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I am your hostess, Martine. The patterns that will be featured here are patterns I've tried myself and adapted to make it my own, or patterns that I've created myself!

Know-How Knitting will actually be a series of knitting articles right here on HubPages. This being the first in the series. I hope the information here helps you in your holiday knitting quests!

Enjoy your stay here and don't forget to bookmark it so you can come back later for reference and just to see what's new!

Just in time for the Holidays!

For those of you procrastinators (although, if you're a die-hard crafter, you've probably started your Christmas gifts in August), here's a little list of gift ideas for the holiday season!

  1. Scarf - Nothing beats a homemade gift like a scarf. You can add a little dazzle if you know how to do fair-isle. Or just change it up with colored stripes. Remember, there's no rule saying that the colors have to be Christmas colors.
  2. Beanie - If you have time, make a matching beanie. . .or if their birthday is close enough to the holiday season, make both and split them up (one gifted on their birthday and the other on Christmas). Although, it helps to make them match so they can wear them at the same time and not be embarrassed. Click here for ideas on what kind of beanie to make.
  3. Afghan - Better for babies since knitting an afghan could take some time. But if you have the time, by all means, whip up a nice cozy afghan for that special someone. . .if they're special enough they might invite you to cuddle up with them.
  4. Knitting Tools and Books - For that other knitter in your life. I for one love to get yarn, circular needles, patterns and knitting books for presents. Maybe you know someone who'd love that, too! Knitting Today has a fabulous list of books, tools and other cute oddities for the knitting buddy in your life!

There are tons of ideas out there. I only listed the most popular. Plus, scarves and beanies are very fashionable. Scarves are even fashionable when the weather isn't! Happy knitting everyone!

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    The closer it gets to the holiday the less time you'll have to plan for boo-boos like dropped stitches. But a way to speed up the process is to buy bulky yarn that knits up quick (with the right size needle, of course). Below I've added a short list of sites to either get yarn from or get an idea of what you'd want to use:

    1. Michaels - Yarn
    2. Hub Mills Factory Store - Yarn Catalog

    If you're having sizing problems check your gauge! If you didn't knit a test swatch, that's probably why you're having trouble getting the right size. ALWAYS make a test swatch to test gauge. Even if you are making it up as you go. It'll help you with the finished measurements and, for fitted items, it'll make sure the item fits. Knitting Bag has some tips about understanding gauges.

    So, in conclusion, thick yarn helps for shorter deadlines and gauges set the stage.

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