How to Draw People

What is this page for?

I love to draw. I'm not an expert at it, but I know that it's something I enjoy.

People are what I especially love to draw because I love people and the challenge of portraying their personality along with their physical features. People vary so much in every feature and I love trying the different combinations of noses, eyes, smiles, and so on.

Graphite and charcoal are my media of choice. I can't paint for crap, unfortunately, so I do what I can with dry media. I also love the look of black and white; I think it adds drama and highlights the subject's basic features. I rarely ever use colour because I think it ruins the look of the picture.

I love how flexible drawing is; if there's something that bothers you about a person you can draw them and change whatever you want.

Below are my attempts to explain the way I draw because, while they will not be of use to everyone, a few tips here and there might fill in the gaps for those who can't quite get what they want out of a portrait. There are also a few samples of my drawings to reference.

General's charcoal pencils
General's charcoal pencils
Strathmore Charcoal pad
Strathmore Charcoal pad

Materials I use

I like to use graphite and charcoal pencils because I think they're the easiest for me to manage. Personally my favourite pencils are the silly party favour pencils with the shiny embossed designs and coloured erasers; I like the way they sharpen and how solid the lines are. It's also easy to erase.

For charcoal pencils I use General's mediums and softs. Mostly I use the medium because I like the way it shows up on the paper and it's easier to blend. Charcoal is nice to use because you get good, stark lines that make for good contrast; it really shows up well on paper. However, I find myself using it less often because 1) it gets awfully messy, and 2) it's harder for me to control... it doesn't stay sharp as long and it the tip is usually wider than I'd prefer because I can't get the detail I want.

While I use the pencils at the ends of my cheap pencils sometimes, I also like to use a separate eraser for blending and major mess ups. I like gum erasers best, but the white normal kind works too.

As far as paper, I use Strathmore, either the Charcoal pad or Drawing. The drawing pad is best with pencil. The Charcoal pad is slightly textured more than the Drawing, creating a nifty effect when smearing the charcoal. You can use the Drawing pad with charcoal too, as I did with the Ziyi Zhang portrait (from People magazine) below.

To seal the charcoal onto the paper (so it doesn't rub off as easily) I use hairspray. Any kind works, so I usually use the cheap kinds.

People Magazine and other similar publications are great to obtain reference photos from because they often include feature sections such as "100 Hottest Bachelors" with close-up pictures of people. Also, teen magazines are ideal with their make-up ads featuring airbrushed models that make for smooth drawing.

Ziyi Zhang, Chinese actress
Ziyi Zhang, Chinese actress
Kasey Kahne, racecar driver
Kasey Kahne, racecar driver
Supposedly Rachel McAdams from "The Notebook"
Supposedly Rachel McAdams from "The Notebook"
From a hair product ad
From a hair product ad
Stacey Farber from "Degrassi"
Stacey Farber from "Degrassi"

My drawing process

While it's nice to experiment every once in a while, I like to stick with the same method and improve upon it.

I almost always draw portraits of people (which include mainly the face) because there is so much that a face shows of a person. I think it's also the most difficult part of a person to draw. Every feature differs so much from one to another; noses, eyes, everything is different. Get one thing out of proportion or forget a line here and there and the portrait can look like it's of a completely different person.

This is the order in which I draw a portrait, as far as features go:

1. Eyes. Start with the basic outline of both eyes (this way you can see if the eyes are proportioned correctly beside each other before you get too far; it's really easy to draw eyes too close to or too far from each other). Add the crease over both of the eyes (if there are creases; some people don't have them), then the eyebrows (eyebrows are just a lot of lines beside each other), then pupils and the irises, then eyelashes. Don't forget to define the eyelids as they touch the eye, as you can see in the Kasey Kahne portrait to the right (especially his right eyelid). From there you can shade around the eyes. This depends on the lighting. You can shade under the eye, around the top between the eye and the eyebrow, and around the temple. Shading involves using your finger (that's what I do, anyway, because you have more control); you can add more graphite/charcoal if rubbing removes a lot of the media. Also, you can use the eraser to define or blend.

2. Nose. This comes right after the eyes because the shading around the eyes usually helps define the shape of the nose. I lightly outline the nose, then add the little curve at the bottom middle of the nose, curve those out on either side to make the shape of the nostrils, then add the curves on either side of the nostrils that make the shape of the bottom of the nose. Drawing the nose involves a lot of shading; other than at the bottom and the sides there are few hard lines. Depending on the lighting there can be a lot or a little shading, just like the eyes. Usually the very tip of the nose is light, where the light would be shining on it.

3. Mouth. I like to start the mouth by making dots where the ends of the mouth will be. Then I draw out the lips (the top one is usually darker). Don't forget about the vertical, subtle lines in the lips; usually they're not hard but rather faint. There is also the little trench sort of thing between the top lip and the bottom of the nose. And depending on how hard they're smiling, there may be lines around the mouth. These can be hard or soft, depending on the person. When drawing teeth, be careful because if the lines between the teeth are too hard you can make the person look like an idiot. And of course, shade around the mouth, beneath the bottom lip, around the teeth, at the bottoms of each lip, and so on.

4. Outline of the face. This helps make the person look more finished, by defining the shape of their face and encasing the facial features. Around the eyes the shape curves inward, then curves back out around the cheekbones, straight or curves out around the cheeks, out at the jaw, and in at the chin. Shading is fun here because there can be a lot, and it can really define how the person looks. There is often a lot at the bottom of the cheeks, around the jaw and the temples.

5. Ears. I never pay too much attention to the ears, but they're weird because there is so much detail here. The curves of the inside of the ear depend on the person but generally are of the same idea.

