In Meditation

I live in a land of dreamers, its people has no fancy names,

But life worth’s more value here, than gravity, time or space.

The art of giving is sacred, neither hooping nor dancing on stage,

That fakir is our Idol, who has given all, to be a sage.

I live in a land of values, not men with asking price,

Where luxury is mere vulgarity, decency is sacrifice.

People have evolved here, to fly free from all entice,

Needs have been permitted, wants are regarded vice.

I live in a land, where Crusade or Jihad is not the way,

No deities ever desert you, for being different or gay.

We persisted wisdom for long, that ignorance fluttered away,

Our religion is reasoning, zealotry is horseplay.

My land is a monastery, of the infectious love that expands,

The lovers bond for eternity, forsaken are one night stands.

There are no lines or borders here, no castes, no colours or races,

We have cultivated the very truth that, we are the same with different faces.

I live in this land,

In my mind, in my dreams, in my hope...

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