Intarsia Knitting Techniques, How To, and Help

Learn Intarsia Techniques

Don't feel bad if you haven't mastered the various intarsia techniques yet! Intarsia can be really difficult. Here are some tips to help you work through the tougher parts.

When I start working, the first thing I do is put the skeins of yarn in the same order that they will appear in the knitted work. This helps to keep them from getting tangled, and gives you a starting point at least!

Put Your Colors In Order

Next, how to wrap the colors.  Each time you change color, you need to wrap the yarn correctly, or else you will get holes (gaps) at each color change. 

Wrap the old color - the one you were just using - back against itself.  This will create a loop.  Bring the new color up from the inside of the loop.

This means that on the right side, wrap the old color away and to your right.

When knitting the wrong side, wrap the old color front (towards you) and to the right.

After I change colors, I hold the old color in place with my right fingers for a few stitches.  You can correct tension problems after you knit, but this helps to keep everything together.

Tangled yarn is another common problem.  If you are careful, the yarn will tangle itself when you knit the right side, and untangle itself when you knit back on the wrong side.  It's true!

In order to have this happen, you have to be careful to flip your work one way, and then the other.  Personally I tend to always flip my work to the right when I change sides.  This creates a big tangled mess. 

Whenever I switch to the wrong side row, I flip all of my yarn ends over the work so that they dangle over the back.  When I don't do this, the ends get tangled up. Don't ask me why it happens.  It could just be superstition!

Always remember that you will get better with practice!  And some tangling is inevitable.  Don't worry, you can always untangle the ends.  Just remember to... breathe!

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