6. Hair. This is one of my favourite parts. It's usually a lot of lines beside each other, like with the eyelashes. At the top of the head I make few lines or make them more faint where the light would usually be shining, and closer and/or darker where shadows would be. Where the hair meets the head you can either make pretty vertical lines if the hair flares up or just start drawing hair using downward lines if the hair just falls down. Curls and waves are fun, as seen in the picture of Rachel McAdams to the right; use the same idea of more and/or darker lines where there'd be shadow and fewer/lighter where light would shine.

7. Neck and anything else. This can include the collar of shirts, necklaces, etc. Usually I add a little more so it's not just a floating head on the page, but I don't really care about more than the face anyway, so this part isn't very important to me.

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jimmythejock profile image

jimmythejock 10 years ago from Scotland

your drawings are great....jimmy

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Paul Edmondson 10 years ago from Burlingame, CA

This is great information about drawing people. Before I saw the caption, I thought, wow, that looks a lot like Rachel McAdams. Although, in The Notebook her hair is more of a 1940s style ( I think ).

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Iðunn 10 years ago


I used to do portraits a bit in black and white, like you charcoal sticks, or pencil. I was never this good though.

Damia profile image

Damia 10 years ago from Kuala Lumpur

I'm impressed!

livelonger profile image

livelonger 9 years ago from San Francisco

Have you heard of the book "Drawing from the Right Side of Your Brain"? I've heard it helps people who are not artistically inclined to start drawing well.

Svetlana 9 years ago

I'm just lerning to drow people-maybe someone know how to start?

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hi i think u need to put instrutoins for kids on this if u want to draw ponies

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Kenny Wordsmith 9 years ago from Chennai

You are a wonderful artist!

Marsha 9 years ago

Cool drawing

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This is really great. Thank you for sharing this, it's wonderfully useful! It taught me a lot!

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Kenny Wordsmith 9 years ago from Chennai

I love coming back to this hub again and again!

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I love these drawings and I love the addvice you git out to the peaple who love to draw just like me!

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I love your drawings!!!! They are so good! I am not good at drawing portraits- this helped. Thanks!

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Your drawings are pretty good. I'm real big on details. I'll consider this...

Kristen 8 years ago

I am really impressed i also love to draw but i am not very good

dutch84 profile image

dutch84 8 years ago

You are VERY talented!!!

glassvisage profile image

glassvisage 8 years ago from Northern California Author

Thanks to all for your compliments! To those who don't think you're "very good," that's just silly. Everyone has different styles, and for many, it takes years of experience to develop satisfactory (to themselves) drawing skills.


I think it is really mean that people would even try to put you down. It is REALLY mean. Your drawing are with great detail and everything is really great. I agree with you on black and white look better! (thanks for this great site and keep up the great work) oh and by the way i think those people that are stupid and wrote stupid and mean comments... i have something to say to them.... EITHER U CAN'T DRAW FOR CRAP, YOUR BLIND OR YOUR ARE THE MEANEST PEOPLE EVER BECAUSE THIS PERSON TRIES THEIR HARDEST AND IDIOTS LIKE YOU PUT HER DOWN. GOOD ON YOU IDIOTS!!! :( i am especially taking to Brianna and thebomb. i don't think your great artists i just thinkl you guys have nothing better to do Thank you! bii :)

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weblog 8 years ago from 1India

It feels good, I'm an artist. I have to refresh my skills. Pencil drawing is my favourite, I liked this hub very specially for the same. Thumbs up!!!

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Paraglider 8 years ago from Kyle, Scotland

Surprised I haven't found this gem of a hub before. Beautiful work!

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arathi 8 years ago

i am not a good artist .but i like to learn the art of sketching and drawings,u have a good way explaining the art .it was very useful to me and thanks a lot for this useful explanation.

kim 8 years ago

omg i am like 13 and still working on learning to draw i started at a young age because art and music is something that came natural and i really hope i can be as good as you one day

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Your drawings are pretty good. Thanks ;)

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Kika Rose profile image

Kika Rose 8 years ago from Minnesota

I love drawing people. It's one of my favorite things to draw, though I can never get anyone to sit still long enough for me to draw them! Everyone's just so antsy to see how they look, it drives me nuts! lol

I should show you a couple of my drawings. I'm very good at hands, but not nearly as amazing as you are with faces! Man, this just makes me want to run outside and doodle up my flower garden! ^_^

glassvisage profile image

glassvisage 8 years ago from Northern California Author

I'd love to see your pictures... make a Hub with them and I'd be glad to see them!

Simple_star 8 years ago

Wow... Thanks for the ips, and awezome pictures

Violet 8 years ago

Wow these are great. Does anyone know how to start your drawing off?

Bailey 8 years ago

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Boston 8 years ago

omg excatly wat bailey said

i mean im a terrible face drawer

and i never knew ppl can draw that well

Hales 8 years ago

OMG at first I thought you took pics off of google and stuck them on there, but after I looked closer...that's freakin pencil!!! so yeah I admire you.

bkoadmin profile image

bkoadmin 8 years ago from California

I love drawing people, too. You draw excellent people pictures. Your work on hairs amazes me. I bet that's probably the most time consuming part of your drawing. Excellent work.

ripplemaker profile image

ripplemaker 8 years ago from Cebu, Philippines

Hi glassvisage, I use to dabble with faces before. The one that came out pretty good was Jesus' face. LOL But this is! I love Eva and Zoe's portrait! Hmmm...maybe someday I could convince you to draw a portrait of me. Wouldn't that be something? Hahaha Have a great day!

