How to impress girls - learn to do an Origami Crane Step by Step!

Girls like handy men!

You are studying in a foreign country and your flatmate takes you to your first party. Once there he introduces you to several sweet girls and you all have lots of fun! At the end of the night you're coming in the train with the group... You don't really know them that well and you're not much of a talker anyway. So you do some Origami with a leftover newspaper and offer them...

One week later you start dating one of the girls... When you ask her what she saw in you her response was: "It was because of your good hands..."

True story. It happened to me...

Start with a square of paper - end with a hot chick!
Start with a square of paper - end with a hot chick!

Be a paperfolder!

Origami is the japanese art of paper folding. It allows you, using a single sheet of paper, to create beautiful manifestations of creatures or objects, real or imaginary!

It is not only useful to get the attention of girls (although it's highly effective at that!), it's also a great way to relax while you kill those dead minutes we all have in our day [you know, like that boring class or lousy work reunion =.=], and improve our hand coordination. You can even make money with the craft, if you practice real hard (try years...) ^_^'

That happens because Origami masters can create truly glorious works by working and combining several sheets of origami paper! Those pieces have high value to the decoration industry while also being sought by Origami collectors.

But for now just forget about the tons of money part. Your goal is a simpler one: scoring with that hot girl! (eheh, although some girls can be really hard to conquest!) To achieve that I'm gonna show you how to build a basic Origami, but one that's a real hitter: a crane that flaps it's wings!

If you never done paperfolding before, let me warn you: it's not gonna be a piece of cake! Like all skills you have to obtain it the hard way. With work, patience and perseverance. Don't give up on your first try! Whenever I teach this sketch to my friends I have to make them do it three times:

  • in the first they just scratch the head a lot while trying to accompany me;
  • in the second they mess up a little in the middle, but eventually finish with my help;
  • in the third they manage to do it alone, but normally they can't make the bird to flap the wings.

That's when I send them home to keep practicing, because if they don't they'll soon lose the know-how they so recently gained. Since I'm not there with you, that means you have to work harder and never give up!

Origami Crane: does it really flap it's wings?

Yes it does! You just have to do it as this diagram shows. It's the best one I found in the whole Internet because it demonstrates it in 3D! If you still need more help check the video I added.

Since you have it explained there I will only give one technical advice to you: put extra pressure on creating those folds! Don't fold like your a little girl! If you don't do it hard it's not gonna be a quality Origami!

Practice hard and the girl will be yours!

So now you know how to do an Origami Crane. Only one more thing required: memorization! You need to it with your eyes closed, before trying it in front of a girl. Your creation must be perfect to really impress her.

Sadako memorial surrounded by origami cranes
Sadako memorial surrounded by origami cranes

You're not telling me everything are you?

Ok, ok, you got me!

The secret is not only in the making. To really dominate a art you have to search its roots and found out about it's history. That also impresses girls very much!

So this crane has a story, a very moving one...

Sadako Sasaki was only 2 year old when less than a mile away from her home a bomb blew up. It was in Hiroshima... She survived, but 10 year later she was diagnosed with leukemia.

Well, there's an old legend in Japan stating that whoever folds 1000 Origami cranes gets granted a wish of his/her choosing by a crane. Sadako knew of this and started folding cranes with any material she could find in the hospital. Her wish however was not for a cure for her aliment... but for world peace! So she folded, and folded, and folded with all her heart. History tells us she folded 644 cranes before finally pass away...

A moved nation found out about this, made the rest of the cranes and much more and sent them to the family of Sadako, that buried their little girl with them. Later on a statue of Sadako holding a golden crane was erected in Hiroshima Peace Memorial as a testimony to her huge heart!

And this was how the Origami Crane become the symbol of world peace...

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Patty Inglish, MS profile image

Patty Inglish, MS 8 years ago from North America

How to have sex via paper - most humorous indeed! :)

profiler profile image

profiler 8 years ago from Currently in this universe Author

Girls like to have skilled men around :D

Origami is a way to make a good first impression! Of course the rest is up to the individual talents of each ihih

Patty Inglish, MS profile image

Patty Inglish, MS 8 years ago from North America

Well, it speaks to manual dexterity...

profiler profile image

profiler 8 years ago from Currently in this universe Author

Exactly, Patty :D

A big hug to you and thanks for the feedback!

compu-smart profile image

compu-smart 8 years ago from London UK

loved the hub btw profiler!!

I used to impress girls using a cigarette butt! my intention was not to impress them, but it did..What i used to do is, I would would use a cigarette butt!, pull out the filter, only half way, and twist the bottom half tightly and the other half of white filter thingy, i would pull gently apart and make it look like a mini white rose!:)

as to Origami, i think if i was to have made a rose out of paper it may not have been so impressive, but i think making things you mention out of random paper stuff like sweet wrappers or other junk mail and materials you have around would work well! especially making a rose out of a $100 dollar bill would go down very well too! lol:)

profiler profile image

profiler 8 years ago from Currently in this universe Author

Im sure everyone would love to be offered a 100 dollar origami compu-smart not just girls, eheh... There's also a neat trick using cigarettes wrappers... You take the part that opens, cut it's corners and with a little workout around the edges you can make a mini-sweater :D

A rose of paper (origami) is not hard to do, but to make a really good effect you must use special origami paper. This crane on the other hand can be made with just about anything and it's really artistic... I do it a lot with those publicty papers people like to stick in cars or that good for nothing panflet we sometimes find when we check the mail.

BizzyMuse profile image

BizzyMuse 8 years ago from Southern California

Loved the Hub! Knowledge on such a skill could prove very useful. Maybe I will use it to impress the boys...unless they are trying to impress me with their origami cranes...then it would all get very confusing! Thanks for the fun info.

profiler profile image

profiler 8 years ago from Currently in this universe Author

Thank you for the comment BizzyMuse. Hey if there was too many cranes maybe you guys could consider applying for that 1000 crane's wish :D

Irwin1138 profile image

Irwin1138 7 years ago from Israel

Its called senbazuru by the way :)

profiler profile image

profiler 7 years ago from Currently in this universe Author

Thanks for the info Irwin!

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