How to Make a Crocheted Pansy

Pretty Crocheted Pansy

Photo: Crocheted Pansy in Blue, Yellow and Variegated Cotton
Photo: Crocheted Pansy in Blue, Yellow and Variegated Cotton | Source

Three Main Stitches to Fashion Pansies

Pansies are a delicate looking flower and, as such, make a good subject for fine crochet.

An experienced crocheter has probably already mastered the crochet stitches needed to fashion this crocheted pansy but it is still "doable" even for the inexperienced. I've included videos, which can help make the process easier.

This pattern calls for three main stitches:

  • double crochet
  • treble crochet
  • double, treble crochet

Each pansy is worked separately and can be made using finer or thicker crochet cotton in plain or variegated colors. Hook size is .75. A finer cotton will produce a delicate-looking pansy; a slightly thicker cotton will produce pansies that are slightly more solid.

You can use this basic pattern and if you want to get creative, try adding your ownideas to make your pansies unique.

Some crocheters like to place a bead in the center of their pansies, others place beads along the bottom three solid sections. Beads can make pansies look truly special.

Pretty Variegated Pansies Worked in Thicker Cotton

Photo: Crocheted Pansies
Photo: Crocheted Pansies | Source

As can be seen in the photo above, I worked the two pansies in a slightly thicker cotton. These would be suitable added to a tablecloth and would withstand wear. They could also be used to adorn crocheted baskets, hats, jeans, purses, you name it.

I like the look of the variegated cotton for pansies because the flowers themselves often display a range of color. But they are also pretty worked in solid colors. It can be fun blending both variegated and solid colors and seeing the effect.

Some of these stitches may seem a little trickier but they are easy to do when you practice them a time or two.

The advantage of these more complex stitches is that they produce a much taller stitch, which means your pansies take shape quickly.

Crochet Pansy Key

  • YO = yarn over hook
  • SS = slip stitch
  • CH = chain stitch
  • DC (double crochet) = YO, through stitches, YO, back through stitches; YO, through 2 loops (twice)
  • TC (treble crochet) = YO twice, through stitches,YO, back through stitches; YO, through 2 loops (three times)
  • DT (double, treble) = YO three times, through stitches, YO, back through stitches; YO, through 2 loops (four times)

How to Make a Crocheted Pansy

  1. Chain 6. Join with a slip stitch to form a ring
  2. Chain 3 (first DC), 2 DC into ring, chain 7, repeat four more times, join with SS in top of first chain 3 of first set of 3 DC's. You will have 5 loops and five groups of 3 DC.
  3. SC twice in tops of the remaining two DC's in first cluster.
  4. In loop: 2 DC, 8 TC, 2 DC , 3 SC in tops of 3 DC's; 2 DC, 8 TC, 2 DC.
  5. Ch 1, DT, Ch 1, repeat until you have 8 DT.
  6. Ch 1 (across the 3 DC's and work eight more DT with Ch1 in between each DT.
  7. Ch 1
  8. 2 DC, 8 TC, 2 DC in next loop. SS to fasten off.

Frill: 16 loops. Join before DT's. Start in span that connects DC's and DT's. Join, 3 Ch, SC in first span, Ch 3, SC, continue until you've created 16 loops over all the dT stitiches. Work final SC in next span between DT's and DC's.

Pretty as a Picture

Photo: Crochet Pansies
Photo: Crochet Pansies | Source

Treble Crochet Tutorial

Uses for Crocheted Pansies

  • Pansies as Shelf Edging: why not create pansies then join them together to produce a pretty edging? What a novel way to line shelf edges in a china cabinet. Because of the shape of each pansy, when these are joined at the sides, this creates a natural scalloped edge.
  • Use Pansies to Trim Finished Work: pansies can be used to trim doilies, dresser scarves or tablecloths.
  • Pansy Runners: to fashion a runner made completely from pansies, determine desired length of runner by laying out pansies side by side. Join together at sides. Once pansies form a horizontal row, add pansies upwards (on the vertical) to desired height of runner.
  • Use Pansies to Decorate Hats, Collars, Purses or Jeans: pansies worked in heavier cotton can also be used to add decorative touches to crocheted hats, scarves, vests and sweaters or to dress up bags and totes.

Double, Treble Tutorial

Tips for Making Crochet Pansies

Try to keep your work tight, which makes for better looking pansies. Loosely woven pansies do not look as realistic.

  • Use a .75 crochet hook
  • Use a magnifying mirror if you have trouble seeing work
  • If your pansies still turn out looser than desired, place in hot water to shrink them, then place them in a sock and put in the dryer. This will to tighten them up for neater looking flowers.

While normally I never recommend drying crocheted work because of the risk of shrinking or tearing, this is one case where this might actually lead to a better-looking finished product.

Using a tea towel to prevent scorching, press dried pansies, pulling on fringe loops to shape.

Make a Bunch of These Pretties

Crocheted pansies takes minutes to complete and add delicate beauty to fancy work.

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