Roxanne2525 8 years ago

youe GREAT!!!!!!!! I have this one are set i got for my birthday, and im haven't used it for SOOOOOO long now in defenetly gonna start using it!

kelsey 8 years ago

you are incredible, i too like to draw people, though i have such issues drawing the hair!! your work is incredible

Jeana 8 years ago

Nice drawings. I do faces too. I always like to "look off" of other pics too. Pencil for me as well sometimes pen. Watercolor every now and again though I really am not any good with paints either. Landscapes only for paints. I always say about my pictures of people etc. " it won't look anything like what it's supposed to but it will be good." I have a folder full of drawings I have done since I was nine years old or so. I am 36 now. All my boys love to draw too. My youngest-8 is always wanting me to draw a picture for him. Usually of super heroes, monsters etc. I have been told I should do it for money. I scoff-who would want to PAY for something I drew?! Besides it's just for kicks and giggles anyway. Yours are good. Real good. I can almost see the color. Good shading. Very realistic looking. I am not so good at getting the 3demensional look down.I learn all the time though. Keep up the good work

Reuel 8 years ago

I love your drawings. I how to draw as well. I have started a drawing website so that I have an excuse to draw more:)

Reuel Feenstra

friendzzz 8 years ago

nice drawings, must have taken a while to get them donw

Denny Lyon profile image

Denny Lyon 8 years ago from Baton Rouge, Louisiana, USA

A timeless hub well done! Looking forward to reading this again and again as I love art!

Talker 8 years ago

Beauty and talent. Wonderful combination. Drawing the face is still in the making. Need to put more effort toward it. Do have some nature scenes done in oil, crudely done but I did do it.

Be Well

Debbie 8 years ago

Wow you're really good! I like Drawing too, but I'm not at all good at it. how do you do it so well!

Journey * profile image

Journey * 8 years ago from USA

Hi glassvisage, thanks for you comment on my profile. I think your drawings are terrific. I enjoy drawing as well. Maybe, i'll get around to a hub about that sometime.

ferdi  8 years ago





sick and absolutley even more


nadim313 profile image

nadim313 8 years ago from Kuala Lumpur

you may be responsible of a new hobby of mine (drawing)

good hub there gurl


Jenna 8 years ago

Your drawings are amazing at first I thought they were pictures!

dis is meee 8 years ago

our good but when u giv instructions draw the steps to :D thumbs up

Peggy W profile image

Peggy W 8 years ago from Houston, Texas

Thanks for sharing your talent with us. I am also an artist so appreciate what you do. I find it hard to read those disparaging comments. You do not deserve that!

starlet 8 years ago

WOW your really really..... good....

i love drawing too....

i'm 13y.o. and i just started last year in may ...

I use the method "grid" 'cause I'm still a begginer...

I like my drawing but when I PAINT it it turns terrible......

it's better when it's not painted

glassvisage profile image

glassvisage 8 years ago from Northern California Author

Thanks to all for your support! Starlet, don't worry, I didn't start drawing till I was about your age, and I went through a lot of drawing phases before I got to where I am now :)

Clara Ghomes profile image

Clara Ghomes 8 years ago

I truly loved it.. am sure I'm gonna contact you soon for more tips.. of course after I try some from this hub.. may be I may follow the drawing that you did.. but will try :)

Sandilyn profile image

Sandilyn 8 years ago from Port Orange, FL

Good article. I draw also. It is so relaxing. I took a class at a local collage and I find that that would be helpful for anyone first starting out. It can be very daunting in the beginning.

My favorite medium is acrylics. My Sunday mornings are for me alone. That is when you can find me at my easel working on my latest painting.

patricia 8 years ago

it was really nice!you know all of you i want you to know that scince i was on grade 4,i won a gold medal!and it was Valentine's Day!so i draw abot love....i draw too...when im bored,i draw many and many drawings...keep it up painters and drawers!lov ya!hope too see you soon!

Simon_Lloyd profile image

Simon_Lloyd 8 years ago from Staffordshire, England

OH MY GOD! You have got such an amazing talent. I've been drawing for about 5yrs now, my Dad was an artist but i (like you) am flumoxed when it comes to paint, I draw mainly landscapes but faces is one thing i just cant get my head around (parden the pun) keep up the good work. X

KJG 8 years ago

Why do you say you can't draw??? Those are amazing; if I could do half what you do I would be flying high. I have suddenly, yes suddenly, decided I want to paint/draw, bring out some creativity, even if it is bad (lol). I wanted to try watercolor but found that I don't have control; interesting you commented similar to that. And I want to draw faces (I am pulled to that). Your reasoning is exactly how I feel; I have this sudden fascination for faces and wanting to draw them. Right now, I am just using the watercolor pad and regular no. 2 pencil until I get some graphite pencils (just ordered). They are very primitive but they're mine; that's how I feel. Art is what comes from inside you and how you perceive. Keep it up and thanks for the site; I wanted some information to work on different parts of the face and this led me to your site.

Good luck and thanks for posting.

yo momma 8 years ago

yo momma

debora 8 years ago

the drawings are so cool

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surgin293 7 years ago

your drawings are awesome... i was gonna say that one must be rachel mcadams, and then i read the caption! you definitely have a true talent.

glassvisage profile image

glassvisage 7 years ago from Northern California Author

Ah, I love the comments on this page :) Thanks to most of you! lol

ash 7 years ago

hey,i really like drawing too, but i can never get the nose right,except when im drawing Jack sparrow. he has an easy to draw , but serious, interesting face. you should try drawing him.

ash 7 years ago

hey, i know someone who draws a lot like u. im only 15 but im getting better thanks to u. i want to draw kasey khane nonw !lol . do u know the best place 2 buy graphite pencils? mine are running low. oh and whoever said they were good at jesuses face, i love drawing jesus too! he has a very defined chin....

anyway i think u should try drawing animal faces, especially cats and dogs. there a lot like people but with fur. u said u like drawing hair? now its every where!lol

thanks again


ferro 7 years ago

i liked all those portraites... really really

gisella 7 years ago

nice drawings ur a wonderfull drawer i hope u keep that up :) *thumbs up*

glassvisage profile image

glassvisage 7 years ago from Northern California Author

Thank you so much, everyone! Ash, I admit that my favorite kinds of graphite pencils to use are the ones that you get for party favors and stuff! I like the erasers on them, usually, and the quality is good enough for me :)

delzky profile image

delzky 7 years ago

I'm green with envy. your obras are good! drawing is one talent of mine that i never had the chance to develop. Too much to be done, too little time.

pooop 7 years ago

wat is this o my god it made me sick like barf hahahah muhahahah.this soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo stupied hehe.

