thanks!

adorababy profile image

adorababy 6 years ago from Syracuse, NY

Thanks for the easy instructions – I made a small one for a doll cradle so everything was minimized but darling! I did tie it differently by holding the cut strips together and looping them over and into a knot that looks like a man’s tie. Very cute!!

Keri 6 years ago

I ALWAYS use 3 yards of fabric for the kids love to snuggle up in their blankets while watching tv. The blankets are also large enough to allow them to cover their friend too.


that size even fits my 6'3" husband.

All of our blankets have been washed MANY times! I wash normally but use extra fabric softner. They are still soft and cuddly!!

I've made about 20 of these for family and friends...and people LOVE to get them as gifts!!

amber 6 years ago

how much fabric do i need to make a queen size blanket?

Lexi Cushing  6 years ago

Hay i haven't used this site yet but it looks really helpful!! I cant wait to make my tie blanket!! It has horses on it!!

patty 6 years ago

Hi! I made a one of these a while back for a friend and she loves it! now she's wanting to know how to wash it. anything special i need to know about washing it?

Iberkenbosch profile image

Iberkenbosch 6 years ago from Amsterdam, Netherlands

Really helpful article,because no one ever told about making a blanket for our sweet babies without sewing it,thanks for it.

josie 6 years ago

i really love tie blankets i mean i have like almost 100 thank's for the tips

*Jons*Girl* 6 years ago

Hey my boyfriends favorite color is blue. And my walmart has two different shades of blue fleece. So i am thinking i could maybe buy 2 yards of each shade and then make them into the blanket and give it to him as a gift you know. i dont know what he would think though. do you think he would like it?

Shea 7 years ago

I am making these for a hospital! they are turning out great so far! i hope the kids will love them!

Callie. 7 years ago

If you cut out the corners before you cut the notches, you won't have any problems with the corners. (:

samntha 7 years ago

i relly liked them but wht if i wnted to make one for my teenge dughter wt size do i need

Jessica 7 years ago

I used your easy instructions last night and made a blanket for my daughter. You can check out my blog for pictures of the finished product. Thanks!

Christin 7 years ago

As with all other fabric projects, you should wash the fabrics first so they don't bleed into each other or shrink differently. Also, I'm going to yarn-tie in the interior of the blanket so that the two layers don't separate and shift from each other. My son has ADHD and also "sensory integration" issues and these microfiber/fleece blankets are great for him.

Lindsey 7 years ago

I was just wondering if anyone knew if you could somehow use paint on this kind of fabric and it stays? My husband is deployed and I was going to make a blanket like this for him and then place our daughters hand prints all over it but I wasn't sure if some kind of paint would work. Any ideas?

volleyballstar13 7 years ago

we make these for our varsity senior day volleyball team all the time and give them to the senior girls as give aways...

Nicole 7 years ago

I made 25 of them last year for christmas for family and friends and every one loves them. I made one all most 3 years ago for my dad he use it all the time and he asked for a new one this year for christmas. Thay make wonderful gifts.

I have also coverd pilows with them. and they also make great gifts to.

Leslie 7 years ago

Not quite sure what you mean when you explain on #4. Can you help?

briana 7 years ago


Robin profile image

Robin 7 years ago from San Francisco Author

I guess that is true, Skater; although, I don't think it will pull apart unless you didn't stretch the fleece tight when tying it off. Hope it worked out for you!

Skater 7 years ago

Is there supposed to be space in the center of the blanket? So you can stretch it in the middle into two separate pieces? I am just wondering if that is normal.

Katie 7 years ago

Wow, this is the easiest way I have EVER seen to make a tie blanket, thank you SO much for these instructions!! I can't wait to start making them!

Abbs 7 years ago

Miller girl, yes you need to cut 3 in. squares in every corner.

Abbs 7 years ago

I am making 1... Thanks for the tips. They will come in handy when I am making mine. Can I use 3yrds. of fleece instead of 2yrds. of fleece?

April 7 years ago

If you cut a 4x4 inch square out of each corner it makes the corners look really nice. I've made hundreds of these. I love making them.

ppjmjb 7 years ago

hey thanks for the i am making on for my dad a chiefs one since that's his #1 team thanks again bye

Kaitley 7 years ago

funny you should say that im also 13 and im thinking of making one for my mom for christmas. Shes a big Mizzou fan and I was thinking about mizzou football fabric on one side. But i dont know if I should do black or gold?

stephanie  7 years ago

am am only 13 years old if i can make it, any one can. they are so easy and pretty

kim  7 years ago

can you use other fabrics not just fleese

miller girl  7 years ago

do you cut out 4 in. squares at every conner

miller girl 7 years ago

i love the idea of fleece blankets. Do you need a cirtain sissers

Priscilla 7 years ago

I am making this blanket for my husband who is deployed and we are putting my children's handprints on it with fabric paint. I am so excited to hear from him when he gets this for Christmas. I have also done this project with scarves for their grandparents and put handprints on it also. Just thought I would throw those ideas out there to anyone who wants to use them.

ashleigh 7 years ago

Hi. I started making a lanket like this, but i was completely confused when it came to the corners. How exactly am i supposed to do the corners?


tonyhubb profile image

tonyhubb 7 years ago

Great idea. Thanks for sharing!

