How to build speaker stands

How to build speaker stands

 Speaker stands can be very expensive when you buy it in local stores and shops. Luckily, they are very easy to make and will cost you half of the expenses. Find out the materials you will need and what to do to make an inexpensive speaker stand.

What you need:

Square 2 wood boards (1 inch by 8 inches by 1 foot, and 1 inch by 6 inch by 6 feet)

Wood screws


Power drill

Tape measure


Any color of paint

What you have to do:

First, get out your saw and start cutting four legs from the wood board that's 1 inch by 6 inches by 1 foot . Remember that each leg should be about 12 inches in length. Make sure they are all the same length to keep from wobbling when finished.

Next, cut out the tops of the speaker stands. Measure each top to be exactly 6 inches in length.

After that saw a two foot-long base pieces using the board that's 1 inch by 8 inches by 1 foot. Start marking the spots where the legs will be installed. The safest position for the legs is to install them in a V pattern.

Start drilling holes in the legs, tops, and bases so you can attach the legs of your speaker stand. Use the screws to attach the legs. Get you sandpaper and sand the speaker stands until completely smooth.

Finally, get your desired paint and start painting your speaker stand. Make sure the color of the paint and the entire speaker stands match the entertainment center.

Enjoy your brand new and cost-free speaker stands!

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