Jayden 7 years ago

You are a great artist! How old are those drawings are fantstic!!! Okay how did you learn how to draw so good?

queen cleopatra profile image

queen cleopatra 7 years ago

You have a gift and I'm glad you're nurturing it. Keep it up. :D

kate 7 years ago

Your SO good at drawing, imma draw like this 1 day

chaz 7 years ago

dam u rule!! xx

glassvisage profile image

glassvisage 7 years ago from Northern California Author

Thanks so much! It's always nice to get KIND comments on this Hub :)

SweetiePie profile image

SweetiePie 7 years ago from Southern California, USA

I have not comment on this hub yet, but I have read it a few times.  Your drawings are very good and I love your pencil shading.  Great tutorial, and it seems to be a very popular hub as there are so many comments. 

tyler 7 years ago

I realy love your drawings,but i can only draw menga people,i like your drawings batter

tyler 7 years ago

i splled better rong sorry

Phoebe 7 years ago

you are so talented!!!!! i try to draw people but i am not very good....

bob 7 years ago

these drawings are awesome

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Witnail 7 years ago

Nice work and a great article! Lots of good info for someone who is looking to improve or learn more about portrait drawing.

Cam Anju profile image

Cam Anju 7 years ago from Stoughton, Wisconsin

These are good tips! Your drawings are very nice, your quite good! Thanks for enjoyable reading.

anny.tokarake 7 years ago

you are so good

someone 7 years ago

these r great! im sort of an artist... everyone says im really good but yur waaaaaaaaay better... then again i am a begginer.

DYLAN 7 years ago

wow this place is awsome iv alresdy read the article 3 times your advice is great and i love you websight!!!! (:

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lesterd2009 7 years ago from Beaches Of Florida

Nice I love to draw as well although I'll never make anything close to your drawings lol..impressive

Ms Chievous profile image

Ms Chievous 7 years ago from Wv

Simply beautiful! How many years have you been drawing? I like to draw too and I will be visiting this page again for tips and inspiration :)

glassvisage profile image

glassvisage 7 years ago from Northern California Author

Thank you everyone! :) Ms Chievous, I have been really drawing since I was in 7th grade, so for about 10 years now! Weird now that I think about it :)

Research Analyst profile image

Research Analyst 7 years ago

Your drawings are wonderful, i really like the way you use pencil and the pictures really come to life. thanks for sharing.

123 7 years ago

Your drawings are awesome!!!! I can't draw worth any thing : ) lol

hazel 7 years ago

cool :D

Tammy 7 years ago

OMFG you are a brillant drawer

i wish i could draw like that

layla 7 years ago

wow!! This is soooo.... wow!

megan 7 years ago

i can draw like that but better jk

vera berly 7 years ago

i had always like to draw a potrait of my own and i got more ideas from here.

AdeleCosgroveBray profile image

AdeleCosgroveBray 7 years ago from Wirral, Cheshire, England.

Lovely use of shading; I enjoyed this Hub.

sammy 7 years ago

awesome your great

willie-makit 7 years ago


stephanie allan 7 years ago

so cool

rvsource profile image

rvsource 7 years ago

Very nice hub! Your drawings are also very good. you draw a lot like I do, based on your descriptive step by step blog. Check out some of my drawing hubs when you get a chance. I will add you to my list so I can check out your future hubs

Thanks Jeff

PS some of these commenters that had negative things to say are ... nah I won't say it...they and everyone else already knows.

glassvisage profile image

glassvisage 7 years ago from Northern California Author

Thanks everyone, and thanks rv! I'll definitely check out your Hubs :) I like to keep the negative comments because I think they're funny :D

Ken Laird Studios 7 years ago

Your work is great.. Check out my hub about my drawings.

nikki1 profile image

nikki1 7 years ago

You are way to modest. These are pro sketches.

You should sell your art work on

good luck


here's mine artwork..


glassvisage profile image

glassvisage 7 years ago from Northern California Author

Thank you Ken and Nikki! Thanks for those sites! Go visit Nikki's page!

marie 7 years ago

u say ur not a prfesionnal are u serious ?? this is amaizing

nono 7 years ago

mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm.............kelw.....i like it nice job

wow!!! 7 years ago

ur drawings r amazing=] i also love to draw. its easy for me to make up the people im drwing and draw them very good but i cant draw real people

EJoyce 7 years ago

wow that is amazing you guys are great! I need help on the eyes part it is always the hardest part for me.

EJoyce 7 years ago

I can draw real people great book covers easy. All I need now is a little help with eyes and good to go.

FUCKING FAKE 7 years ago


u dont nedda no mii name 7 years ago

great pictures!!! but 1 thing u could do to improve this sight is show step by step how u drew them instead of writing them cause no 1 can be bothered reading

u dont nedda no mii name 7 years ago

oh and i forgot to metion OMFG great pictures i wish i could draw like that!!!!!!!!!!!!!

glassvisage profile image

glassvisage 7 years ago from Northern California Author

Thanks for the suggestion!