Nayabb 7 years ago

I dont understand the fourth step.. Help please? Thanks:) much appreciated!

Becca 7 years ago

I am a sophomore in high school and we have a class called speech, and we are doing demonstration projects. Mine is the tie blanket, and I thought that your website was very helpful and a wonderful source for my project. (:

kayana 7 years ago

i am pregnant and wanted to complete something for my child... i did a baby fabric and tied three sides and had the top sewed loved it though

Robin profile image

Robin 7 years ago from San Francisco Author


It's all up to you on the size of the blanket. Go to the fabric store and have them lay out the fabric to see how big you want it to be. Good Luck!!

VivBounty profile image

VivBounty 7 years ago from Canada

Hey Robin, you inspired me to write one as my sister makes these for her post-stroke therapy to keep dexterity in her weak hand. and linked to this one.

Thank you so much for the inspiration.

Prosperous Blessings,


STEPHENI 7 years ago


meghan 7 years ago

i love the way u put this together

Arabella 7 years ago

I have a creative tip for you. you can use it or not just consider it. I made these blankets for soldiers in the army about 3 years ago and you left out something very important about the corners. when you lay the fabric on top of each other and clip it together, you have to cut a square on each corner. the square can be no bigger than a CD case. that way when you tie the corners they will be rounded and a whole lot easier than not cutting the corners

amanda 7 years ago

i used bobby pins instead of tape and it worked great, they slide off easier than the tape pealed off. thanks for your tip on cutting the corners out it worked out great. my first blanket took two hours, i was really pleased.

sherri 7 years ago

what would the demensions of one made with 2 yards be

tonedabs 7 years ago

Robin that is such a cool idea... I would never even try to sew a blanket but even I can do this... thanks so much

Jamela 7 years ago

Could you tell me or post something on how to do it with three different colors on the front

Nina 7 years ago

a tip with the corners is to cut out a square about 4" by 4" and cutting you're ties 4" long. that's what i've heard.

newmom 7 years ago

I was recently at a friend's baby shower and she got one fo these. This is what I heard from the lady who made it, About the knots: I heard using an overhand knot works the best. Also heard that you should tie evey other fringe on one side, then flip it over to tie the rest. It gives it a more even look. I'm planning on making a few of these for some friends who are having babies. I'm very excited!

Matt Bannister 7 years ago

How much would making one cost if you had to buy the materials?

Lisa 7 years ago

I have made my second blanket today - I love them but am having a hard time with the corners - they seem more like a fitted sheet - with gathering rather than lying flat....what am I dong wrong?

I do cut out the square from each side, and I pinned them together - the corners still pucker..... Thanks, Lisa

nikki 7 years ago

Has anyone made the blanket and used the wrong side of a solid color? It was hard to tell and I am almost done with the blanket - do I flip it and untie it or leave it? Any suggestions? THanks

anonymous 7 years ago

you can also do this for a pillow by putting regular cotton batting between the two sheets of flannel!!

aNoNyMoUs 7 years ago

I've done bLankets like this before but it is much more simpler and cuter than these :`(

Ericka 7 years ago

thank you my brother will love for his b-day

marie 7 years ago

A few ideas:

First off: Buy the fabric at 1.5 yds to begin with, and wash them each, before cutting. That way, you know how much shriknage will occur.

Second, if you have the ability to sew buttons, you can take this pattern one step further and make it into a cover for a comforter. Simply tie three of the ends off as directed, and instead of cutting and tying the fourth side, sew 4-5 equally spaced buttons along the edge of the fabric, and cut button holes that match up with the buttons.

This is a great, very easy, first time craft project. Nice work, Robin.

ACR 8 years ago

Sorry i met 9,14, and the oldest 19.I have a ?.Can u put the tie blankets in the wash?

