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Iran Flag:

Current Iran Flag was adopted on 29th, July 1980. The basic design of the flag is three horizontal bands of green above white above red, symbolizing Islam, peace, and courage.

The coat of arms of Iran has been placed in the center of the white band which is meant to have multiple meanings, but is essentially a geometrically-symmetric form of the word Allah as well as overlapping parts of the Islamic phrase "La ilaha illa Allah" (there is no god but God), forming a monogram.

The coat of arms is made of the emblem which appears on the flag, but in green instead of red.

The central Emblem consists of four crescents and a sword. The four crescents are meant to stand for the word Allah. The five parts of the emblem symbolize the five pillars of Islam.

North Korea Flag:

North Korea flag was officially adopted on 9th, September 1948.

The 2 blue stripes represents sovereignty, peace and friendship. The white stripes represent purity, red represents the Communist revolution. The red star is the symbol of Communism.

North Korea Flag

Iran flag, flag of iran
Iran flag, flag of iran
North Korea Flag
North Korea Flag

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Rudra 8 years ago

quite interesting to know about flags

Reza 8 years ago

there was a true intresting story behind Irans flag, oly very few people know it.

firetruck 7 years ago


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