Mimi 7 years ago

WOW. That's all I've got to say.

robyn 7 years ago

they are amazing . how do you draw like that

Cheeky Girl profile image

Cheeky Girl 7 years ago from UK and Nerujenia

Great art here! Great pencil work! I would love to see you doing painting. Have you any oil portraits to show? Put them up on Hub Pages! Cool!

pritty one 7 years ago

I think your an awesome artist!You don't have to be perfect to draw,an experienced artist once told me that if you can draw a line on a bit of paper,that is art,you have taken your first step to being a good artist.I once used to let myself down with my art but I had to believe in myself with it and now I have been notified as a graphic commercial artist in visual arts maori and european.Believe in yourself!

glassvisage profile image

glassvisage 7 years ago from Northern California Author

Thank you all! No oil paintings for me... Mine always look terrible! You can get such great result with oil pastel, though :)

Pritty one, you're so right... My pictures used to look terrible, but you really have to believe in yourself and work on it!

MJ 7 years ago

your drawings arer great before this i don't think i could get past my assignment to draw Opra. you could make money from this.

nikki1 profile image

nikki1 7 years ago

Great pic.s, very informative

taylor keaton 7 years ago

You are very talented and i can draw about this good the only thing is that i can't do the eyes that well it always looks good on one eye but not the other lol but yeah keep it up very talented very talented :P

ps To all the jerks in here who say that the pictures suck they are wrong i'd like to see them draw the pictures from just looking at it and then put it on a website

y06y7008t 7 years ago

same with one above moi

glassvisage profile image

glassvisage 7 years ago from Northern California Author

MJ, Nikki, Taylor, and y067, thank you for the kind words! I hope you enjoyed the visit! :)

faceman profile image

faceman 7 years ago

To not be an expert you realy know how to bring the eyes to life and the hair looks realGreat work, keep it up.

Face man

Amez profile image

Amez 7 years ago from Houston, Texas

Hi, Glass Visage. You do some beautiful work, It's always nice to switch around some, Like changing up your approach by trying to drawing through their thoughts and technics, Like I draw my nose first, and you do your Eyes first, some one never stops learning. I'd like to read your views on how to invite through your writing others to give good feedback(comments). Thanks again Ed

glassvisage profile image

glassvisage 7 years ago from Northern California Author

Muchisimas gracias, faceman and amez!

dfgdfg 7 years ago

i bet i could draw better than all of those people that drew those pictures

Tara 7 years ago

Wow you are talented. Do you join art contest?? if not you should.

jackyjack 6 years ago

oh my gosh i know how to draw people but not that good!!$$bored lol

YAATHAVI 6 years ago



Amez profile image

Amez 6 years ago from Houston, Texas

Beatiful Pencil Work, You are truly Blessed. I truly believe you will make a great teacher one day. If you ever publish a Art Lesson please drop a Comment. A Follower

Silver Poet profile image

Silver Poet 6 years ago from the computer of a midwestern American writer

Excellent drawings. You really have a gift. Drawing people is something upon which I can stand to improve significantly. Thanks for writing this hub.

glassvisage profile image

glassvisage 6 years ago from Northern California Author

Thank you all so much for your comments! Whew, I haven't drawn in such a long time, I wonder if I still got it! :)

englightenedsoul profile image

englightenedsoul 6 years ago

Amazing article. You are a gifted soul. I am very pathetic at drawing, have bookmarked this hub. Hope I can learn atleast the basics of drawing from you. Will stumble and tweet it too. Great hub.

hailey 6 years ago

this is a good drawing love it ......... lol

hailey 6 years ago

do u ?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

manna in the wild 6 years ago

Super job there. I will follow you.

glassvisage profile image

glassvisage 6 years ago from Northern California Author

Thank you!

yaser799 profile image

yaser799 6 years ago from saudi arabia

it is a nice work

itsme123123itsme 6 years ago

Amazing if I could draw like that I would be a star at my school

anie 6 years ago

great portraits! its just so comforting knowing that you started at a young age and this is what could be achieved with constant practice. drawing faces is really fun, but usually find it hard to draw noses cuz going gung-ho on my shading scares me. the portrait outline is always good, but when i start laying in that graphite, it usually starts looking weird. when drawing light skinned people, i cant do deep shadings cuz it feels like i'm giving them a different skin tone...all will clarify with time i guess.

hey what grades of pencils do you use for your drawings? or for the different parts of your face portraits? that will be of good help too. thanks so much for this hub

glassvisage profile image

glassvisage 6 years ago from Northern California Author

Thank you all for commenting! Anie, for my pencil drawings, I honestly love No. 2 pencils that you can get as party favors! :) For my charcoal pencils, I usually use 4B soft or medium.

Aya Katz profile image

Aya Katz 6 years ago from The Ozarks

Glassvisage, these are professional level portraits! Have you ever done book illustrations?

glassvisage profile image

glassvisage 6 years ago from Northern California Author

Thanks, Aya! I have not... but I have always considered it and would still keep the option open! It's been a while, I'm afraid...

vox vocis profile image

vox vocis 6 years ago

Your drawings are great! You say that you´re not an expert, but you´ve certainly perfected your drawing! I draw myself, so I´m bookmarking the hub to collect some useful tips :-)

prowork profile image

prowork 6 years ago from Marietta , Ohio USA

You are doing just what I have always wanted to do . I would like to draw peoples faces so badly . Do you think you could do step by step hubs for a person that has never drawn to teach them how to draw people. It would mean a lot to me .

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Doodlebird 6 years ago

Wonderful work! You have a great mastery of value and detail.

desiredcreativity profile image

desiredcreativity 6 years ago

this is true talent..

i don't go to art school..

im although really good at it but at an immature level...

can i learn it free online ??...face sketches are what interest me the most...

once again...u r really really talented!!!:D

jhpn 6 years ago

hey u are the most gratest aritits i have ever seen i really love ur drawings i just wish i could draw like this i bet it took a lot of time!

benderr12 profile image

benderr12 6 years ago

You are very talented!

x3xsolxdierx3x profile image

x3xsolxdierx3x 6 years ago


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Julez 6 years ago


glassvisage profile image

glassvisage 6 years ago from Northern California Author

Thank you all for your comments and compliments!

