How to Make a Cute Bunny Costume and Bunny Hat

Why buy costumes when you can make them cuter and more meaningful than anything found in a store? Here is a pattern I used to make a cute bunny costume and bunny hat for a toddler. This is a great project to make a bunny Halloween costume, an Easter bunny costume, or a costume for a play. It could easily be modified to make all kinds of animal costumes just by changing the colors of the fabric and the pattern of the hat.


Bunny outfit:

  • Matching sweatshirt and pants- I used an oversized sweatshirt because I thought the baggy body looked cuter. I chose dark gray as my bunny’s color.
  • White fuzzy fur- Just enough for a belly, tail, and trim
  • Batting, or white socks, or towel- Something to roll up into a ball for a bunny tail
  • White thread- to baste the trim onto the sweatshirt

Bunny hat:

  • Gray fleece- A ½ a yard at most.
  • Pink fleece or white fuzzy fur- Just enough to make the inside of the bunny ears.
  • Matching thread
  • Sewing machine
  • Batting or foam (optional)- to add shape to the ears


About $15. The main cost was the sweatshirt and pants, but I can reuse these.


Moderate- but I’ve never sewn before.

Length of time:

It took me a few days, but most of that time was spent figuring out how to work the sewing machine.

A Russ teddy bear wearing the final hat.
A Russ teddy bear wearing the final hat.


How to make a bunny hat (or any kind of animal hat):

Modify the colors and ears to make all kinds of animal hats. For example, use brown fleece and make shorter ears for a puppy hat.

  • Using a sweatshirt with a hood that fits your child, trace the hood onto a piece of newspaper or paper. This will be your pattern for the hat. Add a 1 ½ to 2 inches for a seam allowance. I only added one inch and the hat is a little too small. Also, I used a hood with a fairly straight cut, but I might like a more curved line around the face.
  • Use the pattern to cut four pieces out of the gray fleece. The hat has two layers- an inside and an outside layer, so you’ll need two sets (a total of four pieces). Just fold the fabric in half, pin the pattern down, and cut around the pattern. Do this twice to get two sets. I initially tried to make the hat with one layer, but there wasn’t enough weight to it; two layers are just right.
  • Pin the pieces together with the right side facing in. Sew along the back curve. You should have two sets that are sewn together along the back curve.
  • Select one set that will be the outside of the hat. This is the one that the ears will attach to.
  • Draw a pattern for the bunny ears onto newspaper. I made long floppy bunny ears, but they can be any shape and size. Cut out four pieces- two pieces for the outer ears and two for the inner ears. I chose pink fleece for the inner ears, but the white fuzzy fur would be cute too.
  • Pin an inner ear together with an outer ear, right side facing in. Sew around all edges except the bottom. Turn the ears out. At this point, you can stuff the ears with batting or foam for shape. I left the ears floppy without any batting. If you want the ears to stand up straight, you will need to bend some wire to shape and insert it into the ears.
  • Take the hat piece that you set aside for the outer layer. You need to attach the ears to this outer piece. You can either cut slits into the fabric or you can fold the fabric into a pleat in which the ears will sit. I cut slits and inserted the ears. I folded the ears lengthwise where they attach to give them more body. Look at a stuffed animal to see how they folded the ears to give them more shape. I had to hand-sew the ears on because it was too thick for the sewing machine. Make sure you sew the ears on nice and snug because kids will tug at the ears and you don’t want them to rip off.
  • Pin the two hat pieces together, right sides (and ears) facing in. Sew the two together all along the edges. Leave an opening a few inches wide to turn the hat right side out. You’ll need to stitch around the edges to keep the inner and outer layer together.

Improving the bunny hat:

In retrospect, I completely overestimated my toddler’s ability to wear a hat. If your child is like mine and likes to rip hats off their heads, you’ll need a way to fasten the hat down. I think adding extensions or flaps to the bottom of the hat pattern would be a good way to add some Velcro, snaps, or a tie.

How to make the bunny outfit:

  • Get matching gray sweatpants and sweatshirt.
  • Draw a pattern for a belly on newspaper. Cut the belly out of white fuzzy fur. If you want to use the sweatshirt again, just baste the fur onto the shirt. Otherwise you could glue it or sew it on.
  • I used two white socks rolled together to make a round tail. I covered the socks with white fuzzy fur and used a few stitches to tack it onto the sweatshirt. You could also get some batting to make a puffy ball and cover that with fur.

I am a brand new sewer, so I know there’s room for improvement in the pattern. I hope this project sparks some ideas for other animal costumes, feel free to share.

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i  5 years ago

This is soooooo cute! I'm probably going to try to make this soon! Thanks for posting it!

Mitch-Bunny Girl 5 years ago

We are having a costume party soon and I'm planning to wear a bunny costume. This bunny hat would be really nice. Thanks for sharing!

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