ACR company 8 years ago

I am nine and i am making a tie blanket.The colors are green and pink.The instrution were awesome!

hasrul 8 years ago

thnx.... i think i ginna use this for show and tell act

love it.... easy to make and the material is easy to find

pitten's mom 8 years ago

Carrie, about the ties on only 3 sides, yes, that works especially well for crib size blankets. I just serge (or sew) the two lenges together on the top edge and go from there. That way there's no fringe in baby's face.

kim 8 years ago

how do you tie it?

coco 8 years ago

Hi what was the measurement?!?!?!

Clare 8 years ago

I cant tell anything from these pictures, what's folded, where or how???

Erica Jo 8 years ago

My sister-in-law, who is more like my sister, made me a love knot blanket for christmas. I am a big throw lover and this one is by far the best one i've had not to mention the specialist. I'll keep and love this blanket for the rest of my life.

Nikki 8 years ago

I work in a daycare and we had some girl scouts come in and do these with the kids. To make the corners easier, cut a 3x3 inch square out of each corner and then proceed as above:)

Debbie 8 years ago

A: Scroll up to Karen's comment about scissors. You may find her comment helpful.

Donna: Yes, they do pucker. That's part of the cuteness of them!

Sharon: No batting is needed. They are so cuddly-warm, it would be unnecessary. Batting would make it bulky and rather stiff.

My son is under treatment for leukemia and we received one of these lovely blankets, courtesy of someone who cares! It was delivered to him when he was in the hospital, and has been put to good use. I have often thrown it over my son, and occasionally, my daughter when they have fallen asleep in the car, and I have had to carry them in during cold or blustery weather. This winter the blanket has been crucial for extra warmth during the cold spells, and it's always our favorite blanket to grab when we are heading to the sofa to watch a movie. It has even been BACK to the hospital with my son when he was re-admitted. It is bright, cheerful and really a quite wonderful blanket!

(In case any-one is wondering how my little leukemia patient is, he's doing great! He is in Kindergarten and has missed only about 8 days of school this year, is reading everything he sees, has energy most of the time, and looks really good!

Ruggie 39: My heart goes out to you. I know about the treatments, and the hospital, and, so far, that is it. We are now in maintenance until August 2010. May God bless you with His peace in your situation.

Sharon 8 years ago

I was wonderng if you used any batting in the blanket you made lke with making a tie quilt it uses batting

Donna 8 years ago

I am new to making these blankets. I was just experimenting and I used reg. material. It kinda 'puckers'. The material doesn't lie flat. Is this just what material does or have I done something wrong? Maybe that is why most people usually use 'fleece'. Thank You

Claire 8 years ago

I live in Chicago and i'm making a sports blanket for my boyfriend. One side has the Bulls, the other side has the Bears!

Thanks for the awesome hub! :)

8 years ago

My scissors became dull after making just 1 of these great blankets. I use Fiskars fabric scissors. Am I doing something wrong or is this a common problem when cutting fleece?

alec 8 years ago

so what is the tape for? ~alec r.

8 years ago

This is really cool my friends madeone together and my mom gave one to me for christmas. I am making one today and I am soo happy!!!

I am only 12 years old. My friend is too and she has made like 6 already. They are really comfortable. Hopefully my mom can help me a little. Does Jo-Ann cut for you. Like the parts you tie together?



Reg Brittain profile image

Reg Brittain 8 years ago from South Burlington, VT, USA

Thank you for this helpful info. I think I could make one of these. And I'm a dude.



margaret 8 years ago

i made ine of these for my bf and he loved it!

Ann 8 years ago

Hi Robin! Thank you for this website!! I actually am still a bit confused by the directions but I figure I will ask someone at JoAnn Fabrics. I am actually going to make a blanket for my boyfriend, as a christmas present. He is a rather tall guy so I want it to be big so I'm not sure how big to make the blanket, he is 6'5", so pretty big haha.

I'm really not very crafty when it comes to clothing and material. I'm more of a scrap-booker. If you could message me on myspace (i gave you the link) and give me some suggestions on size of blanket and maybe appropriate colors for a 23 year old guy haha.

Thank you!

Sophie 8 years ago

im just like you terrible and sewing and things

and at my school we do a christmas gift exchange for 3 weeks and one week is making a craft or something so this is perfect!! thank you so much!!

Tanya 8 years ago

I saw one of these blankets in the local fabrics store and loved the idea. I was wondering whether I should wash the fleece before starting the project. Or, should I wash the blanket once it is ready? It will be a baby gift.

amber1234! 8 years ago

you are 11 how wonderful. i have been making these sinse i was 5 and i am 21 years, i just love ther and they are so comfy, they are also very good christmas gifts when you r 21 and dont have gobs of money.

Emma 8 years ago

I am going to try to make this... If KaiLyn can do it i can to... (I'm 11) thank you!

