How to Properly Frame Artwork

When you buy a beautiful painting, photograph or other piece of art, you may not initially think about what type of frame it will need. But to display a piece of artwork properly, chances are you'll need a frame in which to hang it.

How to Choose Your Frame

Art framing may seem simple but can be a bit more involved than you may think. That doesn't mean you should shy away from it or that it's difficult – it isn't. But it does require some time to consider your options as well as examining your piece of art. Every photograph, painting, lithograph, poster or other piece of wall art has its own personality and its own set of needs. Some pieces need the definitive borders of a proud and richly accented frame. Others need a minimalism approach, with barely any frame.

Begin by stripping your piece of art down to nothing – remove any matting or original frame and consider the piece on its own. Take a piece of black cloth or paper and begin sliding it along the back so that the edge comes out of each side. Play with different thicknesses in order to gauge how wide your frame will need to be. Position the black paper or fabric at several different widths and consider how it accents or detracts from the piece.

Once you have an idea of how thick you want your frame to be, you can begin to consider colors and accents. The easiest way to do this is to hold the artwork against various piece of frame molding. This can be done at most craft stores or even by visiting your local hardware store. Wall and home molding is often similar to various frame moldings and, in some cases, they can be interchangeable.

Getting it Done Right

Having a piece of artwork framed is an art form in and of itself. There are several methods which help collectors to frame their own work successfully and indeed many craft stores now offer both professional framing services and do it yourself workshops. Framing is about more than simply sliding some artwork into the back of a frame, though. First time framers should at the very least participate in a professional workshop to help them understand how matting, glass options and the frame itself should be chosen and used. But you can also simply go to any professional framing store or service provider with your notes about the thickness you want as well as any color or embellished molding you've chosen and then discuss what you want and what their professional opinion is. Ultimately, you have to live with the artwork – and the frame – so while you should consider the advice of a professional, the choice is ultimately yours.

A frame can help to accent a piece of art and it can also detract from its beauty. Choosing a frame involves deciding on the thickness of the frame as well as the style and color. Collectors should always try to incorporate their own taste when choosing their frames but consulting with a professional can bring newer options and tips on the best way to display your artwork.

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forbcrin profile image

forbcrin 3 years ago from Michigan

I love taking pictures, and I may say that I am good at it. However when it comes down to framing I let a person in the business do it for me. I can say when the framing is done, if it is what I wanted or not, but very few times I had to change what a professional did.

Better Yourself profile image

Better Yourself 3 years ago from North Carolina Author

Its' definitely worth having the framing done right to showcase your pictures! Thanks forbcrin for stopping by and taking the time!

Zead 3 years ago

just let it go. Number 12 was a bit of an adventure, I puelld it about 2 boards left of target and the ball went REALLY high, and basically was a can opener shot with the 6-7-10 falling late. I don't have any video, but I can see it very clearly in my mind. Here's hoping there will be many more to come, but it will be hard to top the first one ever.Cheers!

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