How to use Twitter to Sell your Art

what is Twitter?

How to use Twitter to sell your art is just a matter of understanding Twitter and what the site is about and how you can use it to market your work.

What is Twitter?

Twitter is a social networking community within a mirco blogging platform translated into '' a social networking site where you can connect; share and contribute to the social networking buzz. Twitter is the largest and fastest growing social networking community; so it's worth being part off it ; you can get work in front of millions with a bit of clever know how of the Twitter-spheres.

There are many artists who set up Twitter accounts only to cancel them several weeks after joining and this is because without a little knowledge of Twitter it can seem rather pointless to an artist ; so I will give you the low down on Twitter and hopefully you will be up and running and getting your work in front of the Twitter audience.

Setting up an account on Twitter easy.

It simple to set up an account on Twitter ; go to Twitter. com and enter a few basic details into the site add a profile picture and away you go; consider that your name will have something art related in the title and maybe a painting on your profile picture.Add some personal information, a one line bio to introduce yourself and catch peoples attention. You can set up an account with no more than a name and a e-mail address.

If your going to use Twitter effectively for marketing your work you need to learn how to tame all the noise and avoid lots of time wasting activities. You need to learn to understand what is happening around you in order to enjoy using Twitter.

How to use Twitter effectively.

Twitter can seem like a minefield when you first go on the site ; there are rules to abide by ,and you will soon see that Twitter is not just a big sales room, but with a bit of know how you can use Twitter as another marketing tool for your work, by updating, sharing and exchanging ideas you will start to see others follow you . Here is some of the jargon translated for you and how you can use it .

Your first Tweet!

So where do you begin? what do you tweet? you've set up your profile, spent a few hours watching the various tweets racing down the home page.

Twitter allows you to 'tweet' up to 140 characters to inform , engage and enlighten your audience but what should go into those tweets to keep your audience awake?

In short, entertainment,information and valuable opinions, either your own, your peers ( re-tweets) or a third party re-tweet fed through your account from a relevant source.


A DM is a tweet send directly to your account, so only you see DM, and any person you choose to send a DM to , will be the only person that sees the message , a bit like a e-mail. You can only send a direct message DM to someone who is following you. If you place a DM in front of the persons name , this is another way to reply to a message;

example DM @roswebbart Hi Ros , great to see you here on Twitter.


This is when you send a message sent by another twitter user to your audience or visa versa, all Tweets have a re-tweet that you can just click on , and it shares the message with your audience.

creat your Twitter avatar-madmen yourself!
creat your Twitter avatar-madmen yourself!

Your Twitter Strategy

Twitter Strategy

For you to use Twitter effectively for promoting and selling your art , you need a strategy or you end up like I did sat staring at a list of comments that go nowhere, and wondering what the hell Twitter is about. The fact is if you learn to use Twitter , you'll have targeted traffic hitting your website or blog everyday at little or no cost. Learning how to get them there is not as tricky as it seems.

Get Started.

Head to Twollow firstly, to find the leading Tweeters in your niche and follow them, build a relationship with them slowly and steadily and look for an opportunity to re-tweet them consistently until you get noticed, add value to what they offer and they will notice you , over time they will begin to re-tweet your material also and this will be across their audience of perhaps 50-100,00 followers. By doing this consistently with 10 targeted tweeters you can generate thousands of site visits per month just from Twitter.
Use Twitterfeed to add RSS feeds to run through your account at a ratio 1-10 to move people from Twitter to your site on auto pilot.
Add a catchy one line bio and a link to your website from your twitter profile page so that when people are interested in what you have to say and view your profile they can click on your website link.

By putting this into place you can expect to see an ongoing and growing stream of traffic to your website.


TweepNet is a tool that allows you to automate several activities which will help you to become part of the Twitter community, such as 'shout outs' , recommendations, Follow Friday recommendations and general etiquette. TweepNet also has the ability to add and gather followers but it is best used as a communication tool and can easily add 500-1,000 new followers a week if used correctly.

Twitter Hash tags

How to use Twitter hash tags.
Hash-tags is a Twitter application designed to make life easier and more manageable in the twitter-sphere.By adding the hash tag sign# to the front of any word , moves the word into separate 'room' within twitter where people can track and follow the conversation more easily.

At first glace this can seem a little odd but the addition of hash tags adds meta data to the term and so allows tracking, statistics and other business and marketing measurements to take place. If used correctly hash tags can answer a number of bottom line questions by identifying company branding, customer conversation and active participants within a certain conversation.
If you wanted certain information or feedback on a specific product or idea by adding hash tags, that conversation can enter the twitter-sphere and be tacked for usage, frequency with maximum number of keywords and the software will go to work, finding and adding relevant users to your account.

A word of warning , not all Twitter followers will follow you back. In fact , under normal circumstances, the follow back ratio is 50-60% and sometimes lower dependent on your location and interest. The best policy is to follow 5 to 10 people a day , interact with those who follow you back to keep them on your list and make your tweets interesting.

On useful resource to help you manage your Twitter follower ration is TwitterKarma which will help you to automate and identify tweeters who you are following but don't follow you and followers you haven't yet followed back but might want to.

