How to draw an eye with pencil by Mark Crilley Manga artist

Mark Crilley's Manga eyes drawing
Mark Crilley's Manga eyes drawing | Source

Mark Crilley is a great artist illustrator expert in Manga Art, recently he has thanked all his supporters and fans on Facebook for following his video tutorials on his Youtube channel.

I wanted to talk to you a bit about how to draw an eye because it belongs to the photorealism art, this is something we learn at school when we are young, and also at design colleges and universities. Today the best photorealist artists come from universities and schools from Eastern Europe countries and from Russia. I think about universities like AFAD from Bratislava in SK and MAMI International in Moscow, I have seen with my eyes students drawing extremely well with pecils and graphites, with charcoal and fingers, from very small sizes to very big sizes.

It is important to draw well figure drawings and photorealism like images with a simple graphite pencil, it is not a case that russians young designers draw really well products and cars or anything they want to.

Their artistic value is very high and they reached this level working really hard. I know, I went through it a long ago in Art Center Pasadena where I did my studies. Severe teachers would check our drawings and show us all mistakes to try again in class learning from our mistakes without giving up.

At MAMI International Moscow school it works the same way (I guess a bit harder..), when I visited them classes where full of beautiful pencil drawings...if I could I would have taken everthing with me.

So lets come back to our illustrator artist Mark Crilley, see his video tutorial and learn from him.

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Awesome! Thanks for sharing.

luciano63 profile image

luciano63 4 years ago from Paris Author

Thank you Lisa for reading :)

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