GRACIE!!!! 6 years ago

Wow guys you are just so good, i love the sexy picture of that girl it's just sooooooo gooooood

purple 6 years ago

ur art iz amazing! great tips!

MKayo profile image

MKayo 6 years ago from Texas

Great stuff. You have spent a lot of time working on your talent - and it shows. Thx.

daizy 6 years ago

u r amazing

Sydney 6 years ago

WOW i love to draw to. People say to me can anyone draw better that you and i say yes. i have been trying to draw faces and when i do the kids laugh and say is sucks LOL. this kinda helps that you.i can only draw cartoon chacter cause im 10.

PS: you GOT TALENT!!!!!!i might post mine.

ALicaii 6 years ago

Lol well i really like theese pictrues but it looks fake

no offince im just telling the truth im only 9 so i don't know better. Thanks


Jennaline 6 years ago

wow this is really good! my cousin can draw like tht too but she has all these tools and stuff! thts REALLY good! XD

Eimear 6 years ago


ashleyyoung profile image

ashleyyoung 6 years ago from United States

Those are amazing... I would love to have my face drawn in charcoal and grey. A beautiful and wonderful way to capture life. :)

kids-toy-box profile image

kids-toy-box 6 years ago

Beauiful Drawings!..thanks for sharing the technique with the rest of us!

Angel Willis 6 years ago

Im trying to get that excelled

mmmmmmm 6 years ago

those are amazing I am going to try to do that awesome $$$$$$$$

:) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) ): :) ): :) :) :0

ali hisham 6 years ago

Beautifully just having some issues with the mouth :/...but ur great artist and u shud keep developing ur skills :)

shreya 6 years ago

wow!they are u take tutions for drawing.u r a gr8 teacher !!!!!!!!!!

mollyxxx 6 years ago

i think that you aree an amazing drawer i love to think i good but compared to you im rubbish


xxx all the best for the futcher

profile image

DebbieEdwards 6 years ago

OMG I soooo appreciate your work!! I work only in B&W also, for me, pen and ink and I am picky about detail. This is a wonderful example of your artwork. Kudos to you!

nice 6 years ago

That was so sick how did u do that like it help me a lot like how u shade in the person and stuff

annie 6 years ago


chris 6 years ago

I need some 1 to draw a young person wearing a hoody with a cross neclace on and pockets like rabbits ears {insideout} with his arms folded. Pants on and sneakers. Gangsterish maybe. I need a mascot logo for my entertainment label. Top $$ paid to the best drawing.

alexis 6 years ago

these drawings are amazing

i'm trying to draw like that now

Ian Hudson profile image

Ian Hudson 6 years ago from Sheffield, England

Some of your tips may come in handy for me, I have a project at college where I have to draw myself looking in the mirror, rather than from photographs. You can view my first attempt on my page.

boo 6 years ago

hi i'm boo. when i grow up i want to be an artist to one day.

i'm pretty good but i may never catch up to you even though i have bine drawing since about 5. but you are sooo good that words can not say how good you are and I hope you belive that . you can do any thing if you put your mind to it. I will be coming here a lot and when i can as long as i don't lose this site . i wll always be here to cheer you on. by the way don't listen to those mean always belive you are talented and never ever give up.

Sheena 6 years ago

love the ur drawings. i luv drawing people too. could u mayb give a little more instruction on how to do that hair so awesome?

Gabby 6 years ago

wow well i don't think i can do that i'm just trying to draw James from big time rush i think these tips will help me thank you for posting a great drawings!! X3

DatChicLeeLee727 profile image

DatChicLeeLee727 6 years ago from Tampa Bay, FL

Reading your post gave me some new ideas I can't wait to apply. I also feel like adding color messes up the drawing at times, but only black and white all the time does get a little boring. I add color to some of my drawings to make them more exciting. Black and white can be a lot more dramatic for some creations though. Very nice!

Gabby 5 years ago

nice stick figures

angelica 5 years ago

u r so good at drawing

Seth Nunley 5 years ago

U r a great artist , man!!!!They look sooooooo...............realistic!!!!Awesome dude , awesome

morris addison 5 years ago

hi i've been looking for some one that could help me out for me and a partner in newell wv waant to start a mission called(shoulders of the cross faith life mission)for there's a lot of hurting people out here and needing help for myself i'm not employed at the time and i to have a lot of stuff going on but i'm putting my trust in the lord up above the mission is to give the homeless helpwith food and clothing and the word of god and just to know that they have a friend i hope that you'll contact me and may god bless you and your family!!! 5353 arlington expy apt.11a jax fl 32211 hope thati'll here from you for this means a lot to us and to other's

gr82bme profile image

gr82bme 5 years ago from USA

very nice. Thanks for sharing. Great tips


im ust me 5 years ago

how do u draw????

sarah 5 years ago


carolinemoon profile image

carolinemoon 5 years ago

Love those photos. So dramatic. Amazing job on this hub!

varsha 5 years ago


glassvisage profile image

glassvisage 5 years ago from Northern California Author

Thank you all very much for your comments! It's always fun for me to look back at this page. Portraiture used to be such a fun thing for me to do, though lately I haven't been drawing as much as I used to. I encourage anyone who wants to get into drawing to keep practicing... It took me a long time to get to where I am and I still have a ways to go!



Taylor Roy 5 years ago

I have to say that you have talent. I really like your work... Keep the passion going...

