How to Make a Dinosaur Diorama

Dinosaur Diorama

this diorama was done by my 5 year old daughter and myself we had a blast.
this diorama was done by my 5 year old daughter and myself we had a blast.
This diorama was created by my oldest daughter who is 26 years old and claims to have no artistic talent.
This diorama was created by my oldest daughter who is 26 years old and claims to have no artistic talent.

A Fun Craft For Kids

 Making a dinosaur diorama can be a fun and educational project for you and your children. Some people may call it a dinosaur shadow box, either way it allows quality time for you and your children. You can do this project as part of your home-school dinosaur study or just for fun.

Supplies needed

box, construction paper, markers, crayons, coloring pencils, glue, glitter, glitter glue, glue stick, scissors, dinosaur and plant figures, card stock, printer, cotton balls.

For a box you can use a shoebox or we used a postal shipping box. We chose to use markers because the colors are more vibrant than crayons or pencils.

First gather your supplies, you can find your dinosaurs online, many educational websites have quite the selection or use figures from your favorite coloring book, copy them onto the card stock.

prepare your background. We used blue construction paper for the sky and green for grass and mountains. We made a volcano and used red and gold glitter glue for the lava. I would have preferred to use orange but we were unable to find it.

Use cotton balls to make clouds if desired.

While your glue is drying from your background color and cut out your dinosaurs and plant life. Don't worry about colors, because no one really knows what color the dinosaurs really were. We did them bright and multi colored for eye appeal for the kids.

We made a watering hole out of blue construction paper and silver and blue glitter.

We made one three dimensional tree out of green construction paper, to give our diorama depth.

Before gluing your dinosaurs in place, put them in the box and arrange and rearrange until you obtain your desired look. Using triangle shaped card stock tabs to make supports to stand your dinosaurs with. To sides of your triangle should have folding tabs to glue one to the dinosaur and one to the base/ground of the diorama.

We decided at the last minute to go outside and gather some stones and rocks to use as boulders.

Glue everything in place and allow to dry. The result a beautiful dispaly for you and your children to enjoy.

This diorama project can be done with any subject matter. If you have a little girl the likes the disney princesses, you could do this with her favorite princess using coloring books to obtain your figures from. Or you could do them all. Or if your son has a thing for Thomas the train just think how much fun he would have doing and making this project. Its a wonderful thing to see your child take pride in their work and see the sence of accomplishment on their faces.

What a great way to spend the day!


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yyn1221 profile image

yyn1221 6 years ago from China

This is a really good idea, I'm going to share this with my colleagues. Thanks.

jeges 6 years ago

nice shere.

it remind me when i was a child..

Cross stitch 5 years ago

I love your idea, this is so cool!

Nurfninja profile image

Nurfninja 5 years ago from Earth

That diorama looks very professional, well done!!

Rony15 5 years ago

I am a science teacher and love your creativitys. My students will love doing this project. THANKS :)

Monica 2 years ago

Really nice shadow box ! Thanks for sharing. Will use this idea for my son's school project.

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