KaiLyn 8 years ago

Thank you so much! i bought the material to make this blanket a while ago but i wasn't sure how to make it. I made it for my mom so i had to do it alone, and it turned out great! im 12 years old and i was able to do it on my own. thank you SO much!

jennifer 8 years ago

I have more of a question. I was told that a company made tie blankets and had them trademarked so it is not ok to make them. I have been given them and also purchased them from other people. Somoen said the compnay was sueing people for selling them. Have you heard about this or do you think the person didn't understand what i was telling her about me selling her a tie blanket that she wanted.

KAREN  8 years ago



Carrie 8 years ago

I'd like to make one of these for a twin size bed, but am wondering if having the fringes at the top would be annoying to sleep with? Has anone made one say...a 4 yrd piece of fleece then doubled it over and only tied 3 sides? Would that work better for a bed-size blanket? I've never made one before, but by son wants a new blanket for his bed & I thought this would be a great way to give him a warm & cozy blanket without spending an arm & a leg.

MorgAn doweLL thE SCieNce gaL 8 years ago

thankk you sooo mucchh!!

DonnaCSmith profile image

DonnaCSmith 8 years ago from Central North Carolina

One of my riding students gave me one of these for Christmas. She did it with just one layer of fabric. I have had it several years, it washes great. It is small (one yard ) and I use it for my Jack Russell to sleep on. He loves it!

pcjunkychick profile image

pcjunkychick 8 years ago from OKC

I love it! Thanks so much!

Jessie 8 years ago

I really feel like odd man out.. I was told to tie these with square knots so the fabric lays flush.. when you look at the plain side you see the plain side of the fringe.. flip it and you see the pattern side with pattern fringe.. no one is showing how they are tying the knots which seem to be the key to the nicer blankets

Rhelena profile image

Rhelena 8 years ago

I love fleece and just might make one in the near future! Thanks so much!

Stacey 8 years ago

I made five of these blankets last year for Christmas. They are great. My 9 and 10 year old sons carry them all over the house. I just wanted to mention that the blanket will have a much more even shape if you cut out all four corners. Then you don't have to cut away unwanted pieces.

leclrm 8 years ago

Try using a rotary cutter to avoid ruining your scissors.

connie 8 years ago

I make these all the time. But if I do not cut a 2 and 1/2 inch square out of each corner before starting, the corners of the blanket do not lay flat and are not very neat. Have you done this before? It sure makes the blanket a lot neater.

starrkissed profile image

starrkissed 8 years ago from Arizona

i love these! my sister-in-law recently taught me how to make them. they're so cute.

profile image

dabblingmum 8 years ago

dollphyn, I love what you are doing for your mother. Wonder if you couldn't sell the blankets to keep her busy or donate them to worthy causes like women's shelters?

Great how-to by the way!

castlegurl 8 years ago

when you tie it together do tie it in a double knot??

SweetiePie profile image

SweetiePie 8 years ago from Southern California, USA

A fun and economical gift to make for family or friends. You can even make different blankets themed around the holidays and seasons as a cheap way to decorate and change up a child's room.

joanie 8 years ago

i was wondering if it would be possible to make one of these with only one piece of fabric? thanks a ton! I love your page

VAL cheer 8 years ago

i was wondering how do u no wat size to make the blanket? i was thinking about making a blanket because my basement is really cold and i live down there but how do u measure it?

Moonmaiden profile image

Moonmaiden 8 years ago from Lucerne Valley, CA

My goodness, there are so many comments, I couldn't wade through them all. I just wanted to say I saw a special ruler at Joanne's just for marking and cutting the fringe lines. It might be a worthy investment if you plan to make more than a couple of these.

angel 8 years ago

a handmade blanket like these are great for kids, and later as a keepsake!

nice job!

henry 8 years ago

it is really fun and easy to make i sleep with it every night!!!!

carolyn 8 years ago

we make the same blankets at church except we take a small(3inch block for baby) annd a 4 in for large ones and cut out of each cornor,it makes it easier to tie and looks better to.carolyn

ArtCantHurtU profile image

ArtCantHurtU 8 years ago

About 15 years ago when fleece just came out, I got a bunch of scraps at a fabric store, I make lap blanketsfor everyone fore xmas- I got cotton material and sewed around the edge and made a few lines down the middle to keep them toegether, sometimes I added fringe, but mostly I just left them as is.

my friends LOVED the blankets and I still use them to this day - every singe winter. these things have all been washed a million time, and they are in great shape.