If you are interested in getting any pointers it might be worth checking out they have free step by step video lessons.

But that is just my two cents

glassvisage profile image

glassvisage 5 years ago from Northern California Author

Thanks so much! Taylor, thanks for sharing that resource.

Trinity 5 years ago

You are good! Those are totally not fake, for any losers who like to put this girl down and can't see. Anyone who can draw better, can draw so that you can't tell it apart from a photograph if you tried. Anyone who hates it, you must live in a mental hospital. This totally rocks! I drew horribly before I found this and now I'm drawing way better! They almost look real now! I also love your suggestion on drawing close-ups from magazines, that really sped my progress! Don't even listen to those stupid losers with no artistic life! You're an expert!

glassvisage profile image

glassvisage 5 years ago from Northern California Author

Thank you Trinity for your kind words! If you post your drawings online, come back with the URL - I'd love to see them!

lance 5 years ago

wow that's nice!

larry 5 years ago

Amazing, I was so impress, how did you do that! I Thought it was really a picture that was just edited with black and white... very realistic... i hope someday i will be like you too... so talented.. keep up the good work! continue sharing as well as, continue to inspire us.. love it!

joe 5 years ago


glassvisage profile image

glassvisage 5 years ago from Northern California Author

Thank you all so much for dropping by! Remember - it takes a lot of practice! Years for me :)

profile image

1nolanclark 5 years ago

Great drawings, well done. Another great resource for learning to draw other objects, like landscapes is

Found that pretty good too

glassvisage profile image

glassvisage 5 years ago from Northern California Author

Thank you for sharing that resource!

darren 5 years ago


Me,Myself,&I 5 years ago

this is amazing babe, i'd love to have such a talent like yours, i must say im very good at drawing but i'm k-e-r-aapp at this kinda' stuff, im better at cartoons, give yourself a pat on the back hun-

your a babe by the way.

muchLove x

.Love.Heart. 5 years ago

these are great babey, but the photo of the two girls freiks me out, the reason for this is because the older girl looks freakishly like madeleine mccann, not the real one, the one that people think she will look like now! how weird?

look at this link, the picture is on here and you must agree they look alike:D

great pictures they are sooo amazing and remember to look at the picture and the drawing and see that they look similaar xxx

awesomeness 5 years ago

OMG! u rock!!!!! all those jerks who said you can't to them I say SHUT IT!!!

marifer 5 years ago

i hate it

stroodlecough 5 years ago

wow u could be an artist because to me that's beautiful just amazing i wish I could draw that good you should be so proud of yourself!

ashai 5 years ago

Those pics r just AMAZING im only 11 i don't think i have ever seen any better than that. YOU ROCK!!!!!!!!!!!

And people who say ur bad .. Maybe they should see what their drawings are like and i bet they will be PUKING on their work.SOME RESPECT PEOPLE this is some touching pieces of drawing. Thanks 4 the tips they were really hepful 2 me...

Amy 5 years ago


Ilona M 5 years ago

i love it your great i wish i was that good

caylee 5 years ago

those are awsome , my sister is a artest.

Reese Corcoran 5 years ago

Absolutely amazing!

neoime sha 5 years ago


Student :) 5 years ago

Heyy i love your artwork i was wondering if i could have your name so that i could include you and your amazing work for my project :)

glassvisage profile image

glassvisage 5 years ago from Northern California Author

What's your project? You can message me through HubPages.

Rochelle Frank profile image

Rochelle Frank 5 years ago from California Gold Country

These are quite good. How come I didn't know about this talent of yours? Really you are too modest. And where is the self portrait?

glassvisage profile image

glassvisage 5 years ago from Northern California Author

Thank you Rochelle! :D

waynet profile image

waynet 5 years ago from Hull City United Kingdom

I've liked this hubpage for a long time, but strangely never commented on it, well that is sorted now! Your drawings are amazing and drawing people is a skill that you really have in spades. Keep up the excellent drawing and yes, I too like the negative commenters, they provide funny entertainment value, because they are anonymous and they are afraid to show themselves as they have done nothing with their life and quite frankly have no talent whatsoever.

rose 5 years ago

Wow! you're great! you could be professional.

I'm 13 and have been drawing for two years, they're pretty good but no where near as good as yours, not even close in my opinion! I hope i'll be able to draw that well! If not better!;)

glassvisage profile image

glassvisage 5 years ago from Northern California Author

Thank you all! Rose, don't worry, I started drawing around that time and it took me a few years to get to where I am now! In fact, I haven't really drawn as much lately and I feel like I'm pretty rusty... you just need to practice!

passion for drawing 5 years ago

those are some really amazing drawings, i have a natural talent for drawing and Im still improving. You should keep drawing because those are some really amazing drawings

glassvisage profile image

glassvisage 5 years ago from Northern California Author

Thanks passion - I'd love to see your pictures!

daulat pottana 5 years ago

hi ur drwaing is so nice. i am also an artist(live sketching). working at visakha patnam.

kaitlyn 5 years ago

you guys cant draw, i can color it and polish, and it looks like the picture, COPYERS!!

valerie 5 years ago

wow your really good how do you do this stuff fuge your good man i want fuge now poo got to go fyi i am only 12 and i can draw you standing on the staute of liberty. but got to say your good as hell ok got to go again your good as can be and your sexy jk ok wait my gender is a boy ok bye

edgar 5 years ago

best drawings im honest who ever drew this is very cool $$$$$$$$$

carissa 5 years ago

mine is kinda a fail :$ i should start with something easier. :)

BlogReader 5 years ago

Hmm, not bad.

Annastaysia profile image

Annastaysia 5 years ago from Wisconsin

Drawing people is hard for me. Your hub should help me leap forward in my skills. Thank you.