WHY? - so you can build a list of 120 , 20 or 30,000 followers who will be interested in what you have to say and who will go to look at a post on your blog or a sales page on your website when you want them to.
With the right strategy in place and using the tools, techniques and systems in the right way , you should be able to generate a 1-4% click through rate on tweets linked to your blog and if your site is well put together and has a way to send browsers into customers , you could see 100 to 1,000 targeted visitors to your website every day from Twitter alone.

Nearby Tweet.

This is a useful tool if you want to dominate your local Twitter audience, this application lets you find and follow Twitter users in your locality.
Twitter can used for what you want it for, it can reach a worldwide audience or can GEO target your market for local business, you choose.

Twitter Automation

There's a lot of debate about automation tools when it comes to social networking sites and Twitter is no different. Twitter is without doubt the single most exploited site when it comes to software developers, users and enthusiasts. But with so much out there , where do you start?

Here are my two top twitter tools to get you started and on the move to Twitter domination.


Tweet-later is a great tool that allows you manage your tweets,followers , and various Twitter accounts you may have. As well it can do a number of other powerful marketing tasks to leverage your time and allow you to work front end on building relationships with influential tweeters.


Twitterfeed allows you to upload any number of RSS feeds through to your account and to manage frequency and quality of feeds and posts to keep fresh,relevant content running through your account. You can run an RSS from your own blog on autopilot but also chose content from other blogs in your niche to provide value and entertainment to your followers and position yourself as an authority in your niche.

How to do this.

The easiest way is to set up a google reader account or chose another RSS reader and start to select and gather good content into your reader which you can then submit into Twitterfeed as part of your content strategy. I have several subject that I put into the Google Reader, such as figurative art, abstract art, art competitions , Google reader simple searches the Internet for you picking out content that is relevant to the chosen subject, I have them filed in my G-mail ready to pick out and post.

Be sure to add lots of content that comes from other sources, such as blogs, youtube videos and audio sharing sites, as well as your own feed, or the Twitter community will see you as self-serving and quickly stop listening to you. You should not post more than 25 to 30 posts over a 24 hour period.

Finding Relevant followers.


Twellow is like the yellow pages of Twitter and allows you to register as a business owner or to list your interests and activities in there different categories. It's a free service and one which then places Tweeters into different categories. and ranks them based upon the number of followers they have in place.

Foe example, if you want to target Gallery owners, you could come to Twollow , type in a search for the search term and quickly be provided with a list of the top 100 twitter users involved in owning Galleries, The same goes for sport, business or any other activity you can legally list online.


If you want to quickly add some volume to your Twitter list building activity then Twollo is a good resource. It another free tool , it allows you to enter your Twitter account details and target other Twitter users to follow by using certain keywords and all on auto-pilot. You can set your account to follow up to 500 new people a day against any number of keywords and the software will go to work, finding and adding all relevant users to your account.

etiquette to stop annoying fellow Tweeters

Here are a few annoying habits that people can get into on Twitter and people stop listening to you , so follow the etiquette and you should see your list of follows grow and not diminish.

Don't constantly re-tweet others , add some of your own content otherwise you are danger of being someone with nothing to add of any value. Try to re-tweet occasionally. Don't fill your twitter stream with repetitive tweets , tweet something , once , then maybe again the next day , but not , one after the other for the ten minutes your on Twitter. Don't fill peoples direct messages up with application junk, not everyone appreciates this, in fact no-one appreciates this. Avoid endless inspirational quotes, Twitter is awash with them, so keep them to a minimum.Being yourself , is the best way to be on Twitter , your tweets should reflect your personality and what you are about , rather than what Oscar Wilde had to say ( although I do love Oscar Wilde) it's about you and your work, so make it work for you.

So there you have it , another social networking site and one you should have to maximize your social networking strategy in promoting your art online. Feeding you Tweets through your Facebook account, tweeting links to your articles and pictures , youtube videos and Flickr photos, promoting your art.

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Peggy W profile image

Peggy W 6 years ago from Houston, Texas

Sounds like a lot to absorb! So far I have only published some of my hubs to twitter and have avoided allowing ones to become my followers who seem to tweet endlessly thinking that they would overwhelm anyone looking for different things. If one has thousands of followers and all of them are tweeting something on a daily basis, how does one person's occasional tweets ever get noticed? Odds of seeing something they would write would seem slim to me. Perhaps I am not understanding this?

Peggy W profile image

Peggy W 6 years ago from Houston, Texas

Just tweeted this article, BTW... Thought that others might be interested.

SELL MY ART profile image

SELL MY ART 6 years ago from Ireland Author

Peggy ,

Keep it interesting and people will find it - not everyone- but Twitter users are pretty adept at finding good content and sharing it.

One great tool to use is Tweetree which lets you keep track of your tweets and who replies to them - it's free and very easy to use.

Another idea is to use hashtag symbols when you tweet and add them before words you want people to find.

MyInfo411 profile image

MyInfo411 6 years ago

I'm gonna have to take the time to learn each thing you've discussed here and practice on twitter....great hub!! alot of info I do not yet know. 4 years ago

This is a long hub, but you hit on a great number of topics. I hope to offer top notch articles like this at where I'm hoping to combine general knowledge of Twitter with descriptions of how individuals use Twitter.

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