Impressions from the Art of Pino Daeni

Pino Daeni is known for his work on thousands of book covers for the likes of Harlequin, Danielle Steel and others but that publishing work was built on the back of his traditional artwork. Daeni's art is known for its Impressionist foundation and Daeni's own unique brushwork. These three examples from various points in his career show Pino's talent and influence on the world of art.

Young Dreams

This is a rare example of Pino's early work which features a young boy idly staring at his pet bird, dreaming of the future, perhaps, or simply lost in his own imagination. Although different from his later work in terms of subject, this early work shows a tighter version of the paint strokes which, in later works, would become loser but still controlled, resulting in a more Impressionism inspired look and feel. The composition would also change over time. In 'Young Dreams' Daeni gives the viewer a sliver of bright color in the form of the bird in the upper left hand corners. By comparison, the rest of the painting is muted. In his later works, Daeni would draw the viewer's attention not simply to one specific area but instead to the heart of the painting. While the boy in 'Young Dreams' is somewhat pale, later subjects have full, rich and rosier skin. There's a depth and liveliness in later Daeni works which is simply missing from this early piece. Nevertheless, 'Young Dreams' shows the beginnings of hallmark Daeni styles and, as such, is a highly sought after rare early piece of his work.


'Restful' brings together the biggest hallmarks of Daeni's major body of work. The sensual lines of smooth flesh and rumbled clothing come together to being the viewer an image which is at one both innocent and hedonistic. It's also easy to see the style and approach Daeni would take in his most prolific artistic arena – literary illustrations. 'Restful' comes from the middle era of Daeni's work and is an excellent example of most of his work from this time. Daeni enjoyed focusing on the female form – typically in a position that could be interpreted in many different ways. His intelligent use of colors and textures draws the viewer's eyes along the outline of the body, heightening the sensation of his work as intimate.

Book Covers

Although Pino Daeni is a well known artist, he is actually most famous for his work illustrating books – specifically his illustrations for romance novels. Pino art became the bar by which all other romance novel covers were set and they remain the standard today, in spite of some movement towards more minimalistic covers. Daeni's work has become synonymous with epic and torrid romances and his work with a then unknown model was featured on hundreds of covers. Over time, that unknown model developed his own stardom and today, Fabio is famous around the world, even with those who have never picked up a romance novel.

Pino Daeni's body of work is an impressive one. Between the work he has done with fine art and commercial illustration he has more than 3,000 works of art to his credit. Daeni's focus was on the supple lines of the female form and he used them to not simply tell a story – but to capture its most intense moment. His work with book covers has now made some editions highly sought after by art fans and bibliophiles alike and his remaining works of fine art continue to sell incredibly well at auction and on the private secondhand market

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