UnChArTeD 5 years ago

So nice.. i like your drawings.. i hope i can draw like you..

Tess 5 years ago

I really like to draw people, and the 3/4 turns really screw me over when im on the nose. your information really helped me and your art is really are better than a lot of peoples art ive seen

Erin 5 years ago

These are AMAZING!!!!!!! and to all you jerks who say that these suck i would like to you draw better!!!! all you guys can probably draw is stick figures.... you jerks are just jealous!!

shanell 5 years ago

omg i wish i could draw like u i can draw but not that good

profile image

prem25 5 years ago

aapki painting bahut achcha hai.

sam 5 years ago

i am an artist just like u but u r way better than me and people that say rude commet i don't think that they could do any better! and if they not a thing nice 2 say then KEEP UR F..... MOUTH SHUT btw i am 12 yrs old and ya i know a lot of words there lol!!

Taylor SwiftKey 5 years ago

I am a very good at the moment. I love this drawing to and yours.

glassvisage profile image

glassvisage 5 years ago from Northern California Author

Thank you all for your comments and support! Please share any of your drawings as well!

Dbro 5 years ago

I'm brand new to hub pages and am looking at various hubs to learn how. I really enjoyed your hub a lot. Thanks for taking the time to share your talent with us!

grinnin1 profile image

grinnin1 5 years ago from st louis,mo

You are a wonderful artist and writer! Glad I came across your hub! Voted up-

kristian 5 years ago

"Not an expert"

That was impressive, you´re really good!

Bldg an Architect profile image

Bldg an Architect 4 years ago

Beautiful work!

miranda 4 years ago

your great

JADA 4 years ago


Raghavendra 4 years ago


tekacutie407 4 years ago

tht's a mazing wish i could draw like tht

Vicky 4 years ago

I think its really amazing, and drawing is wat i luv to do

bronies_555 4 years ago

I really admire the way you draw.I hope I can draw as good as you one day.I made a self portrait in art class which looked quite identical to my picture.I hope to improve:)

maricel galid 4 years ago

wow i like your drawing very much!very2x nice,can u teach me how to draw that?

heart4theword profile image

heart4theword 4 years ago from hub

Love how this site is layed out with instructional tips. The picturs are nice too:) I can sure use more instruction on drawing people. Blessings to you!

tiffney weaver 4 years ago

you are really good i love to draw and try to draw people the most drawings i actually have is animals but im trying to learn how to draw people right now i am going to college to be a artist i would put a picture of what i draw but i don't have one on the computer right now i am almost 15 and cant wait to become an artist

glassvisage profile image

glassvisage 4 years ago from Northern California Author

Thank you all for your comments! Tiffney, keep practicing and you'll be great!

frugalfamily profile image

frugalfamily 4 years ago from Houston, TX

So much talent! I have a 12 year old daughter who just took up the craft..I've pinned this article just for her. I look forward to seeing what else I can learn from you.

ZipperConstantine profile image

ZipperConstantine 4 years ago from United States

I can draw a little myself and like pastels, charcoal and pencil. I know how hard it is to get hair looking like hair and you do an excellent job. I was not able to accomplish it very good. I love you faces, they have great expression, you can actually feel them. I especially like the girl laughing. Her eyes and mouth are in perfect sync with her expression. I would like to see an angry drawing sometime.

By Lori profile image

By Lori 4 years ago from USA

Just beautiful !

Business 4 years ago

That is some sublime material. Ne'er new that opinions could be this diversified. thank you for all the ebullience to offer such accommodating info here.

profile image

Rayne123 3 years ago

wow amazing drawings.

You need to go further with your drawings as making a career out of it.

Wish I could draw like that.

Have a nice day


theluckywriter profile image

theluckywriter 3 years ago from Canada

Wow! These are absolutely stunning! I want to learn how to draw. I got the book Drawing From the Right Side of the Brain for I just have to work at it. Sharing and bookmarking...I'll definitely be back.

KoraleeP profile image

KoraleeP 3 years ago from Vernon British Columbia Canada

These are great drawing tips. When I try to draw, I always have problems with the nose...human or otherwise. Sometimes they're pretty freaky looking.

Years ago I used to draw horses from a drawing book I got from the library. They weren't works of art like yours, but they were fun to draw. Thanks for reminding me about those times.

Your drawings are amazing :)

Tashaonthetown profile image

Tashaonthetown 2 years ago from South Africa

Incredible talent and some people just do not have it! like me.

greeneyedblondie profile image

greeneyedblondie 2 years ago

You draw people the exact opposite way I do! Maybe that's why those people look way better than the ones I draw???? I always draw the hair first, which outlines the face (othewize drawing the face outline first can seriously flatten it) then was body if it's showing. I always do the face (eyes, nose, lips) last and shading last. Noses are so hard for me to do, any tips on that?

glassvisage profile image

glassvisage 2 years ago from Northern California Author

I agree, noses are hard because you usually don't want to just use hard lines to define the shape, but have to use shading, otherwise I think it looks cartoonish. To get the right size, shape, and location, I try to use the person's eyes to help me line up, place and outline the nose.

C.V.Rajan profile image

C.V.Rajan 2 years ago from Kerala, India

Very impressive drawings. Monochrome has its own attractions.

VirginiaLynne profile image

VirginiaLynne 2 years ago from United States

Your drawings are far better than mine! However, I do have a tip for people who are not as well developed in drawing proportions of the face--take the photo you are going to use and blow it up to the size you want. Then use thin enough paper that you can see through it to the photo. Trace the outline of the features to get the proportions correct. That isn't really "cheating" because you still have to do all the rest of the drawing. If you put the drawing on a solid white background, no one will know the paper is see through.

glassvisage profile image

glassvisage 2 years ago from Northern California Author

A great tip! Thank you!

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