I did the same thing for my bedspread - I love it, it is soft and snuggly and really great!

good post - fleece is the best material for throws

andrea rensink 8 years ago

Thanks so much for these instructions, my friends and I are making these blankets as a church project with our ladies group. We had so much fun shopping for the fabric and I know they will be a blessing to whoever we give them to.

seamus profile image

seamus 8 years ago

Thank you for these directions! I love the stripes in the blanket in your photos. My friend is having a baby soon, and I'm going to make her one of these. What fun!

CP 8 years ago

I have also used this technique to make pillows.

Robin profile image

Robin 8 years ago from San Francisco Author

Hi Lizz,

You can definitely wash them. I've washed mine a lot, but the color does fade a little bit.

Lizz 8 years ago

i just made one but how can i clean it i used a fuzzy kind of fleece and now its everywhere! can i put in safely in the washer?

annelise 8 years ago

Hi its me from along time ago i didn't make those blankets or scarves for christmas though but my cousins stole my idea and made tons of blankets this year so if i make them next year they will think that i stole their idea oh and by the way i didn't even tell them that i was going to make them but we did make a few for ourselfs i made one for me with tiedie ballarienas on it in pink and purple and those colors were light colors umm and the back was a light purple i picked the theme because i love to dance and my mom made a Noter Dame one !!!! GO NORTER DAME!!!!

LSM 8 years ago

What do yall think about using Poodle Fleece. (it took me forever to figure out it was called poodle fleece) I have a poodle fleece blanket I bought at Target about 2 years ago and I LOVE it. But.. so does all my friends and I have been trying to find blankets like this in stores all over for gifts and no luck. So I'm thinking about buying poodle fleece and regular fleece and doing a tie blanket. I wonder if it will work?!

MJ 8 years ago

Has anyone ever done one of these in a patchwork? I saw one on a passing baby stroller & should have asked the mother if I could get a closer look. I'm sure each fleece square was tied but it seems that would make it so bulky. Any ideas?

DiosaDeVida 8 years ago

This was a wonderful idea for a project. I did not know this was possible. Any other ideas. I tried making a net to hang from the wall for the kids stuffed animals. It did not come out too bad. But, I am sure there could have been an easier way

G-Ma Johnson profile image

G-Ma Johnson 9 years ago from NW in the land of the Free

wow what a response..But I have one I made ( of many) that I took two different kinds of fleece,,patterns I mean..One plain and one designed blanket stitched them together with yarn ( a bit harder then tying tho) and it is nice and warm and heavy. 

Also made some sweet small ones for newborns and later they are being used for their dollies.  You can also just cut fringe and do nothing else.

great reminder of the fun one can have with fleece  G-Ma :o)

Alyx Haque 9 years ago

I am making one of these for my boyfriend for Valentine's Day. I had the general idea on how to make them, but I wasn't sure how to do the corners. But when I found this site, my problem was solved. These are wonderful, thoughtful gifts to give someone. My boyfriend is going on a mission for his church for 2 years, and I wanted to make him something that he can take with him and remember me by when he uses it. I really think he is going to enjoy this! Thanks for the awesome step by step instructions Robin!

tierra 9 years ago

Thanks for the great directions! Its just in time for Valentine's Day and i was wondering how to make it! Thanks!!!

profile image

dollphyn 9 years ago

I just wanted to let you all know that I have a mother with demencia I care for. It has been very difficult to find things to keep her busy and at the same time give her a feeling of self worth. What I did with this project was everything up to the tieing. I left that part for her and she loved it. It was something simple for her to do and it was also something where she could see the finished product. We did a blanket with 2 yards of fleece. I have another one I need to cut and she will be working on the ties this weekend. This is a wonderful project. I think if we make one or 2 of these a month, they would be a great donation to a woman's shelter, homeless shelter, and as presents at the end of the year. Thanks again

seamus profile image

seamus 9 years ago

Thanks for this how to. I have a baby shower coming up, don't sew, want to make something handmade and think this will be perfect! I look forward to visiting the fabric shop.

profile image

Tiddledeewinks 9 years ago

The teen-agers in my church (including the boys and their men leaders) just made these for charity and they went very quickly. They made baby sized ones in different colors!

Kristi 9 years ago

Where can I see the scarves?

sharice 9 years ago

So, I made one of these for my son, and then turned around and made another for my daughter. Halfway through the making I realized that one side was fleece and the other I think is felt. It looks fine, though I have not washed it yet.. Any clue as to what may happen when I do wash it or how it may end up looking? Do you think it will end up shrinking on one side??

