How to sew a patchwork 6 gore skirt.

1. Take your measurements. Measure around your waist and hips. Then measure from your waist to the length that you want the skirt to be, add 4 inches to the length for elastic casing and hem. Don't forget to write all this down.

2. Divide your waist and hip measurements by 6. To these measurements add 1 inch for seam allowances and 1 inch for ease of movement. Then round up to the next 1/4 inch for ease of measuring. Example... If you are pleasingly plump like me then your waist is 41 inches around then 41 divided by 6 is 6.83. Add 2 inches for seam allowance and ease. That would make it 8.83 inches. Rounding it up for ease of cutting the pattern will make it 9 inches. Do the hip measurement the same way. If the hip is 45 inches then divide by 6 that makes it 7.5, add 2 inches, that will make it 9.5.

3. Draw a figure on paper that looks like the picture. Add your own measurements. The angle of the pattern piece is created when you draw a straight line from the waist measurement to the hip measurement the length of the desired skirt.

4. I would suggest making an actual paper pattern by taping pieces of paper together to make a large enough piece to draw out your pattern but you do not have to, otherwise you will have to use a fabric marker to mark your lines on the fabric.

5. Now you can cut out the 6 panels to make the skirt or you can sew strips of fabric together to make a patchwork skirt. To make the patchwork skirt sew 5-6 inch strips of fabric togheter. They can run horizontal or vertical or at an angle. I like alternating denim strips with scraps and running the patchwork horizontaly. I also then make three solid denim panels and thre patchwork panels.

6. Sew the panels together. Making sure that all the smaller tops are sewn at the top.

7. Use your iron and iron the raw edge of the hem and the waist down 1 inch. Then iron the folded edge down 1 inch again.

8. Sew the bottom edge of the waist where it is turned. Leave a small area in back open for inserting elastic. Inert 3/4 inch elastic that is 3/4 the length of your waist. Sew the hole left open for the elastic.

9. Sew the hem of the skirt.

10. Enjoy your beautiful new skirt.


6 gore skirt pattern piece
6 gore skirt pattern piece

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Tracy Monroy 6 years ago

I'm in love with these types of skirts. They are roomy and very cute. Nice hub.

mandybeau1 profile image

mandybeau1 6 years ago from Out there


Just love this, what do you think of mine, it is Crazy patchwork, you can make it a bit less funky, by having a rounded bottom. Or use a longer Skirt.

I am cutting your pattern out. I used to have one, very similar and couldn't remember how it went. I thought that mine had more gores. So thanks for a great Hub, and in my case a great inspiration.


jepkemboi mary 5 years ago

thanks for your insruction on how to make patchwork 6 gore skirt can you incude a finished skirt for as to see

padita 4 years ago

Will the cutting be done in two folds or six folds?

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