Carol 9 years ago

I just wanted to say how easy these things are to make, although I have never made one myself! My 8 year old son made one in about 3 hours the other night and he is SO PROUD of himself!!! I did cut the corners for him, although I am sure he could have done that himself as well. What I did to make it easy for him is I took a piece of paper and drew lines on it where to cut (1" apart, 5" deep). I then had him line the paper up with edge of the material and used a bacon press for a weight to hold it while he cut. We didn't even make sure the pieces of material were the same size! Just put the slightly smaller one on top and lined the "pattern" up with the edge of it. Looks great! BTW we used 2 yards of each, great size for him, may need more for an adult.

Leah 9 years ago

My boyfriend made me one of these for christmas and I want to make him one for valentines day. Your instructions are great but I am a little confused about the corners...I see some people are saying to cut out squares in each corner but what did you do to make sure it remained looking even?


Rae 9 years ago

I really want to make a cute baby blanket for my boyfriend's cousin. I was sort of confused on the type of tie or knot to make when tying off the strips. Are they just regular knots (i.e. a double knot on a shoelace) or are they something different? Its kind of hard to tell from the image, but I didn't want to tie the wrong type of knot. Also, concerning the corners; If one side is completed, and then the next side is begun, do you fold up the 1 1/2 inches on the new side including the tied strips from the previous side? It would seem that the already tied section from the first side would have to get folded into the next side. I didn't know if that would cause problems when cutting the strips on all the other sides. Thanks!

Kristen 9 years ago

OK Thanks so much! =)

Robin profile image

Robin 9 years ago from San Francisco Author


If you fold your sides up about an inch and a half and cut to the top of the fold, your strips should be about 3 inches long when unfolded and ready to tie. Good luck!


I didn't put any filling in between the fabrics; it's pretty plush with the fleece.


Thanks for reading! ;)

thooghun profile image

thooghun 9 years ago from Rome, Italy

These blankets look absolutely smashing! And the comments on this Hub are fantastic too!

Great Hub,


kristen 9 years ago

Should I put any kind of filling in between the two layers of frabic?

Jami 9 years ago

hey, im 11 and i was wondering how long each piece should be when you cut it.

profile image

Holiday65 9 years ago

Wanted to let you know I am making one for my teenage son. It looks easy. I will let you know more once it is done. I am working with 2yrds, and doing school colors. I hope that will be plenty.

Robin profile image

Robin 9 years ago from San Francisco Author


You do need two pieces of fabric. You can cut the one piece you have in half and make a smaller blanket or get another piece. I prefer two different patterns of fabric, but it's not a necessity. Good luck!

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mrush726 9 years ago from Waynesville

Thanks for the Idea. I didn't know making a blanket could be done so easily.

ashley 9 years ago

I got some fabric so I could make some. When I got the fabric I didn't know that you had to get 2 of them. Are you sure that you have to buy 2 blankets???

Lauren 9 years ago

I'm only 21 & I'm making my grandmother one for Christmas. I know she is going to love it! Thank you soo much for the easy directions, because I am not very crafty!

lilly 9 years ago

your daughter is really cute

shes gonna bee a buet when she grows up!

Vanessa 9 years ago

Well I made my first blanket, it turned out pretty good. The edges pull in a little, but it's not that big of a deal, if anybody's got any idea how to fix that let me know. How do you guys tie I've heard of different ways, but I don't know how to do them or which one is the best?

Vanessa 9 years ago

I am fixing to start making these blankets. Have seen them before and thought they were so cute. I need to make 4 before Christmas for gifts. I have got enough fabric for 7 though, because I bought OSU fabric and it's in panels. Do I cut into the design or try and make the length of the ties shorter to keep most of the design of the blanket intact.

Lisa 9 years ago

Lynelle you can make the ties as thick or as long as you like. I just made a few blankets with ties 2 inches across. Just be careful not to push the knots too far down because it can make the blanket pucker around the corners.

lynelle 9 years ago

okay just a few questions i am making this type of blanket for my sister for xmass and want it to be a throw do u think two yards is enough. would it be also possible to make the tie strips bigger and if so will it still look right. thanks for the good how to this will be my first one im doing so i hope it comes out right thank u

Liz 9 years ago


ive made a scarf similar to this before.. i sewed right down the middle then did the cutting up the side and the tied the knots; its very easy sewing up the middle on a sewing machine.. :]

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Robin 9 years ago from San Francisco Author


I'm so sorry for the loss of your son. My heart broke when I read your comment. Your blankets for the hospital sound like an amazing gift. I wish you and your family all the best.

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Robin 9 years ago from San Francisco Author

Hi Rose, I haven't done that before. Maybe the community has some ideas. You could cut the fleece scarf size, but the ties go all the way around which might not look that great with a scarf. Your scarves may need to be sewn on the sides and tied on the ends. Anyone have any thoughts?

rose 9 years ago

i would love to make fleece scarves as gifts would like to use 2 fleece materials for the scarves for the warmth any instructions on how to make this made the blankets would it be similar but smaller thanks so much

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Ruggie39 9 years ago

Hi, Thank you for this site/page. My son was diagnosed with cancer almost three years ago. While going through chemo treatments and such, he met and made many friends. He received one of thes tie fleece blankets, or as we were told they were called Prayer Blankets, and I have to tell you, it was the most precious gift he has ever received. It was sooooo beautiful. He loved it from the start, and took it to his treatments and when admitted to the hospital, had it with him also. It was soooo warm and cozy, and with it being a Prayer Blanket, he felt comfortable and safe with it on. He got many comments on how great a blanket it was and all. He just held that blanket to his heart really tightly. After he passed away, I passed it on to his sister. They really are beautiful. My daughter and I have already made two each, and have plans of making more, and donating them to the cancer treatment ward at the hospital he was treated at, that way each child there has something they can hang on to and say it's their's and feel a little love and warmth with them.

Again, thank you for the site. And yeah, the blankets are beautiful, and you can make them any size you want. Only thing is to remember is that the bigger you make them, the more cutting you have to do. The tieying isn't bad, but the cutting is, especially if you have arthuritis (sp) and/or carpal tunnel. Other than that, the are really nice as gifts, to lounge around with on a chilly night, or whatnog. My son felt soooo comfortable and at peace when he used his. Thanks again.

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Robin 9 years ago from San Francisco Author

Hi Mary,

I would ask at the fabric store if they have any recommendations. If you don't mind, let us know what they say.

Mary 9 years ago

My niece is really into making the fleece blankets. Do you know if there is any particular kind of scissors I could get her that will stay sharp after repeated use?

Sarah 9 years ago

The directions are so easy to follow. Thanks so much. The pictures were a great addition in showing exactly how to assemble the blanket. Thanks!!!!!

miller 9 years ago

Sure, I man could do this!! Do you have enuf patience to tie alot of knots??

exinco profile image

exinco 9 years ago from Malaysia

nice tips. step by step explanation. can a man do this.:)

Robin profile image

Robin 9 years ago from San Francisco Author

Thank you everyone for your comments!

Hi Kim,

I'm not quite sure what you don't understand. If you leave a more detailed comment on your problem, I'd love to help.

kim 9 years ago

hello ive been trying to make this for a week i cant figure out how to tie these knots at all ive tried everything if you can please help me figure this out thank you kim

Miller 9 years ago

these are so cool to make - I am making 7 of them this year for gifts and I am doing them in the 2 yd size - very ample for covering one or two in the bleachers or on a couch or bed!!

B.Watson 9 years ago

these are a great idea!!! my mom made one for me last year for christmas and i am making one this year for my husband. They are very soft and cuddly.

Volatto profile image

Volatto 9 years ago

HI, thanks for this tutorial. I just had a baby and would like to make something for him. Is this good for begginners like me?

blondie11 9 years ago

If you have never made a craft like this before is it pretty well easy?

soccerchick 9 years ago

I made a steeler blanket for each of my brothers and they turned out great! Thanks for the great idea!!! : ]

Colleen 9 years ago

for the coroners it helps to cut out a square on all the sides it makes it easier

randomperson 9 years ago

could you sew pictures on to it?

Renee Malcolm 9 years ago

I am making two of these for my girls for Christmas. We call them "Prayer Blankets" As you tie off each knot you say a prayer for the person your making it for. I think that's really neat!

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Robin 9 years ago from San Francisco Author

Hi Kristina,

They are safe to machine wash. They may shrink a little bit. Be sure to wash with like colors as they may bleed.

Kristina 9 years ago

hi... are these blankets safe to machine wash? thanks.

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Robin 9 years ago from San Francisco Author

Thanks for the comment, teeray. Let us know how it goes! ;)

teeray profile image

teeray 9 years ago from Canada

Awesome hub! I'm going to try these instructions. Something I have never heard of before and would never figure out for myself! Thank you so much for creating this hub!

milotyva 9 years ago

Annelise, my 10 year old daughter has made 2 of these by herself and they turned out beautiful.

Annelise 9 years ago


Kim Cantrell profile image

Kim Cantrell 9 years ago from Deep In The Pages of a Book

I think I'm going to give it a shot this weekend. How 'bout you? :)

Kim Cantrell profile image

Kim Cantrell 9 years ago from Deep In The Pages of a Book

Good luck to you too Annelise! :)

Annelise 9 years ago

LOL I am making Christmas blakets too and scarves. Good luck Kim!!

Kim Cantrell profile image

Kim Cantrell 9 years ago from Deep In The Pages of a Book

I LOVE it! I am always looking for new no-sew crafts, and this is sure to soon become one my favorites. :)Blankets for Christmas for everyone! lol

Robin profile image

Robin 9 years ago from San Francisco Author

Another great idea, Annelise. Thanks! ;)

Annelise 9 years ago

Do you like the idea of making scarves kind of like the blanket I do.I think making scarves and blankets out of fleece fabric is a great hobby

Robin profile image

Robin 9 years ago from San Francisco Author

Hi Annelise,

A Christmas blanket sounds wonderful. It is up to you on the size. I made one yard blankets, but two would work, too. Good luck!

Annelise 9 years ago

Never mind I am making lots of scarves for people and for my mom I am giving her a blanket and a scarf.

Annelise 9 years ago

Hi it is me for an adult blanket do you think you need 1 yard of fabric or 2 ?because I told you I am making one for my mom for Christmas withChristmas colors as a gift you can you use my idea if you want is it cool or what I hope you use it.

Robin profile image

Robin 9 years ago from San Francisco Author

Thanks, Earth Angel. ;)

Never thought of that, Lela! What a great idea. You can make them BIG for this too. Thanks for the comment!

Lela Davidson profile image

Lela Davidson 9 years ago from Bentonville, Arkansas

Love these. Older kids appreciate these in their school colors for snuggling up in at football games!

Earth Angel profile image

Earth Angel 9 years ago

You are a Jewel!! Blessings, Earth Angel!!

Robin profile image

Robin 9 years ago from San Francisco Author

Great idea. Thanks!

DeliverTheWord profile image

DeliverTheWord 9 years ago

What a unique Baby Shower Gift. To be passed down from first to last Child. Wow.

Robin profile image

Robin 9 years ago from San Francisco Author

Hi Annelise,

You should try it. I think you might need your dad's help with the cutting; be sure to use sharp scissors. Even my hands were cramping up after cutting for awhile. I hadn't thought of patches. I think that would work depending on how you would apply them to the blanket. Good luck!!! Your mom is lucky to have such a thoughtful daughter! ;)

Annelise 9 years ago

Hi its me I am really 9 years old I was just wondering if I could do this blanket for my mom that's why I asked you what age would be able to do this blanket.Do you think I really can do this blanket?I think my mom will love this do you think so?If I can not cut through the fabric I could get help from my dad.Could you put paches on these blankets??

Robin profile image

Robin 9 years ago from San Francisco Author

Hi Annelise,

I think older kids can definitely do this project. Younger kids could do the project with adult help. The hardest part is the cutting of the fabric; the cuts need to be pretty accurate and it takes a bit of hand strength. I think it would be a great project to do with your child. A caregiver could do the cutting and a child can tie it off. Thanks for the comment and good luck with your blanket for your mom! ;)

Annelise 9 years ago

I love making blankets like these there good for gifts.In fact I am making one for my mom.Do you think kids could do this project?If so what age would you think?

Robin profile image

Robin 9 years ago from San Francisco Author

Thanks for the comment, Stacie. Hemming would be a problem for me. The whole point of this blanket is the absence of a needle and thread! ;)

Stacie Naczelnik profile image

Stacie Naczelnik 9 years ago from Seattle

I've only used the fleece. I can't think of another fabric that would work as well. Like Robin said, the fleece is great because it is stretchy. I feel that other materials might need to be hemmed to avoid unraveling.

Robin profile image

Robin 9 years ago from San Francisco Author

I guess that the tie blanket is a type of no sew blanket. There are other blankets that don't require a needle and thread, but this one was so simple. I haven't used other fabrics. The great thing about fleece is it's a bit stretchy and a nice thickness so the knots don't come undone or rip. Anyone else use a different type of fabric? Thanks, Paul. ;)

Paul Edmondson profile image

Paul Edmondson 9 years ago from Burlingame, CA

What's the difference between a tie blanket and a no sew blanket? Or is it the same thing. Also, with fabrics, can you use other types of fabric besides fleece?

Robin profile image

Robin 9 years ago from San Francisco Author

Thanks, Guru-C. I appreciate the comment! ;)

Guru-C profile image

Guru-C 9 years ago

Really pretty hub, too!

Robin profile image

Robin 9 years ago from San Francisco Author

Thanks, Stacie! I think my friends really liked them.

Stacie Naczelnik profile image

Stacie Naczelnik 9 years ago from Seattle

These really are easy, comfy gifts to make for people. Nice "how to" for these blankets.

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